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United Kingdom
  • Booth: D636

SPTS Technologies invites you to our visit our booth, D636.

SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, designs, manufactures, sells, and supports advanced etch, PVD, and CVD wafer processing equipment and solutions for the global semiconductor and micro-device industries, with focus on the Advanced Packaging, MEMS, high speed RF device, power management and LED markets.

With the acquisition of SPTS, Orbotech is able to offer a broader range of process solutions for Advanced Packaging, which includes Orbotech’s Inkjet solutions for die level printing and UV Laser Drilling for through mold vias.

SPTS has manufacturing facilities in Newport, Wales and Allentown, Pennsylvania, and operates across 19 countries in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. For more information please visit www.spts.com and www.orbotech.com.


  • Delta® Deposition Systems
    SPTS's Delta PECVD systems are used for a wide range of applications within MEMS, compound semiconductors, and advanced packaging...


    • Wafer sizes from 75mm to 300mm
    • Radially symmetrical gas flow for superior wafer-in-wafer (WIW) uniformity
    • Up to 10 gas lines and optional on-board liquid delivery system
    • Mixed frequency plasma capability for stress tuning
    • Active platen cooling for critical, low temperature [<175°C] packaging applications
    • Single and multi-wafer preheat chamber options for de-gassing sensitive substrates

    Markets Served

    MEMS applications demand a wide range of dielectric film types,SPTS’s PECVD module offers SiO, SiN and amorphous silicon films tailored to meet the needs of MEMS manufacturers

    Advanced 3D-IC applications, SPTS offers low temperature [<175°C] processes compatible with 300mm bonded substrates. Applications include via-last TSV liner and via-reveal passivation.

    SPTS is the only PECVD provider who can deposit electrically robust, stable nitride and oxide films at <200°C

    RF-IC semiconductor applications, SPTS develops processes and hardware for today’s production needs and Single wafer processing enables unrivalled repeatability and flexibility in a manufacturing environment

    Our handlers and process chambers are proven in high volume production, and are fully compatible with both transparent and carried wafers

  • Omega® Etch Systems
    SPTS offers advanced etch technologies for a wide range of applications within MEMS, Advanced Packaging, LEDs, high speed RF IC & power semiconductors...

  • Plasma Etch

    ICP Etch
    The Omega® ICP process module uses a patented high density plasma source incorporating a radial coil design. The SPTS ICP process module is highly flexible and etches a wide range of materials including oxides, nitrides, polymers, low aspect ratio Si and metals. The ICP module is the market leader for compound semiconductor applications.

    Dielectric Etch
    SPTS’s Omega® SynapseTM process module is an ICP-based high-density plasma source, designed to etch materials which are difficult to etch using conventional RIE or ICP sources.

    The process chamber is of metallic construction and is heated to reduce the level of deposition on it, thereby increasing process stability and increasing the mean time between cleans by more than a factor of 10.

    Si DRIE
    Install base of over 1000 DRIE process modules, SPTS’s market-leading position is spearheaded by the Rapier module, which etches Si using Bosch switched processing as well as non-switched etching for tapered profiles, wafer thinning and via reveal.

  • Sigma® Deposition Systems
    The Sigma product range supports wafer sizes from 100mm to 300mm with deposition technologies covering conventional PVD through to MOCVD...

  • Sigma Metal Deposition Technologies

    Standard PVD – conventional sputter modules for low topography features

    Advanced Hi-Fill (AHF) PVD – ionized sputter source for deposition into high aspect ratio features

    C3M – Virtually conformal metal coverage using MOCVD technology for advanced liner/barrier


    Single wafer processing improves yields and on-wafer performance when compared to batch processing.

    Planar target with full face erosion, avoids re-sputtering, reduces particle contamination and improves target life

    Rapid target change (<5mins), with common magnetron, increases uptime

    Reliable handling of fragile, thinned or bowed wafers

    "Super Uniformity" option available for specialist applications

    Multi-wafer degas to increase throughput for long (low temp) degas applications

    Common software for 200mm and 300mm systems - ease of use

    Markets Served

    MEMS, Advanced Packaging, Power Semiconductors, LED Manufacturing, RF-IC

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