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Korea (South)
  • Booth: A644

Sensors, Controllers, Motion Devices, Safety

Autonics is a globally trusted provider of industrial automation solutions from South Korea
Autonics is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. We develop and manufacture a wide range of automation products which are marketed worldwide. Our core products include various sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring equipment, laser marking systems, connection equipment and more. Our products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and our technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices.
With 12 international offices in South Korea, China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Autonics is able to provide comprehensive automation solutions for our customers across the globe. By continuing to offer top quality automation products and services, we hope to accomplish our mission, which is to enrich the quality of human lives by delivering new values that will make the world more convenient.

 Press Releases

  • Autonics Corporation will be participating in this year’s SEMICON Korea 2022, one of the biggest exhibitions in the Korean semiconductor industry. The exhibition will be held at COEX exhibition center in Seoul from Wednesday, February 9th to Friday, February 11th. (Autonics Stand: Hall A, Stand A644)

    Various Korean-Made Products for the Korean Semiconductor Industry

    In this event, Autonics will showcase a diverse line-up of products for the semiconductor industry, including: photomicro sensors (BS3, BS4, BS5, BS5-P), displacement sensors (BD), temperature controllers (TN), power controllers (SPR1, SPR3, SPRM), HMI (GP, LP), and industrial PC (APC). The products will be on display using fully operational demo-kits, so that users can experience actual performance, and our sales experts will perform individual 1 on 1 consulting for visiting clients.

    Autonics Will Showcase New High-End Products

    Autonics also plans to showcase high-end products including: total safety products (safety light curtains, safety controllers, safety switches), closed loop stepper motor system with integrated controllers (AiC-EC, AiCA-EC), remote I/O boxes I/O-Link master (ADIO), global-shutter method smart cameras with 14 inspection functions (VC), and accurate detection laser scanners (LSC). Products have been recently released or slated for release during the first half of 2022.

    Exhibition Overview:

    Date: Wed, Feb 9 – Fri, Feb 11, 2022 (3 days)

    Site: COEX, Seoul

    Stand: Hall A, Stand A644


  • Safety
    Stay Safe Anywhere with Various Autonics Safety Products and Solutions. Safety Light Curtain, Safety Controller, Safety Switches...

  • Safety is a top concern in industries where personnel and machines must work together.
    Autonics safety products feature high flexibility which allow application in diverse applications. 
    We promise to keep you and your machines safe and increase workplace efficiency.
  • Laser Displacement Sensors
    Measure Target Thickness, Width, Level, Curve and More Laser Displacement Sensors BD Series...

  • The BD series laser displacement sensors can measure thickness, width, level difference, disparity, curve, evenness of target objects by detecting the amount of displacement. The sensor head and amplifier unit are detachable for easier maintenance and up to 8 sensor amplifier units can be interconnected with mutual interference prevention function.
  • Closed Loop Stepper Motor System
    Easy and Accurate Motion Control with CC-Link Communication 2-Phase Closed Loop Stepper Motor System AiC-CL Series...

  • The AiC-CL series Ai-SERVO motors feature support for CC-Link communication. The motors can be used with Mitsubishi PLCs through CC-Link communication, offering easy connection, installation, and control without additional modules or controllers. Up to 42 axes can be controlled simultaneously or independently.
  • HMIs Graphic panels
    Flexible Installation with Horizontal or Vertical Screen Orientation 10.4-Inch, 7-Inch, 5.7-Inch, 4.6-Inch Graphic Panels GP-A104/GP-A070/GP-A057/GP-A046 Series...

  • The GP-A series graphic panels are TFT LCD graphic HMIs offering excellent visibility and data management capability. The resistive touchscreen (analog touch) allows flexible tag arrangements, and the data logger function allows data storing and backup from various control devices. The units can be installed horizontally or vertically, and also feature support for various connection interfaces including USB Host/Device and Ethernet.
  • Smart Cameras
    All-in-one Vision System for Identification and Analysis of Target Objects Smart Camera VC Series...

  • The VC series smart cameras utilize images captured by the integrated industrial camera lenses to determine the target object's code, OCR/OCV, patterns, alignment, presence, size, shape and more. The camera also utilizes global shutter method to capture accurate images, and the sensors feature 14 essential inspection functions for diverse applications. The VC series is optimized for heat dissipation to ensure reliable operation and high life expectancy. 

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