Woowon Technology Co., Ltd.

Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
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Your Business Partner for Success 

“Woowon Technology Co., Ltd.,” has been working as a Representative and Distributor for foreign high-tech equipment manufactures since its establishment in 1990.

We are providing leading and innovative solutions in Semiconductor, LED, Solar, MEMS, FPD and Academic Research.

And we always try to provide the best service with professional sales and service team for customer’s satisfaction.


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Bruker Corporation Inc. (Hysitron)
Capres A/S
ERS Electronic GmbH 
King Lai Hygienic Materials Co., Ltd. 
Metryx Ltd. (A Lam Research Company)
Neocera LLC
ONDA Corporation
Oxford Instruments Pte. Ltd.
PVA Metrology & Plasma Solutions GmbH
PVA TePla Analysis Systems GmbH
Raith GmbH 
scia Systems GmbH 
Sentronics metrology GmbH                                                                  
Verity Instrument, Inc. 



  • Metryx Ltd. (A Lam Research Company)
    Mass Measurement Process Monitoring & Control Solution ...

    • Non-Destructive, On product
    • No False Flags
    • No time-consuming set-up or adjustment, reducing engineer overhead time
    • Measures processed wafer mean result, supporting APC (Advanced Process Control)
    • Feed-forward and feed-back methodologies
    • Reduce the need for test wafers
    • Effective in Deposition/Anneal:
    - Dielectrics or metals
    - Opaque films and complex stacks
    - Measurement response to sidewall, conformal deposition
    • Effective in Etch:
    - High-Aspect ratio etch characterization; profile or bow
    - Blind etch or etch to stop-layer
    - Characterise process drift
    • Effective in Clean:
    - Direct, quantitative measure of cleaning steps on product wafers
    - Etch residue removal
  • PVA Metrology & Plasma Solutions GmbH (Germany)
    SIRD (Scanning Infra-Red Depolarization) SIRD measures stress in optically transparent materials utilizing a non-contact and non-destructive technology...

    • Wafer manufacturer - Crystal growing / Sawing / Grinding / Lapping / Polishing / Epitaxy
    • Device manufacturer - Epitaxy / Diffusion / Horizontal or Vertical furnaces / RTP / Annealing

    • Throughput : Full wafer image 5 min.
    (normal resolution, 300 mm-wafer) 10 wafer / Hour typical
    • Housing : Stainless steel, clean room class 1 compatible
    • Handling options : Open cassette handling bridging tool for different wafer sizes SMIF
    or FOUP load port optional host communication factory automation interface Wafer ID-reader

  • Oxford Instruments Pte. Ltd. (UK)
    Etch, Deposition and Growth Systems • Etch Process : ICP, RIE, RIE/PE • Deposition Process : ALD, ICPCVD, PECVD • Growth Processes : CVD & PECVD...

    • Optoelectronic device
    • Discrete device
    • Semiconductor device manufacture
    • Plasma process solution for MEMS & sensor

    • Compact process module
    • Standalone load lock system/ clustered together handling unit
    • Auto matching unit & logging
    • Wide process range
    • Active uniformity control
    • Bosch/Cryo ICP process

  • sentronics metrology GmbH (Germany)
    Wafer inspection system with optical interferometry sensors...

    • Measurement of layer thickness, total thickness, warp, micro bumps, TSVs, RST, RDL, UBM,
    roughness and flatness
    • For a wide range of applications from advanced packaging, FOWLP and 3D IC to MEMS,
    sensors and power ICs

    • Tools available from 2“ to 12“, all the way to panel size packaging, as well as bridge tools
    • Qualified at leading-edge IDMs, foundries, OSATs and research institutions, worldwide
    • In order to cover a wide range of applications, an integration of up to 8 different sensors is possible
    • All sensor configurations are also available with a high resolution HD-CMOS camera (Die-Recognition)
    • SECS/GEM link-up possible
    • Easy on-site upgrade of sensors possible -
    for future proof of systems to meet the demands of today and tomorrow

  • Verity Instrument, Inc. (USA)
    End point detection & IEP spectral reflectometer system for Etch, CVD, CMP and PR strip application...

    • End point detection : Etch, ash, CVD etchback
    • Fault detection & classification
    • CVD film thickness
    • Plasma diagnostics
    • PVD film thickness
    • CMP endpoint
    • In-situ & real-time

    • Optical emission spectrograph
    - Reflectometer, low cost bandpass filter
    - Providing advance algorithms such as neural PCA
    - Trend line communication with process tool
    - CH-2-CH matching capability

  • CAPRES A/S (Denmark)
    Microscopic multi-point probing system...

    • Patented microRSP® measurement of sheet resistance, hall mobility and active carrier
    density of ultra-thin conducting films used for R&D and mass-production of
    semiconductor- and memory products
    • Patented CIPTech® measurement of RA and TMR of MTJ stacks used for R&D and
    mass-production of MRAM/STT-MRAM, Sensors and Read-Heads

    • Leading edge CIPT metrology solutions for MRAM developers and mass-producers
    • Unique electrical characterization of 2D and 3D structures used in advanced semiconductor processing
    • Accurate and direct electrical measurement all the way to the wafer edge allowing efficient process
    optimization and -control and higher yields in mass production of semiconductor- and memory products
    • Eliminating test wafers in mass-production due to measurements of product wafers with
    a non-destructive measurement technique
    • Modular and configurable to fit customer needs with sheet resistance measurement as standard module
    • In-line mass-production metrology platform and off-line R&D/Lab metrology platform
    • Measurement directly on 300/200/150mm product- and blanket wafers and smaller samples sizes


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