3S Korea Co., Ltd.

Anseong-Si,  Gyeonggi-Do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: 6107

To create future value company 3S KOREA.

Our technical skills which are considered to be a yardstick for 3S KOREA's future values, realize a positive image of
future while opening up a new future of semiconductor material industry and environmental industry. As the only domestic
manufacture of water carrier 300mm FOSB, and we are prepare for FOUP, O/C we are mass producing the next generation
of 450mm wafer carrier business is ready, and endless institute of technology focused on the future by focusing on technology
development continued growth of the company as is being reborn.


  • 300mm FOSB (V2)
    1.FOSB can respond Automatic Machine
    -Can be open/close based on SEMI Size 62(FIMS) Lord port
    -Top Flanger for OHT transportation(Option)
    2.Friendly design to operator
    -Can be auto and Manual Open Close
    -Side Handle based on Human engineering

  • Chip maker FOSB domestic industry's first performance achieved on a single model corresponding to that of the second 3S KOREA FOSB proprietary product, currently being delivered Chip maker in Korea. (Except for some special processing Line) Auto and Manual machine that is available as an Option part FOSB Top flange to provide for OHT.
  • 300mm FOSB(V3S)

  • Auto & manual Machine SEMI standards as other corresponding FOSB
    CHIP MAKER consideration to the work environment and RFID transport
    structure designed to support the OHT is possible. Operator friendly design
    as Auto, and Manual to Open Close easy.
  • 300mm FOUP
    Front Opening Unified Pod ...

  • FOUP is used in the Chip maker process, unlike disposable FOSB longterm
    operation of the premise of 300mm Wafer Carrier Box. Our 300mm
    FOUP is lightweight and user-friendly ergonomic design and high durability
    considering the structure of the product is minimized scratch. Wafer holding
    capacity and high reliable sealing Gasket sealing of the
    internal particle structure caused by
    Wafer and outdoor air flow from the inlet
    to block the particle was Out gas through
    carefully selected materials to minimize
    occurrence. And using a conductive
    material and particle adsorption by
    electrostatic blocking.
  • 300mm Open Cassette
    Open Cassette is use in wafer company ...

  • Open Cassette is use in the process of Wafer manufacturing company moves to the line and line Carrier Box, the domestic first successful mass production. Open Cassette is to ensure ease of cleaning designed as an open architecture, high impact resistance and excellent dimensional accuracy is excellent characteristics. In addition, the Company has adopted the Open Cassette raw materials of high chemical resistance, heat resistance, dimensional stability and physical properties of the high-performance Super Engineering grade polymer with a chemical resistance, heat resistance and Wafer manufacturing company requires a suitable environment in the process performance.
  • 450mm products
    450mm products in 3S KOREA ...

  • 450mm Single Wafer Shipper is provide test wafer one sheet for the safe
    transport and storage of each function. Engineering grade polymer using
    a rigidly designed, Wafer Edge surface by fixing the surface to prevent
    contamination due to contact with the inner translation.

    450mm MAC can accommodate the wafer 25ea and the wafer storage and
    transport stability. SEMI informational blue ballot draft 4770A is designed to
    fit, wafer support latching door handling and automation. Internal automatic
    loading and unloading of the wafer support system that can occur when
    minimizing wafer sag, and through the transparent housing wafer can be
    checked visually.

    450mm FOUP is can accommodate the wafer 25ea, 450mm wafer
    processing cycle to maximize protection through the wafer. SEMI
    informational blue ballot draft 4770A is designed to fit, wafer support
    latching door handling and automation In order to prevent contamination of
    the fine Engineering grade was produced using the polymer material.