TSC Inc.

Hwaseong-si,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: B322

TSC pursues the world best part maker.

The Overview
TSC(Technical Solution Company located in South Korea) pursues the world best part maker. By continuous effort to produce display parts, repair and self-develop products. TSC executives and staff members have been making steady progress toward our goal, which is to achieve the world best component business based on creativity and challenge and cooperation.

The History
2017 RoHS and REACH Certification
2016 IP STAR COMPANY Certification
2015 Business market expansion (US) & UL Certification
2014 Business market expansion (China, Japan, other Asian countries) / ISO 14001 Certification
2012 Transferred to Incorporated Company
2011 Vendor List   Samsung Semiconductor Co. Ltd and Austin Semiconductor US / Obtained CE Certification
2009 Established new manufacturing lines for heater Jacket.
2007 Vendor List   SK Hynix
2006 Venture Capital Company Registration / ISO9001 Certification
                          / Patent Acquisition for CMP PAD  CONDITIONER
2004 Established TSC
General Information
President / CEO : Oh-Su, Kim
No of employees : 60(At present)
Products : Heater Jacket, CMP Solution, System Controller, Repair Service.


  • TPH(PTFE Fabric) Heater Jacket
    It is made PTFE material and used at various vacuum lines and gas lines in semiconductor and display industried. Especially it is fit for pipe lines complicated and difficult to fabricate with silicone material heater jacket....

  • - Product Detail
    ● 100% PTFE material : strong chemical resistance
    ● Wide use temperature range (40℃~250℃)
       Excellent Heat conduction and effectiveness, usable in high temperature areas over 200℃
    ● The best temperature uniformity
    ● Application : Semiconductor, LCD, Solar Equipment
  • TPOH(Polymide) Heater Jacket
    TSC invented TPOH(Polymide) first. It has various good things, compared to the existing heater jackets. Especially it is harmless to humans and eco-friendly....

  • ● Price competiveness
    ● 100% polymide material : harmless
    ● No particles such as harmful substances
    ● Power and fragments   materials
    ● Ultra-light (40% lighter than existing H/J)
    ● Easy installation
    ● Wide use temperature range (40℃~250℃)
    ● Application : Fore-lines, Scrubber lines, Semiconductor, LCD, Solar Equipment
  • CMP Vision System(RSDS-100)
    This system is used for detecting scratches occurred by the impurities during the CMP process....

  • ● Purpose
         -. This system’s purpose is to detect Arc type scratches during CMP processing.
    ● Source of Arc type scratches
         -. Wafer edge lifting
         -. The Robot Arm or the wafer broken due to the external shocking factor
         -. Etc…
    ●  Preventing Arc type scratches
         -. This system alarms at the first sign of any Arc type scratch within the retainer ring,
             indicating tool for PM evaluation.
    ● Expectancy effect
    It can detect scratch defects in advance so that you can prevent dozens or hundreds of wafer defects

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