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Optimal solution for quality improvement.

Off-line X-ray inspection equipment, In-line automatic X-ray inspection equipment (AXI system)

SEC CO., Ltd. develops and sells the world's best X-ray inspection equipment by combining 30 years of precision parts production facility automation technology, 20 years of X-ray inspection equipment design technology, and 15 years of know-how in Korea's only X-ray tube original technology.

X-ray inspection equipment detects defects in products from various industries such as SMT, Semiconductor, Automotive Industry, Battery, Smart Devices, Die-casting, and contributes to improving quality and reliability of customers' products.

A total of 20 or more In-line automated X-ray inspection devices are ideal for building Industry 4.0 - Smart Factory, improving customer productivity and quality with the world's best inspection speed and detection power.​

 Press Releases

  • https://www.circuitsassembly.com/ca/current/34410-sec-customer-point-of-contact-expansion-through-demonstration-center-within-korean-headquarters.html

    Visiting Equipment Experience and Provision of Noncontact X-ray Results Reporting Service

    GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA ― October 2020 ― X-ray inspection specialists, SEC Ltd. operates a demonstration center at its Korean headquarters equipped with X-ray equipment for each type of application. Customers will now be able to experience the various SEC X-ray equipment for their specific applications at the demonstration center.

    With the demonstration center, customers will have access to large-scale die casting enabled PCT equipment that can inspect a variety of samples. Due to the coronavirus, SEC foresees visitation limitations of customers, and hence will, provide a non-contact X-ray inspection service and send relevant reports to customers upon request.  

    SEC offers inspection for the following applications: Automotive, Mobile (Smart Device), Semiconductor (Wafer level, Substrate, PKG chip), and Li-ion Battery, SMT (QFN, QFP, PCB, BGA) amongst others. More are targeted at the detail-conscious, boasting the world’s fastest speed, high-resolution 3D CT AXI ‘X-eye 6300 AXI’, with the precise analyzing and mass production inspection capable 2D / 3D inspection equipment ‘X-eye160NCT’, the easy-analysis and mass production inspection capable 2D inspection equipment ‘X-eye5000N’, the large scale inspection and maximum 450kV of high energy X-ray inspection equipment ‘PCT’ all to be revealed.

    Apart from these, you can find and experience the various equipment at SEC for TSV, Micro-bump induced µm-sized micro faulty particle inspecting ‘NANO-CT’ and the SF160FCT, 6100AXI, and especially Li-ion Battery run CT video images can be checked. Furthermore, faulty inspections and customers that require inspections, or customers who wish to test the equipment’s capabilities, can be arranged for sample demo as per their respective requirements.

    Tabletop SEM and LINAC are available for development and production, and respective demonstration services can be used. The Chinese headquarters, European branches and American branches will include demonstration centers that run component models of X-ray equipment and tabletop SEM.

    Demonstration equipment has been installed in North America at Technica USA (SEC’s Western region partner) in San Jose, CA, and, hence, inspections can be performed on the spot. Installed equipment includes the SF160FCT and the submicron, high-resolution 3D CT. To request a demonstration, customers may contact SEC’s American branch. European and Chinese regions may use demonstration centers in the same way.

    An SEC representative commented, “The demonstration centers are areas that can be experienced through SEC’s particularly distinct buildup of 20 years of expertise and unrivalled technical skills. Additionally, the opinion of the visitors of the center are more intimate onsite, and the willingness to construct cooperation is precise. There is a great expectation for the production of detailed inspection equipment.”

    Since its establishment in 1991, SEC has localized core components of X-ray generators and has been building a reputation with e-beam inspection equipment that can branch out and grow within the global enterprise market. SEC boasts a trusted range of X-ray, SEM and LINAC products, and produces these to the quality that surpasses American patent standards and complete CE certifications.

    For more information about SEC Co., Ltd., contact:
    Headquarters (South Korea): www.seceng.co.kr[email protected], Tel +82-31-215-7341
    North America: +1-818-661-9675 / Europe: +49-351-8889-0273 / China: +86-21-5221-1955 /
    Japan: +81-3-5816-3561 / Vietnam: +84-243-202-3000

  • No. 1 market share of X-ray inspectors for domestic industries...65% annual sales
    Localization of original technology, targeting global markets...Catch even the smallest semiconductor defect.

    김종현 쎄크 대표

    On October 29, Kim Jong-hyun, CEO of Sek, smiles at the Sek headquarters in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, introducing an industrial X-ray examiner. (Photo=Inobiz Association)

    Recently, the market for electric vehicle batteries and self-driving cars is growing. If the current limitations of battery testing for electric vehicles are overcome through 3D X-rays, accidents such as battery ignition will be greatly reduced."

    Competition between companies to preempt markets for electric vehicle batteries, which have been growing rapidly recently, is fierce. According to global market research firm IHS Markit, the size of the electric vehicle battery market is expected to grow by 25% annually every year to reach 160 billion dollars (about 182 trillion won) in 2025. Some companies are keeping a close eye on the growth of the market. It is SEC, which has the largest share of X-ray inspectors for South Korean industries.

    On October 29, he and the Innobiz Association visited the SEC headquarters and production facilities located in Gwonseon-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi Province. SEC produces inspection equipment using X-rays and injection electron microscopes, which are equipment for observing and measuring surface information of materials. As of last year, sales stood at 34.8 billion won and are currently "strong and small companies" with 178 executives and employees. In particular, it was named "100 Small and Medium Venture Businesses" by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business last year in recognition of its competitive edge in equipment technology.

    On the first floor of SEC's headquarters, there was a production process for industrial X-ray inspectors. Entering the production facility, industrial X-ray inspectors ordered were waiting in a row for the engineer's touch.

    "We succeeded in localization and commercialization by securing original technology for X-ray tubes that relied on all imports and developing 10 models," said CEO Kim Jong-hyun of SEC. "We have secured cost reduction and price competitiveness through internalization and in-house production, and are preparing for reverse exports to Japan and Germany."
    The industrial X-ray inspection machine business is a key business for the company. In fact, the proportion of sales of industrial X-ray inspectors currently accounts for 65 percent of annual sales of the SEC. SEC is planning to expand its business to secondary batteries such as electric vehicle batteries, instead of staying only for inspection on electric and electronic components and semiconductors. This is because batteries have become essential as development of future cars such as electric vehicles and self-driving cars is speeding up. According to SNE Research, the supply of batteries for electric vehicles, which remains at the 500 gigawatt hour (GWh) level as of this year, is expected to expand to 3,000 GWh in 10 years. The market size, which stood at $33 billion in 2018, is also expected to increase to $350 billion in 2030.

    In addition, in the case of future cars, the number of electrical and electronic components such as semiconductor chips and modules increases by more than 1,000 compared to existing internal combustion locomotives.

    In particular, CEO Kim explained that if the current 2D-level X-ray test is expanded to 3D, it will dramatically prevent sudden accidents in cars or electric vehicle battery fires.

    "In the case of domestic electric vehicles, some manufacturers have not conducted X-ray tests or are only conducting 2D X-ray tests," CEO Kim said. "I am confident that if defects are tested before selling them using 3D technology, battery fire accidents will be greatly reduced."

    "The Galaxy Note 7 was eventually discontinued due to a battery explosion, but as a countermeasure, we announced that we would conduct another X-ray test once the X-ray is completed," he said. "The reason why there is no more problem with battery ignition on the mobile phone is because we are currently testing it twice after the cell."
    Currently, the hybrid open tube of the set can obtain images without any residual images during 3D CT scans and 3D CT scans at the world's highest speed (3.5 seconds). In addition, Sek's 4 high AXI system also has the world's best inspection speed and precision using 3D and 2D, and is equipped with deep learning-based artificial intelligence inspection algorithms.

    SEC plans to expand the supply of the product and expand the production line by the next 10 years as demand for X-ray examination equipment continues to occur and demand for 3D CT examinations is expected to explode. Through this, it is calculated that it will raise annual sales of KRW 30 billion this year to KRW 80 billion next year and achieve KRW 100 billion in 2022. At the same time, the company is planning to become a company that survives for more than 100 years by achieving 50 percent of sales of parts modules by 2030 by putting efforts into parts (module) businesses.

    "Since next year marks the 30th anniversary of its establishment, it will contribute to securing stability of future cars such as batteries for prepositions and electronic equipment parts for self-driving cars based on excellent technologies that have been accumulated," CEO Kim said. "We will grow from parts and equipment industries related to X-ray to a world-class company and grow into a company that survives for more than 100 years."

  • Visitors to the SEC Demo Center can shoot and experience X-ray equipment for each application, and can also check various samples directly through PCT equipment capable of large die casting. SEC is also providing a non-face-to-face service that shoots X-ray images and delivers reports according to requests for all domestic and foreign customers who are difficult to move or visit due to corona.

    Applications that can be photographed are Automotive, Mobile (Smart Device), Semiconductor (Wafer level, Substrate, PKG chip), Li-ion Battery, SMT (QFN, QFP, PCB, BGA), etc. The world's fastest high-resolution 3D CT AXI'X-eye 6300 AXI' in detail, the 2D / 3D inspection equipment'X-eye160NCT' that enables precise analysis and mass production inspection, and the 2D inspection equipment'X' that enables simple analysis and mass production inspection. -eye5000N', large die casting inspection and high-energy X-ray inspection equipment'PCT' of up to 450kV will be released.

    In addition, you can meet various equipment of the check, including 'NANO-CT', SF160FCT, and 6100AXI, which tests fine defects of several μm sizes occurring in TSV and Micro-bump, and in particular, you can check the CT images of Li-ion Battery. In addition, customers who need to be photographed, such as defect inspection, or those who want to test the performance of the equipment themselves, can take samples according to their requirements. Demonstration services for each field can be used as tabletop SEM and linear accelerators (LINAC) are being developed and produced. Not only in Korea, but also in China, European and U.S. branches are operating demonstration centers built with some models of X-ray equipment and Tabletop SEM.

    "The Demo Center has accumulated know-how for more than 20 years, and it is a space where you can experience the unique technology of the Sekman."We expect that we will be able to provide more necessary inspection equipment to our customers by establishing close cooperation with the site based on customer opinions visiting the center," he said.

    Meanwhile, since its foundation in 1991, CEC has been building the foundation of e-beam inspection equipment in Korea based on its competitiveness against global companies by localization of core component X-ray generating devices. By introducing products in X-Ray, SEM, and LINAC, it was selected as 'Materials, Parts, and Equipment Strong Companies 100' organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in 2019.



  • X-eye 6300AXI
    X-eye 4-High AXI system...

  • • Using the 160kV Hybrid open tube developed and produced by SEC, the AXI system industry's first long life and high resolution are implemented at the same time.
    • High-speed 2D automatic inspection of 3.5 seconds per 1 FOV is possible, and convenient teaching and accurate detection of defects are possible with deep learning-based artificial intelligence inspection algorithm.
    • Oblique CT method that minimizes distortion with a detector tilt of up to 70˚ is used.
    • It performs the world's only volumetric test to accurately detect defects such as non-wet, hit, void ratio, etc.
    • With the 0.8㎛ focal spot of the hybrid open tube and the transmitted structure, it is possible to realize a high magnification, and it is possible to detect minute defects of at least 50㎛, and it is optimized for inspection of the substrate BGA and micro-bump.
  • X-eye 6200AXI
    X-eye 4-High AXI system...

  • • Using the 160KV HYBRID OPEN TUBE developed and produced by SEC, the AXI SYSTEM industry's first long life and high resolution were implemented at the same time.

    • An ultra-fast 2D automatic inspection of 0.3 seconds per 1FOV is possible, and a deep learning-based artificial intelligence inspection algorithm enables convenient teaching and accurate defect detection.

    • The hybrid open tube's 0.8㎛ FOCAL SPOT and TRANSMITTED structure enable high magnification, so it is possible to detect fine defects of at least 20㎛.

  • X-eye 6100AXI
    X-eye High-Speed AXI system...

  • • It uses a 100kV Micro-focus sealed tube developed and produced by SEC.
    • The deep learning function-based artificial intelligence inspection algorithm enables convenient teaching and accurate defect detection.
    • 2.5D inspection can be performed by adding Detector Tilt.
    • It is optimized for inspection of camera modules, single-sided PCBs, and mobile batteries.
    • Various Easy-to-use functions.
    • It is provided at a competitive price through cost-saving development.
  • X-eye SF160FCT
    X-eye Strategic Function 2D/2.5D/3D...

  • • The 160kV Micro-focus open tube developed and produced by SEC is used, and the SF160N has the advantage of high power/high resolution/long filament life by using a hybrid open tube.
    • With the focal spot size of 0.8㎛, it is possible to precisely inspect the fine defects of several tens of ㎛, and the 2.5D image can also be accurately analyzed with the Detector Tilt.
    • High-quality Oblique CT images can be acquired with a detector tilt of up to 70˚. Cone-Beam CT can also be taken by replacing the table, and fast and comfortable CT imaging is possible with a dual PC.
    • With the addition of AXI S/W option, manual logistical automatic inspection is possible, so it can respond to mass production inspection.
  • X-eye NF120AW
    X-eye Nano Focus AXI system...

  • • The 120kV Nano-focus open tube developed and produced by SEC is used, and it has the best focal spot size of 200nm class.
    • It is optimized for automatic inspection of ultra-fine defects occurring in TSV, micro-bump, and Cu pillar at the wafer level process stage and just before dicing, and automatic inspection of stealth dicing lines is also possible.
    • It is optimized for automatic inspection of semiconductor parts related to HBM2 Memory.
    • The memory can be safely inspected by applying X-ray damage free technology such as Collimation and Filtering, which is unique to SEC.

    • It can detect various defects as it can be used for both 2D and 3D automatic inspection, and it can detect even microscopic defects of several µm.

  • SNE-4500M Plus
    Premium version of high-end Tabletop SEM, 4500M Plus...

  • Cost-effective Table-top SEM with Max. 150,000x of magnification by miniaturizing modules.
    Able to scan iamges with high resolution of 5nm by installation of variable aperture with ease of use.
    Able to use for Quality control, R&D and education purpose with various detectors which create surface information images (SE), and material informaiton images.(BSE)
    The only Table-top SEM of which has 5-axis, enables unlimited movement of stage Easy and convenient image acquisition possible with "Click & Move" which is one of features of Motorized stage.
    Able to get images of variable angles via Tilting -45°~90°, and easily analyze EDS.

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