Linkgenesis Co., Ltd.

Gyeonggi-do,  Anyang-si 
Korea (South)
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Smart factory specialized company LINKGENESIS.

We are Linkgenesis, a company that creates values   information & Communication technology.

Linkgenesis was founded on December in 2003 and has steadily grown as a professional ICT service(Information Automation System and Software Test Automation) expert group based on its professional experiences   various projects. 

Linkgenesis has made a constant effort to take competitive advantages and proactively cope with rapid changes in IT environment and the collective efforts of Linkgenesis will be continued until we become a world best company with best of breed technologies, advanced technology development and high quality service.

 Press Releases

  • Linkgenesis Co., Ltd. (CEO Sung-woo Jung) will be held at the Changwon Convention Center (CECO) for 4 days   October 29 to October 29 (Tue) to November 1 (Fri). And manufacturing and manufacturing technology exhibition ”), and introduced various smart factory software.

    Linkgenisys uses SECS communication SW, the international standard communication standard of semiconductor and display equipment for the first time in Korea, and develops and supplies various software related to smart factory to large companies.
    It is the first commercialized and proven automation solution optimized for system verification and is being supplied to the automotive, semiconductor, and defense industries.
    In 2016, the company is continuously investing in AI development and actively applying it to business areas.

    In particular, LinkGenis Smart Factory provides all technologies and solutions necessary for Smart Factory, including production equipment communication, integrated facility monitoring, information collection and transmission technology. LinkGenis boasts the best technology in system verification, including automotive, mobile, embedded and loT devices.

  • [2H2019 Best] From Semiconductors to Agricultural Products… LinkGenesis, AI Inspection Solution VDL

    As consumer expectations for product quality are rising, so does the need for product inspection solutions using artificial intelligence (AI). Linkgenis AI-based image inspection solution VDL is attracting attention in the industry for its high accuracy and high speed.

    VDL is software that shoots a product to be inspected and then detects defects using AI. It is more accurate than human inspection and can carry out strict inspection. The inspection speed is also fast and can be operated for a long time, which greatly increases the production efficiency. Another advantage is that it has a graphical interface (GUI) for easy operation by non-experts.

    VDL proved its accuracy and efficiency with the company As inspection solution, which manufactures semiconductor polishing components. A link-genesis official said, "Semiconductor-related companies must go through a strict inspection of defects."

    Another advantage is that the solution can be applied to various finished products. If a product or inspection item is modified, it can be applied not only to semiconductors but also to agricultural product classification and inspection. The official said, "It can be used in any factory that makes finished products." Its easy to change the inspection by launching a new product, as the revision process is not complicated.

    Linkgenis plans to supply VDL optimized to various fields in line with the governments plan to supply smart factories. The official said, "Inquiries about PoC are being increased by companies introducing smart factories," he said. "We will focus on manufacturing companies promoting smart factories."


  • XComPRO
    We develop XComPRO SECS driver that conforms to SECS * standard for semiconductor and flat panel display production facilities, so that production equipment companies can efficiently develop automation systems....

  • Enhance security (Restrict log per message such as RECEIPE)

      - Header Only log function for a specific message
      - Support setting parameter change during execution

    ActiveX based OCX support (Add DLL support)

    SECS-I and HSMS-SS support simultaneously

    Support for various development tools (Visual C ++, Visual Basic, C #, Delphi, etc.)

    Timeout check and message resend function

    Various operation log management (Binary, SECS-II, Event, Alarm, etc.)

    Provide convenient development tool (Configuration / test simulator)

    64-bit API support

    Provide log viewer

  • XGemPRO/XGem300PRO
    We have developed the XGem GEM driver that meets the GEM standard, the operating standard for semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment, to help production equipment companies develop automated systems efficiently....

  • [XGemPRO]

    - Verified SECS communication (using XCom SECS driver)
    - ActiveX based OCX form
    - Support for various development tools (Visual C ++, Visual Basic, C #, Delphi, etc.)
    - Automatic configuration and processing of SECS messages used by GEM
    - Automatic generation of default data for use in GEM scenarios
    - Available after registering custom message


    - XGemPRO based
    - GEM automatically configures and processes 300mm SECS messages
    - GEM automatically generates default data for 300mm scenarios

  • VDL(Visual Deep Learning)
    VDL is a deep learning based image / video analysis solution. Provide fast and accurate analysis of your analytes. In addition, various algorithms and convenient development tools are provided for AI learning, making it easy to build customized systems....

  • [Convenient learning and flexible awareness]
     - Application of various network models according to accuracy and recognition performance
     - Setting the recognition area by simple operation
     - Recognition using camera and image file

    [High accuracy]
     - Provides high recognition rate and accuracy by applying industry-based deep learning

    [Easy data expansion]
     - Provide various filters for expanding the training data

    [Ease of Use and Application]
     - Easy to use by non-expert using GUI based development tool
     - Support various development tools (DLL, OCX)

  • 실시간 모니터링 솔루션 XRTM & XEI
    Linkgenesiss monitoring solution helps to maximize the equipment utilization rate by identifying the equipment operation status in the plant in real time and responding immediately to any problems. ...

  • The customized solution allows flexible application according to the type and quantity of facilities and the construction environment.

    Customized solution
    Easily add facility data and events
    Intuitive monitoring screen
    Easy management of monitoring items
    Unattended grasp statistics and alarms

    Data transmission and reception using stable SECS communication
    Can be linked with N units
    Individual management of interlocked facilities
    Provide log for each facility
    Link with Flexible Host System

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