Il Woong Platech Co., Ltd.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: B928


IL-WOONG Engineering and Plastics Co. Ltd. is a leader of semi-finished thermoplastics. The company was founded in 1988 in Seoul, Korea. Since 2004, we have been ISO 9001 certified. We are the leading manufacturer of PTFE products including sheets, rods, tubes, and gaskets in the local market. Due to new items being added and developed according to customer requirements, we have been able to manufacture various and special products are able to be manufactured . We have incorporated scientific technologies with engineering plastic products. Particularly, WE ARE ADVANTAGED TO HAVE EQUIPPED THE MANUFACTURING LINE TO MAKE WIDE WIDTH TEFLON SHEETS AND FILM IN ASIA. We started to export to Japan in 2000. Nevertheless, we will not settle for the present but will continue to go worldwide. Our top priorities are reliable quality, finest service, and customer satisfaction.


  • PTFE (TEFLON) - Polytelrafluoro ethylene
    PTFE is the most representative fluoric resin of all fluoric resins (Teflon) and having very unique properties showing superior heat / low temperature / chemical / friction / adhesion resistance along with excellent electrical property....

  • ** Features

    1. Operational Tempeature = 260℃

    2. Low friction

    3. Superior chemical resistance

    4. Electrical property

    5. Fire retardant

    ** Applications

    * In semi-conductor manufaturing equipment - Valve bellows, Gaskets, Tubes, Linings, Filters and etc.

    * General machine / auto parts - Bearings, Gaskets, Packing and etc.

    * Electrical insulator - Tapes, films, Cable sheathes

  • MC NYLON(Mono Cast Nylon)
    The product has been improved in its heat / chemical resistance and mechanical strength in compare with 6nylon....

  • ** Overview

    MC nylon is a high-quality nylon that has qualities that are not present in injection-molded or extrusion-molded products.  It waws improved by polymerizing and molding the main material's nylon monomer under atmospheric pressure.

    ** Features

    1. Operational Temperature - 120℃ (In case with MC-E Nylon - 110℃)

    2. Chemical resistance - The material has good chemical resistance against organic solutions, oils and alkali agents.

    3. Mechanical strength - It has superior mechanical atrength and durability in compare with conventional nylon resins.

    4. Wearproof - MC901 has self - Iubricating property showing superior slippery nature.

    ** Applications

    Auto wheels, Gears, Sprockets, Rollers, Bearings, Liners, Slide plates, Guide pallets, Insulators and etc.

  • UHMW PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythylene)
    **Overview It means highly concentrated polythen, which has an average molecular weight of more than one million. Of all thermoplastic plastics, it has the best impact resistance and abrasion resistance. ...

  • **Features

    1. Excellent impact resistance - The prodect has the best impact resistance among all plastic types.

    2. Superior wearproof - The product has even superior wear resistance than stainless steel or Enplas such as POM 6N.

    3. Self-lubrication - Low friction coefficient,  Excellent contact-move property -

    4. Chemical resistance - The product is very strong against chemicals except strong acid.

    5. Operational Temperature 80℃ / Operational Temperature  -100℃

    6. Non-toxic - This free of toxin product is a perfect solution for food industry.

  • PVDF(Poly vinylidene fluoride)
    PVDF has excellent chemical resistance and also has good mechanic, thermal, and electrical qualitues, which are the strong points of fluoric resin. It is widely used in diverse fields such as chemistrry, electronics, and paper manufacturing. ...

  • **Features

    1. It hs a high mechanical strength

    - It has the best mechanical strength among all fluoric resin, and has excellent strength and Creep resistance.

    2. Outstanding chemical resistance

    - It has an excellent resistance to many kinds of inorganic acide, some alkalines, the aliphatic series. organic acide, and various alcohols.

    3. Operational Tempoerature 150℃ - The material can be used under up to 150℃

    4. Food avaliability - It is in compliance with FDA standard.

    5. It has superior combustion / ignition resistance

  • PEEK(Poly ether ether ketone)
    PEEK has the highest heat resistance (continuous use temperature is 250℃), does not produce gas and produces only a small amount of smoke....

  • **Features

    1. Operational Temperature 250℃ - The product can be continuously used in high temperature environment.

    2. Superior chemical resistance - It shows superior resistance property against wide range of chemicals.

    3. Stable property in even heat water or steam - No notable change in property is observed after placing 250℃ pressurized heat water / steam for 3000 hours.

    4. Superior radiation resistance - The product shows superior stability against radiation.

    5. Excellent mechanical property in wide temperature range.

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