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Category: 500 Factory Monitoring & Control Systems (FMCS)

Exhibitor List

Company Name Booth No. Enhanced
ABB Ltd., Korea 1486 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
Advance Electric Korea Co., Ltd. 5736
ATC Co., Ltd. 1546
ATI Korea Co., Ltd. 1206
B&R Industrial Automation 4104
B-I Industrial Co., Ltd. 2776
Bistel, Inc. 3105 LinkedIn
Bukwang Tech Co., Ltd. 4610
Chung Ah Filter Co., Ltd. 1463
CKD Korea Co., Ltd. 1522
CRenvis Co., Ltd. 5524
CSK 2556
Elemental Scientific, Inc. 5819
Entegris Korea, Ltd. 5504
fMTK Co., Ltd. 1838
GasDNA Co., Ltd. 2341
Gastron Co., Ltd. 2762
Global Standard Technology Co., Ltd. 2506
GO Element Co., Ltd. 1212
Hanyang ENG Co., Ltd. 2756
Hesse Asia Limited 5830
High Integrated Technology 2346
High Integrated Technology 2546
High Integrated Technology 2638
HIROXKOREA Co., Ltd. 5334
HnG Tech 1460
Honeywell Industrial Safety 2386
HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. 5230
INA Oriental Motor Co., Ltd. 2456 Facebook
INA Oriental Motor Co., Ltd. 2470 Facebook
INTERAGE Co., Ltd. 5926
Kanken Techno Co., Ltd. 1646
KCTech Co., Ltd. 2306
Korea Bellows Co., Ltd. 2240
Korea Techno Co., Ltd. 5536
Linkgenesis Co., Ltd. 1818
Lintec Korea 2820
M2I Corporation 2486
Mahani Electric Co., Ltd. 2856
MAT PLUS Co., Ltd. 2370
MELCON Co., Ltd. 5600
Mirero Inc. 5120
Mirero Inc. 5118
MUEGGE GmbH 1581
Myungsung Instrument 4224
National Instruments Korea 5604
Pall Korea Limited 1156
PEER Group Inc. 5728 TwitterLinkedIn
Renishaw Korea 4226
RION CO., LTD. 1757
Sensor System Technology Co., Ltd. 1676
STI Co., Ltd. 2450
Sungdo Eng 2446
Sunghwa Electronics Co., Ltd. 2271
SUNWOO ENG. Co., Ltd. 1240
SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o. 5238
Telit IoT Platforms, LLC 5519 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
TERATECH Co., Ltd. 1306
TERATECH Co., Ltd. 1118
TKC Co., Ltd. 2882
TKC Co., Ltd. 2786
TooTec Co., Ltd. 1341
Tracoworld 6306
UNISEM Co., Ltd. 2246
Versum Materials Korea 1618 LinkedIn
Vinetech Co., Ltd. 4307
WAGO Korea Co., Ltd. 4206
Watlow Korea Co., Ltd. 2842 FacebookTwitterLinkedIn
WITHTECH Inc. 1126
Youngjinind Co., Ltd. 4524

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