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Better Innovative Solutions with BMI Co.,LTD

BMI Co.,LTD, is a distributor of key manufacturer, manages parts and tools for Semiconductors and TFT/LCD, even Solar cell industries.

Here are product line as follows 

Piezocon Sensor, GAS Mixing System(GMS) and APEX from Veeco Flow Technologies, Oxide wafer and SOI wafers from KST, CMP and Chmical Filter products from MYCROPORE, Silicon Injector and Boat products from SICO. 

These products are giving you higher performance on your production.


  • Oxide Wafer and SOI Wafer
    8, 12 inch Normal or Thick Oxidation wafer for bump process, equipment in Semiconductor. 6 ~ 8 inch Thick BOX SOI Wafer and Cavity SOI wafer for MEME Device. ...

  • We offer a variety of deposition processes and various films with wafer of research and development applications involved in the semiconductor manufacturing process.
    Rich processing menu of specialized manufacturer unique will meet the various needs of customers.
    In addition, its own normal or super-thick thermal oxide film formation technology is the material that is essential
    to the bumping process and optical device.
    Our products and technologies have been adopted to communication semiconductor equipment
    manufacturers and optical component manufacturers worldwide.

    SOISilicon on InsulatorWafer is a silicon wafer which is a structured single crystalized layer on oxidized layer and used in the field of high speed LSI, low power LSI, power device, MEMS. Except for normal SOI, we provide special SOI wafer such as Cavity SOI wafer or Thick BOX SOI wafer. Cavity SOI will be a good performance on reducing process steps or yield loss, and this would be the possibility for reducing huge cost cutting. Also, Thick BOX SOI wafer is made by KST’s unique super thick thermal oxidized layer technique which has never been existed before, and possible to make silicon photonics, or super high resistivity power device in the world

  • CMP and Chemical Filter
    CMP Filter for Ceria and Colloidal slurry Chemical Filter for WEC(WET Etching and Cleaning), ECP, PHOTO PFA Housing in Semiconductor and TFT/LCD ...

  • MYCROPORE offers application-focus solutions enabling manufacturing competitiveness and economic sustainability for industries in a fast changing environment demanding more responsive and adaptable solutions.

    With a combined global experience of more than 100 years among the core founders of the company, MYCROPORE works closely with key industries to offer

    • innovative solution and technology development that are enhanced by know-how and intellectual property;
    • integrative solution for micro-contamination control issues between heterogeneous manufacturing and metrology processes;
    • application-focus solution to cater to the needs of customization; and
    • competitive solution for lower costs alternatives.
  • Silicon Injector and Boat
    The SICO Technology GmbH is producing quartzglass, silicon and ceramics since years. We can offer you complete solutions for your serial and customized production. Use our know-how, to find an individual and optimum solution for your special application....

  • Silicon is the purest and most researched commercially available material. In a purity scale, it is 4 classes purer than quartz and 7 classes purer than silicon carbide.
     Alkali and heavy metal contaminants are deduced to the low ppb-range. Silicon has a working temperature of 1350 °C and ever after longer use and high temperatures it will not become porous or deform.
     The thermal expansion properties are the same as for wafers.
     In comparison to other materials used in the semiconductor industry, silicon guarantees highest purity while processing. Therefore silicon is the optimal material for semiconductor processes.
     Silicon has a smooth surface. Special surface cleaning and quality end control ensure no particle emission during the semiconductor process.

    Silicon Wafer Carriers
    -for wafers from 2” up to 12 “ diameter
    -slot width starting at 0,3 mm
    -slot configuration allows a wafer capacity of 1 to 400
    available as plates, tubes or profile carriers
    carriers are compatible with automated wafer transport systems
    for all major furnace systems
    for high temperature processes up to 1350°C

  • Gas and Vapor Delivery System
    Veeco’s gas and vapor delivery systems address critical issues facing semiconductor manufacturers and foundries, including material costs, process repeatability and system up-time....

  • 1. Piezocon Sensor

    The Piezocon® Gas Concentration Sensor has become the industry standard among semiconductor manufacturers for accurate monitoring and reproducible delivery control of chemical precursor vapors and dopant gases in CVD and MOCVD process tools.

    Production-proven with over 5,000 installations worldwide, the Piezocon system provides:

    • Improved process reproducibility and increased yield by tightly controlling the delivery of process gases and of precursor chemical vapors
    • Lower cost-of-operation by allowing more effective use of precursor chemicals, extending the use of precursor chemical sources and reducing the duration of flow to vent
    • Easier tool-to-tool matching with quantitative information directly meaningful to equipment and process engineers
    • Assistance in troubleshooting malfunction of gas and vapor delivery systems by using built-in diagnostic utilitie.

    2. Apex Mixing System

    The Apex Gas Mixing System, powered by Veeco’s production-proven Piezocon® Gas Concentration Sensor, allows manufacturers to reduce production costs by purchasing lower-cost, higher-concentration gases, then diluting at the point of use to immediately reduce gas purchase costs by as much as 60 percent.

    • Optimized for applications requiring low-concentration, high-precision and cost-sensitive gas mixtures
    • Improves repeatability by 10x or more when compared to individual gas cylinders
    • Increases system up-time by eliminating excursions and re-qualifications, and reducing test time
    • Immediately reduces gas purchase costs by as much as 60 percent
    • Seamlessly integrates with existing installed base for a wide range of applications including solar, semiconductor and more
    • The only gas mixing system that uses Veeco's Piezocon Gas Concentration Sensor for ppm-level control

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