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Materion... Materials that advance the world's technologies

Materion Advanced Materials is a global industry leader supporting all major semiconductor applications including MEMS, STT-RAM, PC-RAM, Display and Consumer Electronics. Our offerings include precious metals and engineered materials for thin film deposition processes, performance alloys, inorganic chemicals, microelectronic packaging products, precision parts cleaning, and precious metal reclamation. Our leading-edge products encompass sputtering targets, evaporation materials, plating anodes and a large portfolio of high reliability ceramic packages and hermetic cover/lids. Click for more information or contact


  • Inorganic Chemicals
    From research and development to full production, Materion is your single reliable source for the quality materials you require, custom made to your exact specifications, or selected from our comprehensive inventory of ready-to-ship items...


    Materion’s primary mission is to assist you in the successful development of your materials and meet your most challenging requirements. To accomplish that, we offer a broad range of chemistries and capabilities. Our industry experts will determine the best manufacturing and analytical processes and select the appropriate chemistry to produce optimal results. Our choice will depend on the combination of material, particle size, final form and specific characteristics to produce your unique product.
    Our R&D department can develop a new product, and when you’re ready for market, can manufacture and deliver the production quantities you need – when you need them. You can count on your material to be manufactured consistently to your exact specifications whether for a small or high volume run. With our strong network of technical support, we pride ourselves on our ability to be your quality-driven supplier for the life of your product.


    • Thin Film Coating Materials
    • Optical Coating Materials
    • Wear-Resistant Coating Materials
    • High Purity PVD
    • Materials for Thin Film Solar
    • Specialty Battery Materials
    • Heavy Metals
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Phosphor Precursors


    Wet Chemistry

    • Precipitation Reactions
    • Bottom-up Chemistry
    • Oxidation/Reduction Reactions
    • Purification Processes
    • Doping Reactions

    Reactive Gas Processes

    • Halides, Nitrides, Oxides
    • Sublimation
    • Anion Exchange
    • Solid/Gas Phase Reactions

    High Temperature Synthesis

    • Binary & Ternary Compounds
    • Heavy Metal Capabilities (Cd, As, Pb, Sb)
    • Sulfide, Selenide, Telluride Compounds
    • Borides, Carbides, Oxides, Silicides,
    • Fluorides
    • Calcinations
    • Combustion Synthesis
    • Arc Fusion


    In-house Competencies

    • Powder X-Ray Diffraction
    • Elemental Analysis
    • ICP-MS, ICP-OES, DC Arc & Atomic Absorption
    • Classic Quantitative Wet Analytical Techniques
    • Combustion Analysis
    • TGA/DTA
    • Specific Surface Area (BET)
    • Particle Size
    • Laser Diffraction, Mesh Size Analysis
  • Microelectronic Packaging Materials
    When it comes to packaging, we’ve got you covered! We offer a full range of products....

  • Highly reliable hermetic lids for sealing and protection of delicate electronics
    • Choice of best-solution materials from precious metal to epoxy-coated ceramic
    • “Ultra clean” braze alloys for joints of high integrity and strength
    • Innovative ceramic packages for very low thermal resistance and RF loss
    • Choice of multiple designs & materials customized for specific applications


    • Combo-Lids– pre-assembled solder preform and lid
    • Micro-Lids– for packages smaller than .300 in²
    • Seam Seal-Lids– for sealing heat sensitive electronics
    • Solder Reflow-Lids– cost alternative to Combo-Lids
    • Visi-Lids– for optical packages
    • Epo-Lids– Epoxy-coated ceramic for non-hermetic uses
    • Ceramic Combo-Lids– for specialty applications


    • AuSn Preforms
    • Braze Materials
    • SilSeal Materials
    • Solder Alloys
    • Lead-free Solders


    • BeO Packages
    • CuPacks
    • Epo-Lids
    • Air Cavity Packages
    • Plated Flanges
  • Sputtering Targets
    Our broad line of PVD products and services can resolve your concerns for uniformity, reproducibility, purity, homogeneity and other challenges....

  • High purity, low particulation sputtering targets
    • Proprietary sputter target designs that extend the life of the target
    • Innovative manufacturing technologies including our patented VCT(Vibration Cast Technology) for fine grained targets
    • Industry experts to help identify and customize optimal alloy compositions
    • Relationships with OEMs to optimize coating performance and facilitate support


    Available Materials

    • Precious metal & non-precious metal sputtering targets
    • Standard and custom exotic alloys
    • Ceramic and sputtering targets with customized chemistries

    Available Forms

    • Large area targets
    •  Rotary or planar
    • Non-traditional materials
    • Custom alloys
    • Multiple shapes & sizes
    • Extended life designs
    • Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) Targets


    With our expertise in PVD, we provide:

    • Materials engineering support to devise customized optimal alloys and materials for your deposition processes
    • Customized precious metal sputter target designs & forms which reduce costs and increase tool uptime
    • Advanced testing techniques including GDMS, ICP-MS and LECO to ensure accurate purity analysis


    • Oerlikon
    • Von Ardenne
    • NEXX
    • Evatec
    • Leybold
    • Temescal
    • SPTS
    • Veeco
    • Anelva
    • Metron (Varian)
    • Applied Materials
    • AJA
    • Singulus
    • MRC (KDF)
    • Aviza
    • CVC
    • KDF
    • Novellus (Varian)
    • Sputtered Films Inc.
    • Trikon
    • Ulvac
    • Unaxis
    • Intevac
    • Perkin Elmer
  • Advanced Alloys & Composites for Semiconductors
    Materion fabricates strip, rod, wire, bulk alloys & composite metals for advanced connectors, thermal management systems & high current applications. Our materials provide smooth operation for the highest heat applications in semiconductor manufacturing....

  • Materion fabricates strip, rod, wire, bulk alloys & composite metals for advanced connectors, thermal management systems & high current applications. Our materials provide smooth operation for the highest heat applications in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • BeO Ceramics for Packaging & Substrates
    Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramic works well for electronic packaging & heat sinks for standard TO-XX cases, with thermal conductivity up to 325 W/mK and CTE close to GaAs and Si devices. Its high corrosion resistance may benefit semi equipment applications....

  • Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramic works well for electronic packaging & heat sinks for standard TO-XX cases, with thermal conductivity up to 325 W/mK and CTE close to GaAs and Si devices.  Its high corrosion resistance may benefit semi equipment applications.

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