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NIP Co., Ltd. SWIR/CMOS/Thermal cameras

Machine Vision System House

NIP Co., Ltd provides Light, Lens, Industrial Camera, Frame Grabber, S/W library and so on. We also offer the technical assistance and development support with our products.

NIP is established as Sam Hong Data System in 1984. In the early 1990s, we commercialized the character recognition software at the first time in South Korea and we are confident that we bring benefit to establish related technique. NIP has put more efforts and invest into now and future development to make customers satisfaction in order to move forward. For example our employees continually develop more enhanced technology and introduce new technology. By these efforts, we can provide the highest quality technical service to our customers. We seek customer value that we provide and share our technology and experience until they can use our product successfully. These principles come from conviction that customer's success is our future. We will always try to deliver high-quality product as their business partner.


  • POLLUX 12MP~50MP
    High resolution high speed CMOS camera for machine vision...

  • It provides the best performance for precise image processing solution by high-resolution CMOS image sensor and high-speed image acquisition.

    The new POLLUX series of NIP which is a noise-reduced, high-sensitivity camera is composed of various resolutions ranging from 12MP to 50MP interfaced with CoaXPress and Camera Link.

    High resolution CMOS camera for machine vision easily connected with C-mount...

  • Developed as a CMOS sensor with a small and precise pixel size, it can simutaneously perform rigorous inspection work requiring accuracy and precise processing of image acquisition. As high sensitivity, excellent picture quality and resolution-based industrial camera which fully supports industrial image processing standard application area, it can reduce system costs related to the use of economical C-mount lenses.

  • POLLUX 1.3MP / 5MP
    GigE camera with vivid image quality to transmit data over long disstances up to 100m...

  • The very compact GigE camera of POLLUX series transmit data up to 100m as the maximum distance through Gigabit Ethernet.

    This is a cost-efficient product and its installed 128MB memory provides the stability by means of saving images to transmit and retransmit burst.

  • PAMINA (Area scan camera)
    High sensitivity SWIR camera for viewing invisible areas...

  • The human eye senses the visible ray area of the electromagnetic spectrum. The InGaAs sensor camera developed by NIP acquires images of 900 to 1700 nm wavelength range range in Near-IR area. Inaddition, the entry-level PA320F300TCL is an excellent product that can satisfy both the time efficiency and the economic cost required for the industrial manufacturing process by acquiring the high speed image
  • PAMINA (Line scan camera)
    High sensitivity SWIR Line scan camera efficient with no fan and with robust design....

  • It is an InGaAs line scan camera with robust design, with improved cooling efficiency. It acquires image of short wavelength range of 900~1700nm in the near-IR area in line unit, and acquires image by penetrating the moving object. Developed in an uncooled type, it can reduce heat with low power consumption and expect high sensitivity.
  • DEBEB (LWIR camera)
    LWIR camera measuring temperature accurately...

  • The DENEB series LWIR camera developed by NIP is a long-wavelength thermal imager based on an uncooled microbolometer detector, providing a function of optimal thermal imaging and remarkably accurate temperature measurement.

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