SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o.

Czech Republic
  • Booth: C844

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We develop and manufacture batch horizontal and vertical diffusion furnaces as well as PECVD and LPCVD furnaces for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry and also for R&D institutes. Other products include various Ultra High Purity gas source systems like gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and custom production of gas manifolds. The heart of all SVCS devices is our own control system which is often used even for refurbishment of third party equipment.

Our 20 years of experience is built on a long history of the semiconductor industry in former Czechoslovakia. We cooperate with leading R&D laboratories, universities and science institutes to bring new products and new solutions because - Innovation makes the future.

Besides domestic market we have installations around the world, incl. Australia, EU, Hong Kong, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Taiwan, USA and Vietnam.



  • Horizontal Diffusion Furnace
    The SVCS atmospheric diffusion furnaces for high process performance offers multiple capability for full production system as well as high flexibility for small scale versions for research and pilot production....

  • Atmospheric Processes

    • Diffusion (drive-in) high temperature processes
    • Doping from solid, liquid and gaseous dopant sources e.g.: BBr₃, B2H6, POCL₃, PH₃, BN
    • Various thermal processing e.g. annealing, curing, sintering
    • Pyrogenic Wet Oxide with External Burning System
    • Wet Oxide with ultra pure steamer
    • Dry Oxide
    • HiPOx (High Pressure Oxide)
    • DCE or HCl optional for all processes


    Features and Benefits

    • State of the art modular control system, in-house designed, highly tailored and in-house manufactured
    • Top notch components always selected for excellent results and trouble free long life of the furnace equipment
    • Up to 4 stacked quartz or SiC tube reactor chambers for various procesess
    • Advanced water cooling tube level system no thermal interference between different tubes
    • Contactless fully automated boat-in-tube loading both cantilever or softloading configurations
    • Maintenance friendly mechanical design
  • Compact Tabletop Furnace
    Ideally suited for R&D laboratories and pilot production. Offers an outstanding flexibility and variety optional modules available to meet special and rather unique requirements of every customer....

  • Processes

    • Gas, liquid or solid-state source diffusion
    • Dry or Wet oxidation + Trans-LC
    • Annealing (forming gas or nitrogen)
    • Sintering
    • Polyimide baking/curing
    • Silicon Nitride
    • Poly-Si, α-Si
    • TEOS, HTO, LTO
    • Graphene, CNTs, Nanowires



    • Atmospheric or Vacuum design
    • Small footprint
    • Low power consumption
    • Easy operation and maintenance
    • Heating element with 1 or 3 temperature zones, max.  temperature up to 1300°C
    • Modern modular proprietary control system
    • Up to 8 gas lines and 2 liquid sources
    • Independent hardware safety interlocks
    • Integration of vacuum pump systems in cooperation with leading pump manufacturers
  • Vertical Furnace
    SVCS Vertical Thermal Reactor for mass and R&D production. Designed for all standard atmospheric and LPCVD processes. The single tube set-up with dual boat logistics is optimized for minimum down time as well as low maintenance costs....

  • Processes

    • Annealing
    • Diffusion
    • Wet and Dry oxidation
    • LPCVD



    • Automatic wafer handling system for loading wafers from SMIF or FOUP closed pods
    • Special automatic loading system by SVCS which allows loading wafers from open cassettes and provides an exceptionally small footprint
    • Quartz, SiC or mono-Si boats can be used
    • State of the art modular control system, inhouse designed, highly tailored and inhouse manufactured
    • Top notch components always selected for excelent results and trouble free long life of the furnace equipment
    • Integration of vacuum pump system in cooperation with leading vacuum pump manufacturers
    • Process temperature 200 °C  –  1230 °C, ± 0.5 °C across flat zone
  • Gas Cabinet
    Ultra High Purity tailored gas panels and gas systems for various wafer production technologies, as well as for various R&D customized panels....

  • Specifications

    • Orbital welded gas panels, manufactured and assembled in the class 10/100 Cleanroom
    • Tubing, fittings, valves, pressure regulators, filters, flow devices and MFCs with either metal face or butt weld connections, surface roughness Ra max 10 µinch or better
    • 100 % helium leak test and functional test of all individual components prior to welding and panel assembly
    • Helium leak test after welding and panel assembly
    • Very low internal volume of the gas panel achieved by using special miniature weld heads
    • Compact internal vacuum generator for cycle purging


    • Features
    • Fully automatic control system with TouchScreen display
    • Automatic cycle purging
    • Cylinder pressure or cylinder weight monitoring
    • Pressure transducer for output pressure monitoring
    • Excess flow switch
    • Programmable cylinder pressure or weight limits for automatic changeover
    • External digital inputs and outputs
    • Multiple level password protection for various operation modes
    • Ethernet interface for LAN connection
  • Plasma ALD reactor
    SVCS plasma activated ALD system for very low temperature depositions...

  • Features

    • MW plasma by 3 surfatrons
    • ECWR plasma by conical shape SS electrode
    • Substrate holder rotatable with adjustable height 0-100mm
    • Loadlock automation
    • Atomic layer etching

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