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Welcome to INFICON

INFICON provides world-class instruments for gas analysis, measurment and control. INFICON is a leading developer manufacturer and supplier of vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor technologies and process control software with an emphasis on process engineering expertise, for the semiconductor and related industries. These analysis mesurment and control products are vital to original equipment menufactures (OEMs) and end -users in the complex manufacturing of semiconductors.


  • Transpector® CPM 3 Compact Process Monitor
    Transpector CPM 3 provides proven return on investment to our partners through: •Industry Leading Measurement Technology •Robust and Adaptive Architecture •Ease of Maintenance •Superior Product Support ...

  • Features

    • Residual Gas Analyzer for ALD, Etch, CVD and 300 mm Degas—enables real-time process monitoring and analysis
    • ALD-Ready with 1.8 ms per point (555 points per second) measurement speed
    • Field-proven durability and reliability in the most demanding CVD and Etch applications
    • Application Integration—Transpector CPM becomes a powerful process monitoring and diagnostics tool when integrated with FabGuard software and supported by INFICON world-class applications experts
    • Compact size—allows for easy integration into production semiconductor equipment
    • Hexblock™ with up to three pressure inlets and reduced surface area to minimize surface reactions and response times
    • Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG)—CDG allows user to monitor the process pressure and automatically protect the system from pressure excursions
    • Automated calibration—ensures long-term data stability and accuracy for sensor to sensor and tool to tool chamber matching
  • UL3000 Fab (PLUS) - Helium Leak Detector (Dry)
    The INFICON helium leak detector UL3000 Fab (PLUS) is designed for the needs of leak testing in semiconductor applications. It features flexibility, mobility, fast start up, high sensitivity, fast and precise test results, and reliability. ...

  • Advantages

    • Ready to measure at atmospheric pressure
    • Intuitive user guidance with touch display
    • Robust vacuum system, insensitive to dirt and contamination
    • Perfect mobility due to small turning radius
    • Operable by smartphone via web browser
    • Accessories available right at the device

    Typical Applications

    • Leak testing of components before they are installed in existing tools
    • Inspections and installations of process gas systems
    • Automatic testing of hermetically sealed components with the TC1000 test chamber
    • Leak tests in environments with high demands on test conditions and cleanliness
  • Transpector® MPH Residual Gas Analyzer
    UNLOCK YOUR PROCESS Unparalleled Performance for Increased Yields and Maximum Uptime...

  • Features

    • Max. Data Rate of 1.8 ms per point for Analog Scans and Selected Peaks
    • TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity
    • Dual filaments
    • Field replaceable Electron Multiplier
    • Combined anode, cathode and repeller filament kit
    • Shorter sensors minimize installed footprint
    • Nine-decade dynamic range
    • MDPP of <2E-15 Torr (100 amu)
    • Increased Signal-to-Noise ratio
    • Interchangeable sensors and electronics
    • Sensors are assembled, tested and double bagged in a cleanroom environment
    • RoHS Compliant
  • XL3000flex Helium and Hydrogen Sniffer Leak Detect
    HIGH FLOW Technology for Highest Measurement Certainty and Fastest Throughput ...

  • Advantages

    • INFICON High Flow Technology

      • enables unmatched measurement certainty - stop missing leaks!
      • finds leaks even in hard to access areas
      • helps unexperienced operators to reliably locate leaks
      • creates highest througput testing
      • is ideally suited for robotic testing  - allows for maximum transversal speed even at some distance to the part
    • Minimize your operating cost - select the tracer gas of your choice!

    • Foolproof handling for manual leak detection process

      • redundant leak alarms - leaks cannot be overlooked!
      • ergonomically designed sniffer probe with Display - user can concentrate on the sniffing process and monitor the leakage rate simultaneously
    • Easy integration options for robot applications with Fieldbus Interface

    Typical Applications

    • Manual or automated leak testing for Sub-assembly and midproduction of: 

      • Refrigerators 
      • Freezers 
      • Air conditioners 
      • Automotive air conditioners 
      • Heating and Ventilation 
      • RAC components 
      • Automotive components and similar products. 

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