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Korea (South)
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  • FOUP Cleaner
    Equipment that cleans FOUP (Front Open Unified Pod), a container for semiconductor warpers, removes foreign substances such as metal and ion and minimizes moisture....

  • Production models include NFC300 (Normal Type), VFC301, 300 (Vacuum Chamber Type), and VFC310 (OUP Inspection System)

    ⓐ Separate cleaning of FOUP Body and FOUP Cover (worlds only)
    ⓑ Offers the smallest layout of the competition. Same Lay-out 2,140 x 3,290 x 3,160(mm) between models
    ⓒ Through-put advantage over competitors (based on Model VFC301)
    ⓓ Fit N₂ Purge and Leak Check System to detect FOUP Leak early and minimize humidity.
    ⓔ Good data for components such as Ion, Metal, Organic Components, LPC (Liquid Particle Count)
    ⓕ Meet high-level customer requirements (Error rate of 0.31/month/Eq.)

  • FOUP Inspection System
    Inspect front Open Unified Pod (FOUP) for Dimension, Broken, Crack, and Contamination. Production products are combined with FOUP Cleaner and stand alone....

  • The purpose of the FOUP Inspection System is to inspect the appearance and interior of the FOUP for Broken, Crack, Wafer powder residue, damage, deformation, etc. to prevent any defect in the Wafer due to defective FOUP in advance.
    Detailed inspection items are shown below.
     ⓐ FOUP Inside : Wafer Removed / Slot Pitch, Width / Damage, Pieces of Broken Wafer
     ⓑ FOUP Door : Retainer Tips Damage, Pitch / Gasket Damage, Position
     ⓒ FOUP Top : Handling Flange Missing Screw / Handling Flange Damage
     ⓓ FOUP Bottom : Missing Screw / Broken, Crack, Damage
     ⓔ FOUP Side : Handle Damage / Fixed Latch Damage
  • Wafer Sorter
    This equipment is used for Dumping, Sorting, Split, Merge, etc. to prevent Wafer Broken, Scratch, etc. by the operators Handling Mistake and to increase productivity in response to OHT automation. 150 to 300mm Wafer response and 2 to 8 Port configuration....

  • Various configurations (Wafer Size, FOUP, FOSB, Cassette, Port Quantity, Robot & Hand type, Align, OCR, etc.) are available for user requests, and they offer full & Semi Automation full response, high productivity, and easy maintenance.
     ⓐ 1 Axis Robot minimizes movement behavior, so there is no noise than the X-axis rail method, and there is an advantage in Particle Management.
     ⓑ Robot Hand Tilt Sensor allows you to monitor changes in the Robot Hand in numbers that may occur during long-term use.
     ⓒ Install the FOUP cap sensor on the Load port to double check the cap closure condition to prevent FOUP cap   when moving the OHT.
     ⓓ Install Auto Safety Bar and 8 Chanel CCD Camera to facilitate worker convenience and improve system monitor level.
  • EFEM (Equipment Front End Module)
    This device is attached to the main equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing. It supplies the main equipment with a wafer....

  • The device consists of a fully integrated, integrated system for high reliability and productivity with the main equipment, providing easy operation and maintenance.

    It can respond to the configuration of the number of ports, whether Aligner or OCR is installed upon request of the main equipment. By developing and supplying its own software, it features complete compatibility with main equipment, full automation response, and easy maintenance management. As a company that develops and produces Wafer Sorter, it has many advantages in responding to main equipment.

  • PE-CVD(Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)
    PE-CVD란(Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)의 약자로 Plasma를 이용하여 박막을 증착시키는 공정입니다. EFEM 1Set + TM 1Set + PM Max 4Set 으로 구성되어 있습니다....

  • High Throughput & Short In-suit Cleaning

     : High Dep. Rate, More Warm Wall(Ceramic Bowl) Structure

    Easy Equipment Management and Low COO

     : Inner Chamber Volume Minimization, Silple Structure

    Process : SiCN, SiN

    SEMI Standard Compliance & Fully Integrated System

    Easy Operating & GUI

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