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PMI GROUP wasestablished in 1990. It’s highly involved in manufacturing of ballscrews, linear guideway and mono stage, which is the critical component of precision machinery and mainly applied to Machine Tool, Electric Discharging Machine, Cutting Wire Machine, Plastics Injection Machine, Semi-conductor Equipment, Precision Orientation Equipment and other equipments and machines.

Recent years, PMI Group places great emphasis in upgrading not only the manufacturing and quality of products but also the manpower. In addition to comply with requirement of quality management system, PMI Group has been actively carried out 『RoHS Green Environmental System』 and environmentally friendly management system to conform to the regulation in order to reach a pollution-free workplace.

 Press Releases

  • (20181019)

    PMI is a highly professional manufacturer of ballscrews, precision ball screw spline, linear guideways, ball spline, actuator and various precision components required for machine tools such as machining centers, turning centers, electric discharging machines (EDM), wire cut EDM, plastics injection molding machines, semi-conductor equipment, precision orientation equipment and other machines. Over the past 27 years, PMI has been proud of being a supplier of high quality products and superior after-sale service to valuable customers needing solutions for all of the machines above. PMI sells numerous quality precision components not only in Taiwan, but also worldwide. Customers are cordially invited to visit PMI at Semicon Korea 2019, Hall A500. More information about our products is available upon request, and we invite you to browse the PMI website:


  • Precision Ball Screw Spline
    1.High Positioning Accuracy 2.Lightweight and Compact 3.Simple Installation 4.Support Bearing 5.Smooth Motion and Lower Noise...

  • The Precision Ball Screw Spline contains Ball Screw grooves and Ball Spline grooves that cross each other on a single shaft. The Precision Ball Screw Spline nut has a special designed support bearing directly set up on the outer ring of the nuts. The Precision Ball Screw Spline is capable of performing three modes of motion ( rotational, linear and spiral ) with a single shaft by rotating or stopping the spline nut.

    1.High Positioning Accuracy
    The  Ball  Spline  groove  profile  is  designed  Gothic  arch.  By  applied  preload,  the  backlash  in  the  rotational direction is eliminated therefore having higher positioning accuracy.
    2.Lightweight and Compact
    Spline nut and the support bearing is integration structure. The Spline nut is designed lightweight. Therefore, the highly accurate and compact design is achieved.
    3.Simple Installation
    The balls recirculation in ball holder, prevent balls falling from the spline nut while assembling.
    4.Support Bearing
    The support bearing of the Ball Screw is designed a contact angle of 45°, thus it has higher axial rigidity, while Ball Spline has a contact angle of 45°, thus it has the average force of axial and radial direction.
    5.Smooth Motion and Lower Noise
    As the Ball Screw is adapting end cap recirculation structure, thus can be smooth motion with lower noise.

    Application:SCARA robot, Assembly robot, Automatic loader, and Machining center's, ATC equipment.

  • ACTUATOR-CKM series
    1.Low dust structure 2.Various of the product option 3.Saving Space 4.High Rigidity 5.High Accuracy...

  • Characteristics

    1.Low dust structure
    Fully cover design combine pneumatic component and lubrication reduce the dust generating,it will be reach ISO14644-1 and CLASS 4. (equivalent to FED209E CLASS 10)

    2.Various of the product option
    *According to the space used and equipment size. PMI provided the model CKM20,CKM26,CKM33,CKM46. The length and lead equivalent to KM series. If you have special request ,please contact PMI for details.
    *PMI provided connecting bracket, the unit is able to mounted from either top or bottom face.

    3.Saving Space
    CKM SERIES continue the structure and characteristic of KM, as performance it can save the installation space and suit for clean room.

    4.High Rigidity
    Base on the optimal analysis of FEM for the shape of U rail, it has the balance between light weight and high rigidity.

    5.High Accuracy
    The design of two rows with Gothic-arch groove and stable manufacturing technology can control the variation by load at the minimum. It can provide the smooth feed with high accuracy.

    1.Lower Noise 2.Quality Tone 3.Low Vibration and Smooth Operation...

  • Features

    1.Lower Noise

    Optimum  design  of  recirculation  path  can  absorb  noise  from  impact  of  balls  to  reduce  noise  level  5~10  dB, comparing with general series.
    2.Quality Tone

    The materials of recirculation structure made from composite materials will keep low audio frequency and supple.
    3.Low Vibration and Smooth Operation 

    The  recirculation  path  adapts  tangency  design  that  reduces  impact  force  form  balls,  for  the  reason  that  the vibration of nut is smoothly.

  • Rotary Ball Spline
    1.High Positioning Accuracy 2.Compact Design 3.Easy Installation 4.Support Bearing...

  • Design Principle
    The ball spline has load groove of three row on the outside diameter of shaft. Due to the Gothic arch  groove design, it could be make  sure three grooves withstand  clockwise or Counterclockwise of torque, and then increase the service life and rigidity.
    The Spline nut has a special designed support bearing directly set up on the outer ring of the nuts. The Spline is capable of performing two modes of motions (rotational and linear) with a single shaft by rotating or stopping the spline nut.The rows of balls are held in a special resin retainer incorporated in the spline nut so that they smoothly roll and circulate. The balls recirculation in ball holder, prevent balls falling from the spline nut while assembling.

    1.High Positioning Accuracy
    The Ball Spline groove profile is designed Gothic arch. By applied preload, the backlash in the rotational direction is eliminated therefore having higher positioning accuracy.
    2.Compact Design
    Spline nut and the support bearing is integration structure. The Spline  nut is designed
    lightweight. Therefore, the highly accurate and compact design is achieved.
    3.Easy Installation
    The spline nut and the support bearing are integrated, thus the Rotary Ball Spline
    can easily be mounted simply by securing it to the housing with bolts.
    4.Support Bearing
    The support bearing of the Ball Spline has a contact angle of 45°, thus it has the
    average force of axial and radial direction.

  • Ball Chain Type Wide Rail SMG Series
    1.The Optimization Design of Four Directional Load 2.Self Alignment Capability 3.Ball Chain Design, Smooth Movement 4.Low Noise, Good Lubricant Effect 5.Wide rail and compact design ...

  • The ball chain type linear guideway, SMG series, equip with the patent of ball chain design can make the movement smooth and stability, especially suit for the requests of high speed, high accuracy. The patent design of lubrication route makes the lubricant evenly distribute in each circulation loop. Therefore, the optimum lubrication can be achieved in any installation direction, and this promotes the performance in running accuracy, service life, and reliability.

    1.The Optimization Design of Four Directional Load
    Through the structure stress analysis, SME series have four trains of balls are designed to a circular contact angle of 45° and the section design for high rigidity. Except for bearing heavier loads in radial, reversed radial and lateral directions, a sufficient preload can be achieved to increase rigidity, and this makes it suitable for any kind of installation.

    2.Self Alignment Capability
    The self adjustment is performed spontaneously as the design of face-face (DF) circular arc groove. Therefore, the installation error could be compensated even under a preload, and which results in precise and smooth linear motion.

    3.Ball Chain Design, Smooth Movement
    The  concise  and  smooth  design  of  circulating  system  with  strengthened  synthetic  resin  accessories  and cooperating with the ball chain, these can avoid interference between balls and make the balls more stability during passing in and out the load district. Besides, the ball chain can keep the ball move in a line and improve the 
    movement most smooth substantially.

    4.Low Noise, Good Lubricant Effect
    The ball chain design avoids collision, lowers the operating noise and effectively provide the lubricant of balls and chains. The superior effect  of lubrication improves the overall device’s movement and service life, also meets high precision, high reliability and smooth & stable movement requirement.

    5.Wide rail and compact design
    The width of rail is expanded and the height of linear guide is reduced.Under the environment of high torque or limited space application,  PMI  offers you the installation of one-axial structure to replace double axial structure.It can save the time of assembly and adjustment.( As show as below)

  • Fully Enclosed Actuator KMF Series
    1.High Rigidity 2.Fully Enclosed Structure...

  • Features

    1.High Rigidity
    Adopted the U-shaped outer rail of KM series, it enables KMF series to accommodate larger moment. The rigidity of the body realizes a space saving design.

    2.Fully Enclosed Structure
    Aluminum side cover with stainless steel strip on the upper surface provides overall protection, which prevents foreign matters from invading the inner of actuator and causing damage, as well as preventing the particle from spreading while operation.  
    KMF series is suited for clean room application.

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