Sealink Corp.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: B028

Sealink Corp.

Sealink Corp. is a leading company in Korea specialized in developing and manufacturing vacuum or pressure sealing solutions, which simplify and further improve the conventional magnetic sealing units and mechanical sealing units.

All our products are manufactured under strict quality control and in ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facility and offer latest technology. 

Rotary Feedthroughs, Rotary&Linear Feedthroughs, Rotary Unions 

1) Semiconductor Industries

CVD, MOCVD, LPCVD, PECVD, PCD, ALD, CMP, OLED, LCD devices, FPD devices, Wafer rotation handling devices, Vacuum deposition system, Ion Implanter, Etcher, Asher, Edge grinder, Scrubber, RTP, Sputter, Lamp devices,  Autoclave, Wafer robots, etc.

2) Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing Industries

Mixers, Agitators, Reactor Vessels, Driers, Stern Tubes, etc.

 Press Releases

  • “Sealink Corp aim to be No.1 in global market with No-Lubricant Mechanical Seal.” 

    Sealink is being spotlighted by developing mechanical seals which don't need lubricants and lubricant supply systems. Sealink have superior competitiveness on technologies and qualities. Sealink's mechanical seals are the first development in the world.

    Mechanical seals applied on petrochemical agitators have high repurchase rate because of reducing the risk of explosion and the cost. Sealink is concentrated on developing 'IoT real-time leakage sensor security monitoring systems'. Sealink is a Korean hidden champion supplying to Samsung and Intel competing with America, Japan and Germany by technology.


  • Rotary Union
    This is Sealink's Rotary Union. Sealink invented Rotary Union which can be adapted to Vacuum&Pressure for the first time in the world!...

  • Rotary Union
    Vacuum&Pressure, Multiple Ports, Available to big size.

    It is used for supplying and connecting fluids separately, it also called as Rotary Joint.

    It plays a core role in CMP equipment in Semiconductor front-end processing.

    Especially, Sealink supplies special products which combined Rotary Union with Rotary Feedthrough to OLED field.

  • Rotary & Linear Feedthrough
    Sealink's Rotary & Linear Feedthrough is possible to rotary and linear motion without Metal bellows. The most popular product now!...

  • Sealink's Rotary & Linear Feedthrough is possible to rotary and linear motion without Metal bellows.

    It’s possible to motion rotary and linear. It complements the limitation of existing products.

    It can rotate and linear reciprocating without metal bellows. It can be applied to equipment where the linear motion is needed.

  • Rotary Feedthrough (Mechanical Seal)
    Sealink's Rotary Feedthrough is not Magnetic Seal but No-Lubricant high vacuum Seal Unite. Rotary Feedthrough is more suitable for high temperature, large size machines and easier maintenance. It is able to customize manufacturing....

  • Sealink's Rotary Feedthrough is not Magnetic Seal but No-Lubricant high vacuum Seal Unite. 

    The best feature of Sealink Rotary Feedthrough (Mechanical Seal) is that it doesn’t need lubricant supply system. 

    It can be used in both condition high pressure and high vacuum.

    According to these features, it’s possible to use various industries such as Semiconductor equipment, Petrochemical equipment, Pharmaceutical, Marine, etc.

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