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RIGAKU - Leading with Innovation

Since its inception in Japan in 1951, Rigaku has been at the forefront of analytical and industrial instrumentation technology. In fact, Rigaku means physical science in Japanese, the core of instrumentation. With hundreds of major innovations to its credit, Rigaku and its subsidiary companies are world leaders in the fields of protein and small molecule X-ray crystallography, general X-ray diffraction, X-ray spectrometry, semiconductor metrology, automation, cryogenics and X-ray optics. Rigaku employs over 1,000 people worldwide in the manufacture and support of its analytical equipment. Whether supplying the tools to create better semiconductor chips, enabling drug discovery, improving production line quality, or exploring the new frontier of nanotechnology, Rigaku products and services lead with innovation. Rigaku was chartered to be the world's leading X-ray analytical instrumentation company.


  • XRF for Thin Film Evaluation : WaferX 310
    300mm Thin Film Wafer Measurement Applicable to a Wide Range of Film Thickness and Types, from Ultra-thin to Micro-thick ...

  • * AutoCal Function

    - Bult-in wafer stocker for daily control samples.

    - Fully automatic daily qualification fo the tool is possible.

    * Compliant with On-line Communication Standards (GEM300)

    - Compliant with 300mm fab CIM/FA.

    * Available High-sensitivity Boron Detector (AD-Boron)

    - 5 times higher sensitivity than Rigaku's earlier B detector.

    * 300mm Wafer Mapping Capability

    - Automatic wafer mapping measurements are possible.

    * Space Saving and Low COO (Cost of Ownership) Design

    - Power consumption is reduced by ~21% from the previous model (WaferX 300).

    - Oil-free transformer adopted.

    * Applications

    - WaferX 310 can handle a variety of high-k & ferro-dielectrin films, metal films and isolation films.
  • In-line X-ray Metal Film Monitor : MFM 310
    From Ultrathin Films to Micron-order Films, Applicable to a Wide Range of Thickness and FIlm Types ...

  • * High-throughput Measurement of Product Wafers

    - No monitor wafers are required for the thickness inspection process. Thckness, roughness, and composition are measured in atomosphere with no contact and with high throughput (15-20WPH).

    - With pattern recognition, an area 100um or smaller on product wafers can be measured at any position.

    * Micro-XRF, Micro-XRR, Micro-XRD

    - Equipped with an ultrafast detector with up to 10^8 dynamic range and with monochromatic, micro-spot X-ray sources.

    * Low Cost of Ownership

    - Realizing low initial cost and low running cost.

    - With power-saving monochromatic, micro-spot X-ray beam modules, COLORS™ and COLORS-i™, low power consumption and low maintenance burden minimizes the annual operation cost.

    * Wafer Surface Distribution Evaluation

    - Using a 4-axis horizontal stage to handle 200mm and 300mm wafers, full wafer mapping is possible to the wafer edge.

    * Applications

    - The MFM 310 can handle a variety of FEOL, silicide films and barrier metals films ranging from single layers to multilayer stacks.