Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: G106

We are alway doing our best to develop products.

L.S TEC designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains
the highest quality of products for highly sensitive environments
dedicated to the semiconductor industry.

  • Orientated and pro-active, L.S TEC keeps a strong focus on the
    newest products coupled with customer satisfaction.
  • Our Fab-lite organization guarantees higher flexibility
    and reliability to satisfy customers.
  • Acknowledged as expert in wafer processing and innovative solutions,
    we firmly believe that building strong partnerships with key customers
    mastering complementary core competences and creating social values,
    will lead us together to excellence, and better service the industry.


    Reliable Atmospheric Transport combined with SINFONIA's Loadport with the World's No.1 Supply Record....

  • 1. Vacuum-Less Wafer Handling

       restrains particles from adhering on the wafer back.

    2. Small Footprint

       with the radius of minimum swinging envelop of 245mm of the robot.

    3. Precise Clean Air Control

    •by FFU
    •Positive pressure control inside ME by the exhaust fan
    •Smooth air flow with traveling axis installed on the side panel of ME.
    Extremely Smooth FOUP door Open/Close Motion...

  • Great improvenment of particle performance

    Reduction of vibration during door open/close by hybrid of pneumatic and electric driven mechanism.

    Compliance of high sealed FOUP.

    MCBF, 1000,000 cycles achieved.

    RECIF Technologies designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains robotic handling equipment for highly sensitive environments dedicated to the semiconductor industry....

  • The G5+ series, latest generation of COMPACT sorters from RECIF Technologies, is the standard solution for 300mm silicon wafers sorting. Its innovative design offers a soft breakthrough thanks to its field proven modules and technologies such as real time filed bus, direct drive transmission and many other technical advances.

    The G5+ offers fast throughput thanks to the alignment/OCR function embedded on the handling robot. End Effector design features ensure unsurpassed cleanliness, as well as a highly secure wafer handling through our proprietary ACT (Advanced Contact Technology).

    It offers a new benchmark in terms of cleanliness, robustness, flexibility and maintainability. It also provides the highest throughput ever achieved with a single robot, the smallest footprint and unsurpassed cleanliness demonstrated, as well as extremely secure wafer handling.

    The RECIF Technologies G5+ 300mm Wafer Sorter is providing IC manufacturers the ultimate productivity solution for 10 nm nodes and beyond.

    The G5+ sorter offers:

    • Advanced PWP front face performance < 0.0049 @ 26nm*
    • End effector: 3 points backside Advanced Contact Technology as standard configuration
    • New industrial controller
    • ISO Class 1 mini-environment
    • SEMI300 standards compliant
    • 2 or 4 Load Ports configuration
    • Integration into stocker (2 or 4 LP)
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Standard & configurable process programs
    • Compatible with all SEMI compliant FOUP/ FOSB types
    • Automated hidden time mapping
    • New side casing for optional handling features

    * Based on 1000 cycles test per wafer - Tool configuration, clean room environment and FOUP/ FOSB type to be defined

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