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*Products :

Coat/Develop TRACK

DT-3000 Coat/Develop track、RF-310ASK-60EX/80EX, SC-80EX Spray Coater

Wafer Cleaning system

Spin Processor : Single Wafer Cleaner SU-3300,  SU-3200, SU-3100, SU-2000

Wet station: FC-3100, WS-620C/WS-820L, FC-821L, Compact Wet Station : CW-2000, CW-1500

Spin Scrubber: SS-3200, SS-3100, SS-80EX

Polymer Removal : Single Wafer Cleaner SU-3100, SU-2000 

Annealing system

LT-3100 Laser Annealer,  LA-3100 Flash Lamp Annealer, LA-3000-F, LA-830 Infrared lamp Annealer

Measurement System

RE-3500 Ellipsometric Film Thickness Measurement System

VM-2200/3200 Spectroscopic Film Thickness Measurement System、VM-1200/1300、VM-1020

Inspection System

ZI-3500 Wafer Pattern Inspection System, ZI-2000 Wafer Pattern Inspection System

Advanced Packing Lithography

DW-6000 Direct Imaging System for Panel Level Packages

DW-3000 Direct Imaging System for Advanced Packaging


  • SU-3300 Single Wafer Cleaning System
    Industry-leading 24 Chamber Configuration ...

  • SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions developed the first rotating wafer cleaning system in 1983. Over the past 30 years, we have made it our mission to optimize processing at the air-liquid interface on the wafer and further refine critical cleaning technologies. Our new "SU-3300" seventh generation system inherits every aspect of this accumulated technical expertise and knowhow.

    The "SU-3300" can be expanded to include up to 24 chambers, giving it outstanding productivity. It also offers high processing efficiency and is equipped with cutting-edge functions that minimize variations between chambers. Together these features ensure extremely stable operation.

    As semiconductor production becomes increasingly demanding, SCREEN is right there with you, creating remarkable new solutions like the "SU-3300".

  • FC-3100 Wet Station
    Next-generation Versatility, Speed and Functionality...

  • 1. High Throughput

    The FC-3100 is capable of achieving a high throughput of 650 wafers per hour, which has been realized by incorporating a high throughput buffer module and a high-speed transfer module.

    2. Stable and Highly Reliable

    Seven independent modules can be easily configured to best suit your production needs. Each module is of standardized construction. Dual cleaning baths are built into a single compact module for smoother assembly, adjustment, testing and installation.

    3. Low Pressure Drying System (HiLPD)

    Provided with the HiLPD, a low pressure drying system, the FC-3100 is able to provide high concentration IPA vapor without using carrier N2 gas to greatly suppress watermark generation. In addition, the high concentration IPA vapor rapidly reduces surface tension preventing pattern collapse.

    4. Dry-Air Drying Tecnology(DAD)

    DAD is a new Dry Air Drying technology that blows dry air with an extremely low dew point over the wafers to instantly eliminate any moisture after cleaning. It maintains that same performance as conventional drying using IPA, but reduces the processing time by about half(*). It also enables running costs to be reduced to up to1/8 (*) of previous costs, and there is no resist dissolution. Of course, because IPA is not used at all, there are absolutely no VOC emissions. This new drying technology is therefore extremely safe and environment friendly

  • DT-3000 Coat/Develop Track
    High Productivity, >450 WPH Capable Dual Track System...

  • 1. High-Throughput while Ensuring High Reliability

    Running dual, parallel process lines dramatically improves wafer throughput. Since the load is distributed between two separate lines, the SOKUDO DUO also contributes to higher wafer handling robotics reliability since it enables reduced wafer transfer speeds without compromising wafer throughput.

    2. Non-Stop Operation Delivers High Productivity

    The dual-flow concept makes it possible to run each wafer process line independently. Maintenance can be performed while the system is running production, greatly reducing system downtime. The overall lithography cell wafer output, productivity is optimized by keeping the coat/develop process running so that expensive photolithography exposure scanner time is not wasted.

    3. Small Footprint & Flexible Configuration

    The dual process line system is a compact platform design that significantly reduces footprint. Various system configurations can be tailored to match specific coat/develop applications to deliver optimized wafer output for the available clean-room area.

    4. Advanced Lithography Technology

    With SCREEN’s over 30-year technical know-how, the system supports advanced immersion ArF lithography, EUV, E-Beam and Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) coat / develop / bake track solutions to realize high yield for volume production.

  • LA-3100 Flash Lamp Annealer
    Contributes Significantly to Improving the Characteristics of State-of-the-Art Devices...

  • 1. Controls heating temperature profiles by the millisecond

    The LA-3100 precisely controls the thermal dosage profile of several milliseconds from a xenon flash lamp, which heats instantly using flash of light.
    The wafer surface temperature can be lowered or raised at mid- to high speed, making heat processing with a low thermal budget a reality.
    This in turn allows for a high level of activation for the dopant injected into the source/drain, along with precise control of the concentration profile.

    2. Low oxygen atmosphere

    Single wafer processing makes it possible to anneal in a strictly-controlled low oxygen atmosphere.

    3. Functionality for measuring wafer temperature during heat irradiation

    The LA-3100 features new functionality for precisely controlling the heat treatment of the entire wafer surface in milliseconds, while measuring the wafer temperature during heat irradiation. This makes it easy to understand and solve physical phenomena with a focus on temperature control, starting with the R&D stage.

  • LT-3100 Laser Annealer
    Ultra-low Thermal Budget. High-temperature Melt-annealing of Wafer Surfaces in Sub-micro Seconds....

  • SCREEN introduces its laser thermal annealing technology addressing the constraints of advanced device thermal processing. The systems utilize a unique UV laser technology allowing a specific melt process bringing benefits in dopant activation, thin films crystallization, defect curing, surface smoothing, 3D stacking and a few more. The heating-cooling cycle is the fastest ever available below 200ns. The step and repeat approach makes the process uniform across the devices as well as across the wafers whatever the wafer size. The benefits of the LT-3100 are accessible to customers using small wafers for advanced power devices as well as thin wafers down to 40μm. LT-3100 is leveraging a flexible platform to be adapted to specific application needs and productivity. Among its unique capabilities, a real time monitoring of the process allows a detailed process tracking. The full device capability brings also a unique tool for process development by providing the possibility to do combinatorial experiments: then hundredths different processing conditions can be done at once on a single wafer. This allows cutting down the process development time and cost.

    1. Ultra-low Thermal Budget

    Achieving the highest possible temperature gradient in sub-micro seconds, LT-3100 is able to anneal fragile substrates without damaging critical device structures.

    2. Dopant Activation Control

    Obtaining unprecedented high line and parametric yield levels are only possible with the LT annealing process. By melt-annealing, the dopants are superactivated and the low resistance layer is defect free.

    3. Full Device Annealing

    Annealing one die, a group of dies or only the desired region in a single shot, the LT-3100 makes it all possible by shaping the beam size to meet process and device requirements without stitching.

  • DW-6000
    Direct Imaging System for Panel Level Packages. Direct Imaging System for Panel Level FOPLP Offers Superb Productivity and High-Resolution Exposure...

  • 1. World-leading 2.0-μm high-resolution imaging

    By combining imaging heads equipped with our proprietary iGLV Optical Engine and Laser Control Technology along with our optical system under years of development, SCREEN has created a Mass-Production Direct Imaging System with a (2μm) world-leading resolution. We will remain proactive to the needs of Advanced Packaging whose requirements are constantly driving into the future.

    2. High-speed/high-precision exposure at L/S 5μm resolution

    With a high-power 355 nm YAG laser and four imaging heads (quad head), the DW-6000 delivers high throughput of 70 panels* per hour at L/S 5μm high resolution.* Substrate size: 500 x 500 mm

    3. "Die-by-Die alignment" for high-precision image correction

    The DW-6000 features a proprietary automatic image correction function that uses SCREEN's advanced image analysis technology. Positional deviations during chip rearrangement can be read and the exposure data automatically corrected, enabling the optimum exposure to be achieved through the superior performance of our direct imaging system.

    4. Grayscale exposure

    The proprietary image processing on the DW-6000 allows for both the vias and the circuit patterns to be formed together.

    5. Suitable for large substrates for FOPLP

    The DW-6000 handles large, square substrates up to 620 mm x 650 mm, enabling wide-ranging response to FOPLP manufacture of all materials, including glass, resin, and PCBs.

    6. Supports all kinds of resist coating

    The DW-6000 can be combined with various resist coating systems, including SCREEN's high-precision Linearcoater.

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