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There is always more to see. And when you’re working with electron microscopy, the closer you can get to your sample, the more of its secrets it will reveal.

That’s why at Gatan we have spent the last 50 years working with our customers to push the boundaries of what can be done with electron microscopy. Together, we have invented new approaches to problems that deliver fresh understanding.

With state of the art cameras, imaging energy filters, specimen preparation equipment and other EM products and solutions, we take the most powerful microscopy on earth and make it work even harder for you.

Gatan. Let’s get closer. 


  • Solarus II Plasma Cleaner
    The next-generation plasma tool to remove hydrocarbon contamination from TEM and SEM samples and holders....


    This system is ideal for researchers who want to reproducibly remove organic surface contaminants in a safe, efficient manner.

    • Integrated holder bakeout and storage: Reduces tool footprint and cost of ownership
    • Enhanced user interface: Use preoptimized recipes for consistent results; as well as guided workflows to ensure proper operation when venting and evacuating the chamber
    • Low-power operation (2 W): Gently clean delicate samples (e.g., holey carbon grids); as well as prepare hydrophilic surfaces on carbon grids for cryo-electron microscopy
    • New system, same great performance: Remove hydrocarbons on TEM and SEM samples that may impact analysis
  • PECS II System
    Broad argon ion beam system designed to polish and coat samples for SEM imaging and analytical techniques....


    Fully automated argon ion polishing system suitable for preparation of SEM samples to prepare damage free surfaces, cross sections and deposit coatings to protect or eliminate charging.

    • Polish, etch or coat samples with a single pump down
    • Etch at voltages as low as 100 V for rapid and damage free preparation of sample surfaces 
    • Permit samples as large as 32 mm in diameter
    • Transfer samples from the PECS™ II instrument to a SEM/FIB or glovebox without exposure to air (optional)
    • Store and analyze image in DigitalMicrograph® software from Gatan for digital optical imaging
    • Display and control all PECS II parameters using integrated 10-inch color touch screen
  • Stela Hybrid-Pixel Camera
    The only fully integrated hybrid-pixel electron detector with the Gatan Microscopy Suite software for advanced electron diffraction studies....


    Introducing Stela™ – the only fully integrated hybrid-pixel electron detector with the Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) software for advanced electron diffraction studies. It utilizes the DECTRIS hybrid-pixel electron technology that employs electron counting to minimize noise and uses on-the-fly digitization for the highest dynamic range.

    One platform, many solutions

    • Industry-leading GMS software: Seamlessly integrates diffraction imaging and 4D STEM with hybrid-pixel electron detection
    • Quickly turns subtle observations into bright insights: Analyze and assess results in minutes to optimize the experiment and collect the best 4D STEM dataset possible

    Diffraction uncompromised

    • Exceptional-dynamic range for 4D STEM: Captures weak and intense reflections to enable advanced diffraction studies
    • Acquires a 4D cube at >16,000 pixels/s: 
      • Reduces specimen drift and damage
      • Covers large sample areas in less time
    • Optimized for imaging at low kV: Ideal for materials that require diffraction studies at <80 kV
  • OneView Camera
    Winner of the 2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award. The ONE camera to capture 16 MP images and video in all your TEM applications....

    • Extends 4k x 4k camera leadership for imaging and in-situ data capture
    • Always have a “live” experience with 25 fps at full 4k x 4k resolution, no compromise to resolution between viewing and recording images
    • Guarantee optimal image quality with real-time drift correction and outlier removal using in-line data processing
    • Detect single electrons with highest signal-to-noise ratio using the most sensitive scintillator and fiber optics available
    • Extend the dynamic range beyond 16-bits, no beam stop required
    • Increase productivity, even for novice users, with intuitive, built-in workflows to support and optimize recording modes
    • Available as the primary camera for TEMs manufactured by FEI*, Hitachi High Technologies, and JEOL

    In-situ option

    • Flexibly trade-off resolution against frame rate—from 4096 x 4096 pixels at 25 fps to 512 x 512 pixels at 300 fps, always at 100% duty cycle
    • Video buffer allows you to capture only the video you want; with post-event triggering with LookBack feature
    • Never miss the start of an in-situ reaction again
    • Tailor videos to your unique applications with powerful post-processing tools
  • Monarc CL Detector
    Redefining what’s possible with SEM-based cathodoluminescence....

    Built upon a groundbreaking optical design, Monarc dramatically boosts sensitivity and spectral resolution, empowering the most complete cathodoluminescence (CL) analysis to date with unique wavelength- and angle-resolved capabilities. This true next generation CL detector now provides brand new insights in the most demanding applications in nanophotonics, optoelectronics, and geosciences.

    Fastest time to the best data

    • Acquire CL data with unmatched spatial (<10 nm), angular (1°), and wavelength (0.1 nm) resolutions
    • Simultaneously capture angle- and wavelength-resolved CL data
    • Collect hyperspectral data up to 30 times faster than other CL detectors
    Easy operation for all users
    • Guarantee optimal results with fully automated alignment and recipe-driven operation
    • Permanently aligned optics deliver reproducible results across the short- and long-term
    • Utilize the largest field of view to increase the data throughput and simplify user workflows

    Most accurate correlation with other signals

    • Detect multiple signals simultaneously for correlated imaging of physical properties and composition with CL data
    • No compromises – Make full use of the in-lens SEM detectors during CL measurements


    • Angle-resolved (ARCL): Understand how light and matter interact far below the optical diffraction limit – Provides a 400x larger field of view than other CL detectors with virtually no loss in resolution (patent pending)
    • Wavelength- and angle-resolved (WARCL): Visualize how light and matter interact across multiple viewing angles and wavelengths at full resolution – What was impossible or highly impractical, is now routine with Monarc’s unique optical design
    • Polarization filtering: Determine the emission polarization properties of deep sub-wavelength structures like optical nanoantenna, nano-cavities, and photonic crystals
  • GIF Continuum K3 System
    Electron counting for all your EELS, EFTEM, and energy-filtered 4D STEM applications....


    The GIF Continuum® K3® series employs the revolutionary K3 direct detection counting detector for the highest fidelity electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) data possible. Powered by the DigitalMicrograph® and AutoFilter® platforms, the GIF Continuum K3 is simple to operate without sacrificing any of the power or flexibility needed for modern experiments. Pair the K3 with an optional scintillator detector or the Stela™ hybrid-pixel camera for the most versatile system available.

    Ideal for low-dose imaging applications and spectroscopy with CountedEELS modes

    • High sensitivity, large pixel count of the K3 detector is optimal for low-dose imaging and in-situ studies
    • Resolves atomic structures with high fidelity even at low intensities (80 – 300 kV)
    • Delivers the sharpest edges over the broadest energy range
    • DualEELS ensures you have both low- and core-loss that are key for modern EELS quantification

    Extend electron counting to low kV with Stela

    • Extends CountedEELS and EFTEM below 80 kV
    • Optimal for energy-filtered diffraction, micro-ED, and 4D STEM
    • Captures weak and intense reflections with the highest dynamic range

    Productivity that you expect with full DigitalMicrograph integration

    • One-button tuning and alignment on all detectors
    • Flexible yet straightforward STEM-EELS spectrum imaging with Live Mapping
    • One-stop analysis platform for all TEM/STEM applications reduces training time and cost
    • Powerful, multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization tools allow users to delve into and explore complex data sets effortlessly
    • Native support for DigitalMicrograph scripting and Python programming to customize your analysis

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