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Welcome to ASUNG CLEAN FLOW TECH Co., Ltd. !

 ASUNG CLEAN FLOW TECH Co., Ltd. is the leading company of plastic valve and piping products since its foundation in 1967 which has been leading development in the field of domestic plastic pipe.

 With the technologies, accumulated based on the business actions taken and research & development conducted by the company up to now, we developed various products using materials of UPVC, CPVC, Clean PVC, HT PVC, PPH and PVDF, and have been supplied the quality products to the whole business fields throughout the chemical industries and semiconductor production fields, such as the petrochemical industry, water treatment industry and chemical industry fields, etc.

 Our company's excellent technology prowess is widely recognized in the global market as well as in Korea as we export a variety of products to Asia and North & South America. Moreover, we plan to embark on full-fledged overseas marketing by participating in numerous exhibitions and fairs being held all over the world as we carry out introducing excellent quality products with the technical capabilities and promoting our products consistently in order to be the best plastic valve manufacturing company.

 Press Releases

  • [굿모닝충청 채원상 기자] 충남 당진 소재 아성크린후로텍(주)은 1967년에 설립된 아성플라스틱밸브(주)(경기 안산) 자회사로 한국산업단지공단 충청권기업성장지원센터 선도기업으로 선정됐다.

    산업용 플라스틱밸브와 배관자재 및 소방용 배관의 선도기업으로 2018년도에도 활발한 해외진출 활동을 하고 있다.

    22일 충청권기업성장지원센터에 따르면 ‘아성’은 국내시장은 물론 해외시장으로 진출해, 우수한 기술과 제품을 인정받고 있다.

    세계 여러 국가 전시회를 참가해 새로운 시장 개척을 위한 초석을 다지고 있다.

    올해는 건설경기가 호황인 베트남 시장에 진출하기 위해 대표적인 전시회 ‘2018 세큐텍 베트남 전시회’에 참가했다.

    ‘2018 베트남 물무역 전시회’도 참가 예정이다.

    국내에서는 반도체 산업용 글로벌 최대 전시회인 '2018 세미콘 코리아'에도 참가해서, 좋은 반응을 얻었다.

    세계 여러 나라 바이어들과 국내에서 미팅을 후 신규 사업을 추진 중이다.

    아성크린후로텍(주)는 일자리 창출과 질적 고용 개선 등에 높은 평가를 받아 ‘2018 대한민국 일자리 으뜸기업’에 선정돼 대통령상을 수상했다.

    또, 국내 자본재산업에 대한 공로를 인정받아 ‘2018 자본재산업 발전유공’ 국무총리상을 수상하기도 했다.

    더불어 아성크린후로텍(주)은 기술 우수성과 제품 품질도 인정받아, 기술 혁신형 글로벌 강소기업으로 한 단계 성장이 기대되는 기업이다.

    창업주인 김형수 대표는 “내년에는 국내 시장 뿐만 아니라, 글로벌 시장 확대를 통해 보다 기술집약적인 기업으로 도약하겠다”는 포부를 밝혔다.

    출처 : 굿모닝충청(


  • CPVC Fire Sprinkler System
    Fire fighting sprinkler system is C-PVC piping materials, with no corrosion, lighter than other existing metallic materials, such as carbon or copper....

  • After researching it over for a long time on fire sprinkler system, we finally launched out this CPVC sprinkler system to the market.

    It is an excellent product, acquiring a certificate on plastic pipe for fire fighting application through various performance tests, including temperature and pressure circulation test in high temperature and fire test.

    This system has been already approved by many advanced countries, including U.S. for the standard fire fighting sprinkler system. 

  • Industrial Plastic Valve & Pipe system
    Industrial pipes, fittings, valves of PVC, PPH, CPVC, PVDF has better quality in chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. Compared with metallic ones....

  • Our PPH, UPVC, CPVC, PVDF are compared with metal valv. Our ​​products are excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, high mechanical strength. In addition, ease of handling and construction has a easy , excellent electrical insulating properties. Based on these strengths, the effective fluid control solutions.

  • UPW(Ultra Pure Water) Piping System
    We succeeded in manufacturing Clean PVC Pipes, Fittings and Valves from which heavy metal elution is quite negligible and the internal surface is highly smooth....

  • The purity of ultra-pure water used in state-of-the-art industry fields, such as the advanced IT and Bio-medical industries, has reached the level of specific resistance 18M, a level almost close to that of theoretical pure water. therefore, it has become much more important to secure ever purer water to improve product quality and guarantee their processing safety. so, succeeded in manufacturing Clean pvc pipe, Fitting and Valve. our products not allow the elution of electrolytes and organic matter. in addition, these material should also prevent the propagation of bacteria. 

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