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PMI GROUP 成立於1990年。它是滾珠絲槓,精密滾珠絲槓花鍵,直線導軌,滾珠花鍵, 執行器和交叉滾子軸承的重要生產部門,是精密機械的關鍵部件,主要應用於機床,電火花加工機,切割線機,注塑機,半導體設備,精密定向設備及其他設備和機器。

近年來,PMI集團非常重視不僅提高產品的製造和質量,還提高人力。除遵守質量管理體系的要求外,PMI集團還積極實施符合法規的“ RoHS綠色環保體系”和環保管理體系,以實現無污染的工作場所。


  • Precision Ball Screw Spline PBSA Series
    The Precision Ball Screw Spline contains Ball Screw grooves and Ball Spline grooves that cross each other on a single shaft. The Precision Ball Screw Spline nut has a special designed support bearing directly set up on the outer ring of the nuts....

  • High Positioning Accuracy
    The Ball Spline groove profile is designed Gothic arch. By applied preload, the backlash in the rotational direction is eliminated therefore having higher positioning accuracy.  
    Lightweight and Compact
    Spline nut and the support bearing is integration structure. The Spline nut is designed lightweight. Therefore, the highly accurate and compact design is achieved.
    Simple Installation
    The balls recirculation in ball holder, prevent balls falling   the spline nut while assembling.
    Support Bearing
    The support bearing of the Ball Screw is designed a contact angle of 45°, thus it has higher axial rigidity, while Ball Spline has a contact angle of 45°, thus it has the average force of axial and radial direction.
    Smooth Motion and
    Lower Noise
    As the Ball Screw is adapting end cap recirculation structure, thus can be smooth motion with lower noise.  
    SCARA robot, Assembly robot, Automatic loader, and Machining centers, ATC equipment.
  • Actuator-KL series
    KM series consist of linear guideway unit and ballscrew unit. For saving space, PMI combine the carriage of linear guideway and nut of ballscrew to a integral Carriage-Nut....

  • Four Directional Equal Load
    KM series are applied two rows with Gothic-arch groove and designed to contact angle of 45°which enables it to carry an equal load in radial, reversed radial and lateral directions to suit to any mounting orientation.Saving Space Combine the carriage of linear guideway and nut of ballscrew to a carriage-nut, KM series can achieve the best use of space.
    High Rigidity 
    Base on the optimal analysis of FEM for the shape of U rail, it has the balance between light 
    weight and high rigidity.
    High Accuracy
    The design of two rows with Gothic-arch groove and stable manufacturing technology can control  the  variation  by  load  at  the  minimum.  It  can  provide  the  smooth  feed  with  high 
  • Cross Roller Bearing
    To solve the problem of reducing the mechanism which use one bearing to replace two bearing solution. ...

  • *High Accuracy
    PMI offers precision cross roller bearing in the  P2,  P4,  P5,  P6  and  P0  grades  that  to satisfy the needs of customers for precision equipment. The bearings produced by the test  are  classified  that  according  to  the accuracy of the ISO standard.
    *High Rigidity、High Load Capacity
    Rollers  crossed  at  right  angles  between inner and outer rings , the roller and groove contact area compare with ball bearings is bigger and contributing to miniaturization and increase load capacity and rigidity.
    *Save Space
    Traditional Ball bearing combination space larger   than   Cross   roller   bearing   about 1.5~2times,  reduce  the  design  space  and miniaturization. 
    *Specifcation Diversifcation
    Bore diameter 20mm to 110mm available for  ion.
    *Crowning Rollers
    The rollers designed crowning curve that to avoid stress concentrate at both ends of the roller for the reason that it is maximum stress value of the roller can be reduced and the loading is relatively average, so improve the life of cross roller bearing.

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These companies provide legitimate exhibition guides aimed at exhibitors across the globe offering online listing services. They use a form which resembles and organizer's free catalogue listing service, inviting exhibitors to complete the form for an entry in an on-line directory. Unsuspecting exhibitors who sign and return the form are then contracted into a three-year, non-retractable agreement, which could cost the exhibitor a significant amount of money, with very limited foreseeable benefits. The details are often available on the form itself, but are often too small and insignificant to be noticed. It is always wise to really the small print before signing a contract, and if the information is impossible to read then the contract should not be signed. These publications have no connection with SEMI or any of our events, and it is important that all companies are made aware of this. 

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