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Welcome to Hesse Mechatronics at Booth D825!

Hesse GmbH, founded in 1978, is a German equipment manufacturer delivering high-end semiconductor assembly equipment. Our products include automatic thin- and heavy-wire wedge bonders.

Thin Wire Bonders
Bondjet BJ855, designed for challenging applications like 40um ultra-fine pitch with real-time quality control, is featured with a huge bond area and a wear-free bondhead. It delivers rapid bonding speed of 7+ wires/sec for optimal process flexibility and productivity. It is the successor of the proven Bondjet 820.

Heavy Wire Bonders
Bondjet BJ955/959 single-head and BJ931 dual-head are capable of bonding 100-500um Al and Cu wires/power ribbons for applications like power modules, IGBT, automotive devices, CPV panels and RF amplifiers, etc. These machines are equipped with bondhead integrated pull testers, active wire cutter, E-Box (bondhead set-up visual aid), anti-vibration system, and the powerful patented PiQC real-time quality control system as well.

More to come

Other products' information, more detailed explanations and demonstrations are available on-site with professional service engineers standing by to help. Welcome to visit us at D825!


    Fastest bonding speed in the industry; Largest working area; Greatest axis accuracy...

  • The Bondjet BJ855 is the successor of the proven Bondjet BJ820, the world's leading fully automated fine wire wedge-wedge wire bonder. It has the advantages of:

    Fastest bonding speed in the industry;
    Largest working area;

    Greatest axis accuracy

    New features: 
    ■ Optimized pattern recognition (PR)
    Industry 4.0 and software features for the growing demand of connectivity
       (e.g. Hesse Bonder Network, remote control of PR, improved MES integration, ...)
    ■ Hesse Assist Tools: load cell, bondtool and wire spool detection, bond tool calibration without wedge gauge for operator independency 

    Typical applications are components in RF technology, COB, MCMhybrids, optical and automotive electronics.

    Power modules, IGBT, EV battery applications; Increased productivity; Enlarged work platform; Speedy and precise; Low maintenance needs; Copper wire capability...

  • The Bondjet models BJ955 and BJ959 from Hesse GmbH have set new benchmarks of speedprecision and low maintenance needs for the bonding process, due to the use of gantry kinematics with linear motors on the machines. Together with the enlarged working area of up to 350 mm x 500 mm, these two renovated models boast the capability to fulfill the current and future demands on the bonding requirements of the industry.

    The models have on average 30% more yield than their predecessors.

    The models have such advanced features as below:
    - the weightless bondhead with integrated non-destructive pull-tests;
    - the active cutting system
    - E-Box (an optical system assisting the set-up of cutter, wire guide and wedge tool) and;
    - PiQC, the process integrated quality control system (for non-destructive quality tests and individual bond monitoring).


    Both models can manage heavy aluminum and copper wires (up to 500 um) as well as ribbons for a high current (i.e. High Current Ribbon, HCRtm...).

    Heavy-wire power leadframe package assembly; Specialized leadframe indexing system for power leadframes,eg. TO220, D-Pak and DFN in high productivity...

  • BJ931, the heavy wire model, is specifically designed for handling power leadframe applications, from the simplest, like TO200/TO220PF, to the more complex ones, like matrix D-Pak/DFN, with equal ease.

    Advanced features of the machines:
    - bondhead-integrated non-destructive pull tests;
    - high speed;
    - large bonding area;
    - active cutter;

    - E-box (an optical system assisting the set-up of cutter, wire guide and wedge tool) and;
    - PiQC, the process integrated quality control system (for non-destructive quality tests and individual bond monitoring).

    These features on BJ931 and Hesse's enhanced quality control systems are customized to suit your specific requirements and achieve high productivity.

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