Orbotech Ltd.

  • Booth: 6202

We invite you to visit us at booth 6202, co-shared with SPTS

Orbotech Ltd. (NASDAQ:ORBK) is a global innovator of enabling technologies used in the manufacture of the world’s most sophisticated consumer and industrial products throughout the electronics and adjacent industries. The company is a leading provider of yield enhancement and production solutions for electronics reading, writing and connecting, used by manufacturers of printed circuit boards, flat panel displays, advanced packaging, micro-electro-mechanical systems and other electronic components. Virtually every electronic device in the world is produced using Orbotech systems. For more information, visit http://www.orbotech.com/.


    Powered by DotStream Technology, an innovative inkjet deposition control, our CAM-guided system provides highly accurate pattern alignment and precise high-speed, fine-feature printing for the growing demands of advanced IC packaging production.

  • Orbotech Inkjet™  600 - Additive Printing Solutions for IC Packaging Production


    Consistent, High-Quality Printing with DotStream Technology

    - Advanced mechanical drop control and placement accuracy

    - Programmable multi LED-based UV pinning on-the-fly

    - Designed print heads to meet the unique needs of IC packaging production with long-life components

    High Accuracy and Dynamic Scaling Modes

    - Various scaling modes including Partial Scaling – each strip, sub-area or unit comes with the option of scaling according to its unique distortion or misplacement

    - Fast rotating table & Partial Scaling facilitate on-the-fly correction of die misplacement on carriers, including JEDEC

    Proven Solution in HVM

    - 24/7 production at leading OSATs and IDMs

    - Longest (›1 year) PH lifetime in the market

    Easy and Flexible Digital Operation

    - High flexibility over conventional operational techniques

    - Automated data transfer from CAM via an intuitive and operation-friendly interface

    - Extensive product traceability printing feature with 2D barcode and more


    Package Legend Marking

    Select inks can be utilized for simple and safe package legend marking, 2D barcode and serialization on a variety of materials (molds, metals, solder, Si), without compromising accuracy and flexibility.

    Direct Isolation Layer Printing

    Print isolation layers directly on metal and organic substrates as a low-cost alternative solution to the traditional exposure process.

    Underfill Dam Printing

    Save space and costs when preventing underfill leakage by depositing a protective barrier to seal off the surrounding die or passive component area.