AUROS Technology, Inc.

Hwaseong-si,  Gyeonggi-do 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: D120

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AUROS Technology is a world’s leading provider of the most advanced technologies that help our valuable customers continually make innovation and create the new life. As a technology oriented company, AUROS focuses on solving technical problems of customers in metrology area of semiconductor industry.


  • WBIS-200 -Be applied to the Compound Semiconductor
    8inch Wafer Inspection system, Be applied to the Compound Semiconductor ...

  • [Features] 
    - Apply a 20 optical system and vision algorithm to inspect scratches and particles

    - Area Capture by One Shot

    -  High Resolution & High Throughput ≥ 15% competitive than other

    -  Deep-Learning Solution to detect any scratch sources

    -  Capability for all wafer : EPI and Non EPI


    - Compound Semiconductor (Opto, CIS, Driver IC, PMIC, DDI) for IoT, AI, VR, Automotive Electronics

    - Materials such as Sic, GaN, GaAs, InP

  • OL-900n - High-end Overlay Metrology System
    Improving a Overlay Accuracy for Advanced Memory and Logic devices ...

  • [Features] 
    - Imaging-based Overlay Metrology System with the *MFIS for High Stack Layer

    - High Resolution & Large FOV imaging

    - *TWD to customize wavelength and filter for accurate and robust overlay error measurements

    - High Software functions : Dynamic De-skew & Shortest Path to improve overlay performance

    - Radial Action to optimize wafer edge areas

    *MFIS : Multi Focus Imaging System

    *TWD : Tunable Wavelength and Dual band


    - On-product Overlay Control  : Memory(DRAM, 3D NAND), Logic Foundry (CIS)

    - Specialized in High Stack, Opaque Layer

    - Measurement for FEOL/MEOL/BEOL

    - Data Analysis and management

  • OL-300nw - 12inch Package Overlay Metrology
    12inch Package Overlay Metrology, Exclusive Technology for Wafer level Package Overlay ...

  • [Features] 

    - Metrology the electrical connection between the top and bottom

    - Real cell & Overlay Key Measurement

    - Circle algorithm to optimize for TSV, micro bump

    - High Precision and High Throughput

    -  Data analysis tool (EUREKA)

    -  High-end 300mm(12”) automation compatible


    - Wafer Level Packaging Bump process

    - Fan-Out Bump and RDL process

    - Solder bump and micro bump stepper overlay  PR and Bump CD measurement

  • WaPIS-30 - 12inch Wafer Inspection System
    12inch Wafer Inspection System, Brand New System for Wafer Warpage 2D and 3D Inspection ...

  • [Features] 

    - 2D Inspection (scratch, crack, particle) & 3D Inspection (Warp, Bow and Peak value)

    - Simultaneously Capture 2D/3D by One Shot 

    - Highest Throughput ≥ 20% competitive than other

    - Freeform and Moire process concept

    - Moire module to inspect wafer warpage as light scattering

    - Deep-Learning Solution


    - Possible to measure the process variation of the package(HBM)

    - Compound Semiconductor (SiC, GaN, Si) using FAN OUT WLP and TSV

  • AEliT 8201(In Development) - Thickness Measurement
    Thickness Measurement System, Front-end Semiconductor Process for Memory and Logic ...

  • [Features] 

    - Focused beam small spot SE system

    - Ultra High Precision & Stability

    - High Throughput (150 WPH)

    - Broadband high power light source (DUV to IR)

    - Multi-Color Illumination for Pattern Recognition

    - QGA (Quick Global Alignment) technology

    - High Bow & Warp wafer handling using Super Flat Vacuum Chuck


    - Precise Thin film Process Control in

          - DRAM

          - VNAND

          - LOGIC

    - Ultra Thin film to Common film layers measurement capability including Multi-Stack layers

  • Clarity Product Suite -Sherlock, Clarity Pro, IRQS
    High-speed 2D/3D Wafer Inspection System, Macro, Micro and IR Defect Inspection ...

  • [Features] 

    - 2D & 3D Inspection at >120 WPH with DF Sensitivity <100nm and Z-height resolution of <10nm

    - Void, Crystal Defect & Strain Field Detection Capability <1 micron

    - Angstrom-level 3D Surface Imaging & Metrology for All Types of Substrates & Materials including both Bare & Patterned Substrates to <200nm XY-resolution


    - One-Shot 2D & 3D Macro Inspection Capability Including Topography Maps & Bump Measurements

    - One-Shot 2D & 3D IR Inspection Capability for Advanced Packaging & Compound Wafers

    - Defect Review & High-Speed AFM-level Surface Metrology

    - AI-based Defect Classification

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