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We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our customers who have continually supported KSMC. For the last 14 years, we have been providing reliable supply of high quality products (metal bellows, magnetic fluid seal, Kalrez O-ring as well as sub-assemblies and heaters) to the semiconductor and flat panel display industries.
Through continuous advancements in research and development, we have grown to become a global company in sealing and heater solutions by meeting the challenging needs of our customers.
We regard customer satisfaction as the highest priority under our mission statement of "We are committed to provide perfect quality and service exceeding customer’s expectation through continuous improvement."
Based on transparent management, effective investment, and creative innovation, we are committed to making every effort to grow as a strong and agile company. We humbly request your continued support and interest in our mission.
Thank you.

 Press Releases

  • Releases innovations in semiconductor display parts and components technology
    [Semicon Korea 2019 Exhibitor]

    KSM metal bellows product line.

    KSM Group participated in Semicon Korea 2019 to exhibit innovative semiconductor equipment parts and components. Among the affiliates, KSM exhibited Metal Bellows, KSM Component exhibited heater parts, and Korea Seal Master exhibited Mechanical Seal.

    The metal bellows, which is the main source of sales of KSM Group, refers to a structure formed by forming and welding a thin sheet of 0.05mm thickness into a flexible corrugated tube. This structure is used to keep both the inside and outside of the semiconductor equipment in a vacuum sealed state. Since the semiconductor wafer is moved and processed in the equipment, metal bellows are required to distinguish between the atmospheric state and the vacuum state.

    The metal bellows should be able to move, compress, and stretch, and be used for more than one million cycles in high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments. KSM metal bellows is a part that global semiconductor equipment companies compete to get their hands on. Korean equipment parts companies rarely have a U.S. subsidiary and factories; KSM does.

    "KSM has the worlds largest market share in the metal bellows market," said Jeong-il Kim, Executive Director of KSM. "With our proprietary automated welding robot technology, we can produce more high-quality and high-durability products than any other metal bellows company in the world,” he emphasized.

    The heater is the new growth engine of the KSM group. This product is used as a key component of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and etching process equipment among semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The heater must be able to heat uniformly over the entire wafer area while maintaining direct contact with the silicon wafer and maintaining a minimum temperature deviation. KSM Component brazes or welds the metal with an automated system. In the case of welding, thermal deformation is small because it utilizes E beams. High productivity is the greatest competitive advantage. The development period is shortened to two weeks so that it can respond quickly to customer requests.

    Korean Seal Master presented Kalrez O-ring, a sealing product. Kalrez is made of high fluorine content and thus has higher chemical and thermal resistance than existing materials. It is applied to semiconductor and display vacuum equipment.

    저작권자 ⓒ THE ELEC, Korea Electronics Industry Media 무단전재 및 재배포 금지

    출처 : THE ELEC, Korea Electronics Industry Media(http://en.thelec.kr)


  • Metal Bellows

  • - Maintain inner / outer sealing
    - Capability of compression and tension along with part’s movement
    - Long life-cycle in high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environment
    - Widely used in high-tech industries such as semiconductor and display equipment, aerospace, medical and automobile
  • DuPont Kalrez O-Ring

  • Kalrez perfluoroelastomer parts have been used successfully in highly aggressive sealing environments for over 30 years. Kalrez parts combine the resilience and sealing force characteristics of an elastomer with the chemical inertness and thermal stability of DuPont Teflon fluoropolymer resin. DuPont offers molded O-rings and custom seals using a series of specialty products and ultrapure processing for the semiconductor industry. Kalrez parts have excellent chemical and thermal stability and have been specially formulated and processed to meet the unique requirements of wafer processing environments.
  • Magnetic Fluid Seal

  • - Magnetic Fluid seal is a sealing device forming a fluid O-ring using magnetic fluids and binding it to a magnetic field
    - Magnetic Fluid seal enables sealing of rotation axes completely, such as transferring rotary motion into a vacuum chamber
    - Used in semiconductor equipment and vacuum robot in display, wafer and panel of LCD/OLED handler, ingot grower in photovoltaics

  • - Main component of SEMI equipment for CVD, Etch process in semiconductor wafer manufacturing process
    - Core technology is to provide consistent heat across silicon wafer surface upon contact with heater

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