ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.

Kwai Chung, 
Hong Kong
  • Booth: 5512

To be the leading integrated system and materials supplier to the global microelectronics industry, ASM offers complete factory automation solutions to customers for their assembly and packaging needs and providing total customer satisfaction with our innovative, cost-effective products. Our solutions cover various packaging markets, including, LED, IC, COB, display related packages, discrete packages, SMT manufacturing solutions and more...... With our commitment of total customer satisfaction, we also provide cost effective and flexible in-line integration (IDEALine™) for your assembly floor linking.


  • AD838L-G2
    8" Epoxy Die attatch system for direct substrate indexing

  • Feature
    -Direct Ceramic substrate indexing
    -Anvil block wire clamp force self-compensation design
    -Panel bonding capability with intelligent global substrate alignment
    -Dual stamping / dispensing process
    -Supporting flip chip capability, suitable for CSP-LED application
  • Eagle Aero/iHawk Aero
    A New Dimension of Wire Bonding ...

  • Feature

    -"X Power" New bonding technology

    -Faster XY table movement

    -Bonding area : 90mm @ LF <= 100mm

    -UPH gain up to 30%

    -22um bonded ball size

    -Real time yield assurance control

    -Predictive maintenance

  • AD8312
    12" Epoxy Die Attach System ...

  • Feature

    -New Generation of the high performance AD8312 series sets new industry record

    -High density lead frame handling with universal workholder design

    -Various configurations to the market

     >AD8312Plus : High-speed performance combines proven technologies with high-tech innovations

     >AD8312SD : with the groundbreaking solution for large die handling

     >AD8312FC : in addition to flip chip process, direct die attach mode is also supported

    Automatic Molding System ...

  • Feature

    -New and robust encapsulation system

    -Suitable for various encapsulation process

     >Different types and sizes of substrates

     >Both liquid and granular encapsulation

    -Delivering high co-planarity accuracy with robotic handler providing the required stability

    -Configurable for multiple press usage in mass production

  • Sunbird
    Automatic Turret Sorting Handler ...

  • Feature

    -Parallel process at high speed and high throughput

    -Total solution with final test, laser & 6S inspection

    -Contactless precising by iPrecise

    Wireless pickhead technology

  • LASER 1205
    Multibeam Laser System ...

  • Feature

    -High Position accuracyand repro (<1um)

    -Low CoO due to UPH and consumables

    -High UPH due to system concept design focused on laser material processing

     >Ultra short index time

     >Kerf check "on the fly"

     >Dual cassette stations

     >Dual coat and clean stations