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Korea (South)
  • Booth: A704

TSE has been grown up with semiconductor industries since TSE was founded in 1994. TSE has developed test interface system, load board, test socket and probe card which are necessary for semiconductor test and has supplied to semiconductor chip makers worldwide. Moreover, TSE has creates true value together with the customers by developing various types of TOB( Tester On Board) which improve the performance of existing ATE system.
TSE operates MEMS production line, and produces wide range of products. the product items are MEMS Probe Card, MRC(MEMS Rubber Socket), OLED MEMS Unit, MEMS Inductor, MEMS Relay, etc.
TSE supplies load board and test sockets required for SoC and Logic semiconductor devices, but also supplies handler equipment.
Based on those technologies, TSE contributes all our effort continuously to be a company to create new value consistently together with customers. We ask you a favor of your warm support and interest to TSE which makes a new take-off.


  • Probe Card HPC(High Performance Probe card)

  • .
  • Load Board
    Load Board는 CPU, Chipset, GPU, AP 등의 비메모리용 package 테스트를 위한 검사장치입니다. TSE는 주요 국내외 주요 반도체 제조사 Intel, Samsung, AMD 등에 고성능의 Load Board를 공급하고 있습니다....

  • * 사진 제품명 - V93K 769BGA Dual Site Final Test Load Board
    * ATE - V93K, T2000, Ultraflex, J750 외 다수의 설계 라이브러리 보유
    * 25년간 축적된 PCB와 기구설계 노하우 및 SI/PI 시뮬레이션 제공
    * PCB Fab과 부품 조립 및 테스트 라인을 자사에서 보유, 기구물과 Test Socket 포함한 Turnkey Solution 제공가능
  • STO-ML
    Space transformer PCB between PLB and Probe Head...

  • Items

    FAB Capability



    C4 Pitch



    Board Size



    Board Thickness

    3.0mm ± 0.2mm (Max. 3.2mm)

    Stack Up



    C4 Pad Size



    Micro Via Size



    Stacked Via



    Stacked Layer



    C4 Plating

    ENIG, Hard Gold

    Hard Gold

  • Extreme Temperature TIB(Test Interface Board)
    TSE Interface board specialized in Extreme Temperature Package Test...

  • Extreme Temperature Test has been required in the Memory Test Environment. 
    TSE has developed our own specialized Interface Board System for Extreme Temperature Pacakge Test.

     Extreme Temperature TIB(Test Interface Board) 
     -. Extreme temperature Connector developed
      -. Docking Epoxy Frame Material developed
      -. Direct Cooling Interface Board developed
         ≫ Coolant, Direct Active IC Cooling
         ≫ Component Antioxidants
         ≫ Temp. Reduced stabilization time

  • V93K Direct Docking Mems Probe card
    Improve CCC than conventional Cobra Probe! Good reliability probing planarity as Mems technology. Various Direct docking wafer probing solutions!...

  • 1. Probe : MEMS Cobra Pin (60x60um Cobra type)
    2. Contact force : 1.2gF/mil 
    3. CCC : 950mA
    4. Square hole type Housing (70x70um)  
    5. Life time 1,5kk 
    6. Direct docking solution (V93K, Uflex) 
    7. Easy Replacement and Repair
    8. Turn key Solution (PCB+MLO+Probe Head assembly)

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