Hamamatsu,  Shizuoka 
  • Booth: D724

Show semiconductor failure analysis systems and technologies

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. is a leading company to advance photonics technology. We manufacture photomultiplier tubes, imaging tubes, opto-semiconductors, and imaging and analyzing systems in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. 

In the SEMICON KOREA 2019, we introduce failure analysis systems and related technologies.

 Press Releases

  • Our prime products in SEMICON KOREA2019 are iPHEMOS-DD and Visible Nanolens.

    iPHEMOS-DD enables your wafer, die or package sample to direct-dock by LSI tester and to run test programs at operation speed for dynamic fault localization. Visible Nanolens is a solid immersion lens for visual light source. Not only photo emission camera, thermal emission camera, OBIRCH and EOP/EOFM, but Visual Nanolens and visual light source are integrated on iPHEMOS-DD, which can cover whole range of fault localization. It can detect from resistive short by thermal camera to wave form delay of single transistor by using Visual EOP.


    Inverted Photo Emission microscope for tester direct docking...

  • iPHEMOS-DD enables your wafer, die or package sample to direct-dock by LSI tester and to run test programs at operation speed for dynamic fault localization. Probing pin number can reach more than five thousand pins.

  • Visible Nanolens
    100nm spatial resolution by solid immersion lens...

  • The Nanolens is a hemispherical lens that touches the Si substrate and utilizes the index of refraction of silicon to increase the numerical aperture, which improves spatial resolution and convergence efficiency. The brand new Visible Nanolens is designed for visible light source and it makes possible to reach 100nm spatial resolution.

  • Thermal F1
    Brand new single function platform of Thermal emission microscope....

  • Thermal F1 is brand new single function platform of Thermal emission microscope. High sensitive InSbHS camera and thermal lock in function are included as standard configurations. It can detect thermal emission signals from large PC board to small die level and allow you to shorten TAT by well-designed interface/hardware/software.

    Pinpoint short defects deep inside PKG devices...

  • Ultra-Sonic Beam Induced Resistance Change (SOBIRCH) is brand new technology and similar technology with OBIRCH. OBIRCH can detect current change by induced laser beam. Instead of laser, ultrasonic beam is used on SOBIRCH. That can allow to detect resistive shorts without removing mold resin of package samples. And it has good special resolution and sensitivity to pinpoint the short signals deep inside package devices.

  • MOCI
    Detect ultra-low resistance shorts and open defects...

  • Magneto Optical Current Imaging (MOCI) is another brand new technology. Polarization of incident polarized light can be rotated in MO crystal by Faraday Effect and polarization of reflect light is detected by detector. That allows to visualize current path. Compared to SQUID microscope, MOCI requires no vacuum nor cooling, just put MO crystal on samples. And it can detect ultra-low resistance shorts and open defects.

  • IR-OBIRCH function 07 amp
    Brand new OBIRCH amplifier with ultra-high sensitivity...

  • IR-OBIRCH function 07 amp is able to detect 1pA current change when Voltage/Current is applied below +/-1V / below +/-1uA for low voltage/current device.

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