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Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
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B&R is Machine and Factory Automation division of ABB Group.

B&R is an innovative automation company with headquarters in Austria and offices all around the world. On July 6, 2017, B&R became a business unit of the ABB Group. As a global leader in industrial automation, B&R combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced engineering to provide customers in virtually every industry with complete solutions for machine and factory automation, motion control, HMI and integrated safety technology. With Industrial IoT communication standards like OPC UA, POWERLINK and openSAFETY as well as the powerful Automation Studio software development environment, B&R is constantly redefining the future of automation engineering. The innovative spirit that keeps B&R at the forefront of industrial automation is driven by a commitment to simplifying processes and exceeding customer expectations. For more information, visit www.br-automation.com.


  • X20 PLC & I/O System
    From compact PLCs to controllers with powerful Intel Atom processors, the X20 system covers the entire spectrum of performance requirements for industrial automation....

  • Programmable logic controllers

    -> With a performance range reaching all the way to Intel® Atom™ CPUs, the X20 system can handle all tasks large or small. This system is extremely compact and highly modular as a result of its unique "slice" system. Perfectly integrated fieldbus connections provide the highest degree of freedom for decentralized machine and system concepts.

    Slice-based I/O and control system

    -> There are many different slice-based I/O and control systems available on the market, but the X20 system from B&R is the only one that lives up to the motto "Perfection in Automation". With the aim for more simple, economical and secure usage, the X20 system is an universal solution for any automated task in machine and system manufacturing.

    3 x 1 = One and ultrafast

    -> With reACTION technology, time-critical subprocesses are executed with down to 1 μs directly on the I/O module. Three subcomponents - terminal block, electronics module and bus module - come together to form this module. This modularity results in a system that combines the advantages of both rack and I/O slice systems: Prewiring without the module, Hot pluggable electronics, Extra bus slots for added options

  • Industrial PC
    Automation PCs offer a powerful platform featuring the latest Intel Core i-series technology....

  • Industrial PCs from B&R are designed and built to meet industrial customers' demands for maximum robustness, reliability and long-term availability.


    -> Automation PC and Panel PC systems from B&R pack plenty of power. Using the latest technology, including the latest generation of Intel Core i-series processors. USB 3.0 interfaces provide the optimal connection for integrating machine vision systems. And there are the obvious cost advantages of replacing several weaker PCs with a single high -performance unit.

    Energy efficient

    -> Another advantage of the latest generation Core i-series and Atom technology is that it manages to significantly increase performance while lowering power consumption - delivering maximized energy efficiency and virtually eliminating the need for internal fans.


    -> The robust design of the Automation and Panel PCs is perfectly suited for operation in the harshest environments - even continuous 24 hour operation is no problem for these workhorses.


    -> Automation PCs can be adapted perfectly to each application's unique requirements. This starts by selecting the necessary processor performance and housing size from within the series and then scaling everything else - memory capacity and storage media such as CFast, HDD or SSD, for example - as needed.

    Long-term availability

    -> Both the Automation PCs and Panel PCs offer long-term availability. Once integrated into a machine, they require no additional maintenance from the machine builder. The machine enters series production and can continue to be manufactured for over a decade.

  • ACOPOS P3 - 3-axis servo drive
    The ACOPOS P3 is offered as a 1-, 2- or 3-axis drive and covers a power spectrum ranging from 0.6 to 24 kW, or 1.2 to 48 amps....

  • With the ACOPOS P3, B&R is setting new standards for motion control. This 3-axis servo drive offers a power density of 5 amps per liter, making it one of the most efficient servo drives with integrated safety functions on the market. It also tops the charts with regard to dynamics and precision with an impressive 50 μs sampling time for the entire controller cascade.

    Encoderless control

    -> The ability to use virtual position encoders eliminates the need for a position encoder, cable and evaluation unit in the servo drive while increasing availability at the same time.

    Maximum safety

    -> Thanks to machinery directives in the EU and similar legal regulations in other parts of the world, the safety functions used in automation components are becoming increasingly important. The ACOPOS P3 provides a whole range of safety functions that satisfy SIL 3 / PL e / Cat 4 requirements. The new Safely Limited Torque (SLT) function, for example, monitors a defined torque threshold for violations.

    Safety included

    -> Even the most basic automation system can be equipped with a full-fledged safety solution. The SafeLOGIC-X virtual safety controller runs on an ordinary PLC – giving B&R customers the reliability they have come to expect without requiring a dedicated safety controller.


    -> The ACOPOS P3 supports the world‘s most common power mains configurations, including TN, TT, IT and corner grounded TN-S systems. In some circumstances, only an additional line filter is needed to meet the necessary regulations. In addition, the ACOPOS P3 satisfies the machinery and equipment manufacturing requirements set forth in EN 55011, CISPR 11 and EN 61800-3(first environment, category C2).

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