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Welcome to TRI TOOL Korea Distributor Weldwell Co., Ltd.

Weld Well Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in providing automated orbital welding system of AMI in USA and the globally competitive welding cameras, pipe cutting and facing machines and Pipe&Tube Fit Up Tools to the leading companies in Korea in the field of heavy industries, shipbuilding industries, power plants and etc, and in providing customized consulting , technology and A/S to meet the needs of individual companies.


  • 대구경 파이프 용접헤드 Model 15
    The Model 15 is a rugged, precision weld head with low radial clearance for GTAW welding of all pipe sizes 3" (76 mm) pipe up to an unlimited size, including flat plate....

  • It is primarily designed for field use in the nuclear, shipbuilding, petrochemical, and construction industries where exceptional weld quality is strictly required. The Model 15 features rotation, wire feed, automatic voltage control, cross-seam steering and torch oscillation. It is available in many standard configurations, and can be retro-fitted or customized with numerous application-specific accessories to accommodate every need. The Model 15 is just one element of an automated pipe welding system. A torch assembly, precision guide rings, AMI Power Supply, and other options comprise a complete system suitable for high-quality orbital pipe welding.

    ▶ Rugged, compact weld head with water-cooled torches
    ▶ Zero-backlash dual-motor gear drive for consistent travel speeds in all positions
    ▶ Range   3" pipe (76 mm) through all standard pipe sizes, such as 6", 8", 10", 12" up to any diameter. 
        Flat track for flat plate welds and large-radius curved track are available
    ▶ Extremely quick mount/dismount
    ▶ A spring-loaded break-away mount that prevents accidental breakage of torch parts
    ▶ Cross-seam steering
    ▶ Synchronized torch oscillation, AVC, rotation and wire feed
    ▶ On-board wire feed mechanics, single or dual wire feed system
    ▶ Most torches accommodate a wide variety of gas cups and gas lenses
    ▶ Several different “standard” torch types are available with different dimensions, functions and features, such as:
        - Electrode-to-wire-nozzle height adjustment
        - Lead/lag adjustment
        - Cross-seam torch tilt (in/out)

  • 휴대용 파이프 용접 파워서플라이 Model 227
    The Model 227 is a 100/225 A pre-programmed / programmable, inverter-type, GTAW welding power supply and controller designed for (but not limited to) automatic orbital welding applications that require the addition of filler material....

  • Welds produced by this machine, together with Arc Machines weld heads, meet or exceed the specifications required by industries as diverse as: food, dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical, power generation, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, nuclear, shipbuilding, etc. Its small size and rugged casing makes it useful in field applications where portability is required. High-integrity, code-quality welds are easily reproduced at the touch
    of a button.

    ▶ Internal memory for up to 100 multi-level, multi-function weld schedules
    ▶ 8 multi-level functions for total process control
    ▶ Programmable, continuous or pulsed current, rotation, wire feed, oscillation and AVC, 100 levels per pass
    ▶ Dust/moisture-proof stoft-touch membrane switches
    ▶ Standard software prompts in multiple languages
    ▶ Built-in, high speed printer
    ▶ Off-line programming option available (PC Compatible)
    ▶ Key-switch to limit operator access
    ▶ Standard remote operators pendant
    ▶ Optional water cooling unit
    ▶ Optional external memory module

  • 튜브 절단겸 면취기 Model 572AC
    The Model 572AC SEVERMASTER™ severs .25” to 2″ (6.4 to 50.8mm) diameter tubes and thin wall pipe. This machine enhances productivity by incorporation of the auto-cycle tool model and quick lock collet closure....

  • The Model 572AC SEVERMASTER™ severs .25” to 2″ (6.4 to 50.8mm) diameter tubes and thin wall pipe. This machine enhances productivity by incorporation of the auto-cycle tool model and quick lock collet closure. A cam cycle tool bit feed mechanism, with adjustable depth of feed   .001” to .005” (.02 to .13mm), automatically returns the tool bit to the home position ready to start the next cut. The feed increment per revolution is adjustable to optimize the cutting speed relative to the material. The tool module also allows setting the start and finish cut positions to minimize the cycle time. A variable speed motor provides further cutting speed control for increased tool bit life and ID burr reduction. The quick lock mechanism actuates the collet with a single lever stroke for simple collet changes.

    Tool bit options are available to minimize the burr on the mounting side or the  -off side of the sever line and in different edge widths to match the tube wall thickness. The tool also incorporates mounting features to allow use of an SQM-1AC Tube Squaring Module for optimum burr free ends.


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