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INA ORIENTAL MOTOR Co., Ltd has been holding its position as a leading company in the nation's small and precise motor industry in name and reality and has introduced joint sate-of-the-art equipments and technologies with a Japanese prominent motor maker, Japan Oriental Motor Co., Ltd. under the idea that only researches, developments and investments along with technical backup make us catch up with the world-leading foreign countries' automation industry, putting our all efforts to the development for making it as homemade.


  • Stepping Motor
    Stepping motors are used for a variety of equipment that require precise control....

  • The AZ Series of ORIENTALMOTOR with 'ABZO sensors' enables the deployment of ' multI-round abstract systems ' that do not require backup batteries, reducing external sensor costs and maintenance costs. This is a reliable 'Stepping Motor' composed of the motor to display highly efficient technology and can be used for sequence motor functions and monitor functions.
  • Motorized Actuator
    Oriental Motor has various motorized actuators consisting of a motor assembled with the necessary mechanical components, to meet the various needs of automated devices....

  • The EAS Series linear actuators offer high performance,   low speed to high speed or with light loads or heavy loads, regardless of demanding operating conditions. These motorized linear slides are quick and responsive and incorporates a ball screw and a THK-manufactured LM Guide™ as the guide. Being compact and rigid, this series is effective in supporting large transportable mass.
  • EH Series
    It is a power gripper that provides delicate grasping techniques such as human fingers. The gripper is also capable of gripping fragile, fragile objects and contributes to automation and unmanned aerial vehicles....

  • The EH series is equipped with the AZ Series. The size of the WORK can be checked without an external sensor, and the operation current can be adjusted to 1% to fine-tune the power of the wave and access the WORK at a low speed to achieve a detailed grasping technology. Smaller, lighter, and less restrictive installation compared to pneumatic grippers.
    This product integrates a stepping motor and a ball screw for linear operation. The compact body realizes high-precision positioning, space saving and wiring....

  • The DRS2/DR series integrates a hollow rotor and a ball screw nut, eliminating the need for connecting parts. Highly accurate positioning is achieved because the backlash is not influenced by parts combination such as coupling rigidity. Because of its compact body, it has been made smaller and lighter, and is equipped with an ABZO sensor, eliminating the need for an DOG sensor.
  • Fan Motor
    Since this fan uses a propeller to generate wind in the direction of the rotation axis. A large air volume can be obtained, making it suitable for ventilation cooling, which cools the entire interior of the equipment....

  • The EMR series is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless Motor and a newly developed Driver to achieve low power consumption and variable speed. This series can be adjusted according to the required air volume to suppress power consumption and noise. The light weight Finger Guard is also attached to the series for easy installation. In addition, if an error occurs in the fan, an alarm is output and the status of the fan can be checked with the LED. Installation of equipment with lightweight Finger Guard is also easy. In addition, if an error occurs in the fan, an alarm is output and the status of the fan can be checked with the LED.

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