NvisANA Co., Ltd.

Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do,  PA 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: C624

Founded in 2010, NvisANA has developed a device that enables real-time in-line monitoring of trace amounts of metallic contamination which is optically undetectable on the world's first and only semiconductor wafer. We will supply equipment that can detect organic matter and ions in the future.

As semiconductor process represented by yield and reliability progressed to design rule shrink of less than 20nm, the contamination that was overlooked in the previous generation devices and began to directly affect device performance production yield and device reliability.

The defect management paradigm for improving the yield has been extended to the 'non-visual' in unison with 'visual' paradigms used in the past , as a result, design rule shrinking is increasing the importance of yield management through contamination monitoring in FAB.

Based on the core competence of semiconductor wafer pollution monitoring technology, NvisANA has grown to become a total solution provider that provides contamination monitoring technology to not only semiconductor fabs but also display and materials fields. Technology development and innovation will continue.


  • NvA-MW300 Series
    In-Line Wafer Metallic Contamination Monitoring System...

  • NvA-MW300 is a world first in-line wafer metallic non-visual defect detection system to prevent yield drop or wafer scraps by metal contamination in the semiconductor manufacturing Fabs.

    It is a standalone and fully automated system with a built-in VPD and an integrated ICP-MS. And it supports FA and Host communication and it has its own auto calibration function and safety features for the in-line use not only Q-Labs application.

  • NvA-MC3000 Series
    An Automatic Gas/Chemical Metallic Impurity Monitoring System...

  • MC3000 is a metallic impurity monitoring system for chemicals for material manufacturing companies and semiconductor manufacturing Fabs. It consists of a Central Analysis Unit and multiple Satellite Sampling Units.

    A SSU is connected to chemical storage tanks at CCSS or pipes supplying process chemicals to process tools, and takes and delivers sample to the CAU.

    It is a fully automated and FA compatible system with auto calibration, auto dilution and safety features for the in-line use not only Q-Labs application.

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