Mitutoyo Korea Corporation

Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: C332

Mitutoyo is the world's leading manufacturer of precision measuring equipment, offering a wide range of products from micrometers, calipers and dial gauges to hardness testers, vision/optic measuring systems and 3D coordinate measuring machines and smart factory solutions.

World No.1 comprehensive length/inspection measuring machine manufacturer, Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo is growing every years based on measuring solutions and products so called mother technology; essential technology in manufacturing industries. “Industry 4.0” that great wave of innovation in our technology brings a whole new phase of technology. Factories and manufacturing industries need highly intensified precision measurement solutions.

The challenge of Mitutoyo is not only “measure” it self but to create future solution for our customers. From developing perfect Inspection environments, production line improvement through core technologies and to none stop factories through utilize measuring data, Mitutoyo goes one step forwards from your needs.   


  • Shop-floor Type CNC CMM "MiSTAR 555"
    MiSTAR 555 is a CNC coordinate measuring machine conceived to be a "measuring machine for any environment". Wide accuracy-guaranteed temperature range, environment-resistant absolute scale, and all-in-one space saving design....

    • Measuring range(XYZ): 570×500×500 mm
    • Guide method: Linear guide on each axis
    • Drive speed: Each axis 5~350 mm/s (CNC mode, Mode selector switch is AUTO)
    • Drive acceleration: Each axis 1566 mm/s2 (Max. combined acceleration 2695 mm/s2)
    • Length measuring methoed: Linear encoder
    • Length measurement error: 2.2+3.0L/1000 μm (E0,MPE, 18~22℃, PH6M+SP25M)
  • Non-contact Laser Probe-equipped VMM "QV HYBRID"
    This comples systme with a non-contact displacement sensor has a scanning function that enables measurement of minute height differences and 3D shapes. The non-contact displacement sensor(CPS probe) uses the wavelength confocal method....

  • STREAM fucntion of the QV Series synchronizes main unit operation with the strobe of the camera used for
    measuring and thus enables high-speed measurement to enhance the productivity of semiconductor manufacturing.
    For example, the stage keeps moving without stopping while the system measures many pores on the showerhead to check for dimensional erros or foreign substances, which can significantly reduce the takt time.

    • Measuring ragne: vision 600×650×250 mm / displacement sensor 476×650×250 mm
    • Resolution of scale: 0.1 μm
    • Vision measuring accuracy(E1X, E1Y): (1.5+3L/1000) μm
    • Displacement sensor measuring accuracy(E1Z): (1.5+4L/1000) μm
  • Form measuring system "SV-C4500CNC HYBRID"
    This system is equipped with a chromatic confocal non-contact point sensor (CPS). It is also a flexible CNC form measuring system that allows contact measurement simply by removing the CPS sensor and mouting a conventional stylus type probe in its place....

  • Non-contact Measurement Advantages

    • Allows measurement without scratching the workpiece surface.
    • Allows measurement of soft materials and thin, easily deformed parts.
    • Allows measurement of abrasive workpieces without concern for stylus wear.

    Features of the CPS sensor

    • High performance for inclination tracking (CPS2525: Diffusing surface inclined up to ±80°)
    • Measurement little sensitive to a variation in reflectance on a workpiece with the auto-brightness control function (using white LEDs)
    • Improvement in total throughput thanks to high speed of measurement
  • Data Wireless Communication System "U-WAVE"
    This is a system that transmits data from Mitutoyo Digital gages to software(Excel, Notepad) via wireless communication. It saves time and eliminates misinput, helps achieve cost reductions and better efficiency while maintaining excellent operability....

  • Advantages of Introducing U-WAVE

    • Higher Efficiency: Data can be input by single button operation. Since there is no need for manual input misinput does not occu. Efficiency is greatly improved.
    • Centralized Data Management: Measurement data can be managed centrally. "Visualization of quality" helps prevent the generation of defective products.
    • Cos Redution Effect: Easily connected to the Digimatic gage currently in use. A system configuration reducing the initial and running cost is possible.

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