Coherent Korea Ltd.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: 2750

Welcome to Coherent !! Superior Reliability & Performance

Coherent is a leading provider of lasers and laser-based solutions and focuses on development of laser solution satisfying the demands of new applications.  It has been providing a wide range of Laser products from Deep UV Excimer Laser to DPSS Laser, to Femto/Pico Laser and CO2 Laser.    Coherent acquires Rofin, a developer, designer and manufacturer of lasers and laser-based system solutions for industrial material processing applications.     Now Coherent and Rofin  become one.    Coherent combined with ROFIN can provide you a wider range of products.  Whatever your application demands, we offer the most comprehensive set of solutions from sources to systems and tools, to applications and process support.    

In the SEMICON Korea 2017, Coherent will introduce a  variety of lasers and solutions applicable to marking in API , packaging cutting, EMI Shield tape cutting, LLO, RDL and etc.

Please visit our booth # 2750 ( A Hall) to see our new lasers and technologies.


  • HyperRapid NX
    The New Generation of High Power Industrial Picosecond Laser...

  • The HyperRapid NX is the next generation of industrial picosecond laser systems designed and manufactured for 24/7 use under wide environmental conditions. High average power operation at >100 Watt across a wide range of repetition rates up to 1 MHz, allows for high throughput micro-machining with highest quality and no heat affected zone.
  • Monaco
    Diode-Pumped Femtosecond Industrial Laser...

  • The Monaco diode-pumped femtosecond industrial laser provides a 40 µJ/pulse at 1 MHz to enable current and future throughput requirements in the materials processing and microelectronics space.    The Monaco’s diode-pumped MOPA architecture is designed for high-uptime and 24/7 applications. The design also offers the energy and repetition rate agility required to cover a wide range of ME and MP applications.

  • Avia NX
    Solid-State Q-Switched Ultraviolet Lasers...

  • AVIA NX 4th generation diode-pumped, solid-state, Q-switched lasers are offered at 532 nm and 355 nm with output powers as high as 65W.    The AVIA NX family are the world’s best nanosecond UV and visible industrial lasers by any measure – delivering higher power in a smaller lightweight package, together with superior reliability and true field serviceability. Available at several powers from 20W to 65W, every model has the same footprint and electrical interface.

  • PowerLine Pico Series
    Short pulse lasers for Marking and Micro Processing...

  • Short-pulse lasers offer high pulse peak power. This improves the quality of material removal, reduces surface roughness and increases the precision of selective layer removal. In addition, the thermal penetration depth in highly sensitive material-removal processes such as the marking of certain metals and semiconductor materials can be signifiantly reduced with shorter pulses.  The PowerLine Pico is available as a beam source in an enhanced confiuration level as a marking
    laser. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions and all-inone design, the PowerLine Pico can be integrated easily


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