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HSEB Dresden is a leading supplier of optical inspection systems for the semiconductor and MEMS industry. We develop, design and manufacture automated defect scanners, semi-automated inspection and review systems, stand-alone microscopes and OEM components.
Our systems allow you to inspect the front and back side and the edge of patterned and unpatterned wafers in all available diameters and materials available on the market. Advanced metrology options for CD, VIA and film thickness measurement and the use of visible, infrared and UV light allow you to detect and image every defect, every feature, every process deviation you can imagine.
All our tools feature a modular design so that we can tailor them precisely to your needs, including the option for upgrades if your processes get more demanding over the time.


  • ODIN
    Fully automated tool (AOI) for front and back side macro defect inspection of 300 mm wafers. ...

  • ODIN is a fully automated AOI tool for the optical inspection of patterned and non-patterned wafers, their edges and their non-patterned back sides. All these features are seamlessly integrated in one single tool, without additional footprint for back side and edge inspection options. Depending on the utilization, the ODIN can be equipped with two, three or four loadports. Adding a second inspection module instantly doubles the throughput. The key feature of this tool is both high throughput and high sensitivity at the same time, which is unique for automated macro inspection systems on the market. Any found defects can be captured in parallel and in the same run with the help of a built-in high-end Carl Zeiss microscope. So, the strength of the tool is the large bandwidth of detection capability: ODIN is capable to visualize even smallest defects as well as large colour variations across the entire wafer, which may indicate process variations.

    Fully Automated Tool for Front and Back Side Macro Defect Inspection of Wafers. ...

  • WOTAN is a fully automated defect scanner for simultaneous front and back side use. The tool family comprises versions for 150/200 mm and for 300 mm wafers. No layout-specific recipes are necessary. The tool automatically detects defects based on a wafer-to-wafer comparison. It is designed to achieve high throughput with more than 150 wafers per hour for medium defect sizes. The tool is mainly designed for routinely performed control tasks at certain process steps to keep the defect level under control. Furthermore certain result presentation options are built in, e.g. full wafer images to observe color variation. The tool is able to run in fully remote controlled operation.
  • Axiospect
    Automated Microscope for Defect Inspection, Review and Metrology. ...

  • Axiospect is an optical inspection and review tool for front and back side use. It incorporates edge grip wafer handling throughout the entire system, while maintaining all the benefits of an advanced metrology tool, such as leading-edge microscopic inspection and review, semi-automated macro inspection with position marking and defect archiving, edge inspection and powerful new illuminators. It seamlessly integrates into wafer fab automation. It is available for 150/200 and 200/300 mm and comprises Optics by Carl Zeiss.