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As of 1st October, 2014, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. succeeded the semiconductor equipment business of Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd. and made a new start as a business company specializing in semiconductor production equipment.
At the beginning of this start, we formed Mission, Vision and 6 Core Values all workers of SE Group sharing here as a Corporate Philosophy.  
* Mission : Shape the Bright Future for Society and Employees as a Result of Our Contribution to the Customers
* Vision :To be a Company Recognized for Operational Excellence 
* 6 Core Values 
Commitment & Accountability 
Great place to work


  • SS-3300S Spin Scrubber
    16 Processing Chambers For High Throughput Up To 1,000 WPH...

  • 1. High productivity

    In an industry-first1 for a scrubber type system, the SS-3300S is equipped with a new platform enabling installation of up to 16 chambers. A new dual transport system dramatically improves production volume for the system’s footprint, helping the SS-3300S achieve the industry’s highest practical throughput of up to 1,000 WPH2.

    2. Space-saving design

    The SS-3300S has a footprint 27% smaller than two 8-chamber SS-3200 spin scrubbers, saving space and delivering exceptional cost performance.

    3. Control system revamped

    The redesigned control system means the SS-3300S is ready for IoT and inter-system connection, adaptable for the current transition to smart factories.

    4. Emissions reduction solution (optional)

    An optional exhaust recirculation system reduces total emissions by 65%, ensuring clean equipment operation to support ESG measures.

    1. Based on SCREEN in-house research (as of December 2020)
    2. Peak throughput during continuous operation running with the same flow recipe

  • SB-3300 Wafer Back-side Cleaning System
    Hybrid type cleaning system combining chemical etching/cleaning functions as well as a brush cleaning function...

  • 1. Hybrid cleaning

    This advanced industry-first* system simultaneously performs chemical and brush cleaning for highly effective removal of particles on the back side of wafers.

    2. Suppresses wafer warping

    Highly controlled etching using nozzle densification processing and a chemical dispense control function produces high-precision, highly uniform etching that suppresses wafer warping.

    3. Device surface protection

    The proprietary chuck system securely protects the device surface of wafers, preventing etching residue along the wafer edge and chemical wraparound onto the device surface.

    4. High productivity

    With a space-saving 4-level stacked-tower construction and 16 processing chambers, the SB-3300 delivers an industry-leading practical back-side cleaning capacity of up to 700 WPH, including wafer reversal.

    * Based on SCREEN in-house research (as of December 2020)

  • SU-3300 Single Wafer Cleaner
    Seventh Generation System Inherits SCREEN's Single Wafer Cleaning DNA Industry-leading Processing Technologies Meet High-throughput 24 Chamber Design...

  • The continuing miniaturization and diversification of semiconductor devices increasingly requires wet cleaning systems that can prevent damage to fragile patterns while controlling microscopic particles. At the same time, these systems must also be able to deliver high productivity and stable processing that effectively reduce the cost of ownership.
    SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions developed the first rotating wafer cleaning system in 1983. Over the past 30 years, we have made it our mission to optimize processing at the air-liquid interface on the wafer and further refine critical cleaning technologies. Our new SU-3300 seventh generation system inherits every aspect of this accumulated technical expertise and knowhow.
    The SU-3300 can be expanded to include up to 24 chambers, giving it outstanding productivity. It also offers high processing efficiency and is equipped with cutting-edge functions that minimize variations between chambers. Together these features ensure extremely stable operation. As semiconductor production becomes increasingly demanding, SCREEN is right there with you, creating remarkable new solutions like the SU-3300.

    1. Industry-leading 24 Chamber Configuration

    The SU-3300’s incredible productivity is approximately double that of our SU-3200 model, making it one of the highest performing systems in the entire single wafer cleaning field. It is able to deliver throughput similar to a batch-type cleaner while maintaining superb cleaning quality. These features support highly effective production of any semiconductor device.

    2. Dramatically Reduced Collapsing of Fragile Patterns

    Our new Nanodry7 drying technology enables rapid, high-precision processing that efficiently controls the air-liquid interface on the wafer surface. Nanodry7 maintains the temperature and humidity inside the chambers at consistently optimum levels, effectively reducing damage to the increasingly fragile high aspect ratio patterns on wafers.

    3. Major Improvements in Etching Uniformity with Reduced Chemical Usage

    Nano control nozzles provide extremely high-precision management of chemical temperatures, flow rates and dispensing points. They reduce chemical usage by approximately 50% compared to conventional systems, delivering major improvements in etching uniformity on the wafer surface.

    4. Even Higher Chamber Cleanness with APAC2* Technology

    The super-clean APAC technology first installed in the SU-3200 has been further improved for the SU-3300.
    New advanced stream control (ASC) technology also manages airflow inside the chambers with great precision, improving the in-chamber environment. These technologies combine to significantly reduce variations between individual chambers.

  • FC-3100 Wet Station
    Next-generation Versatility, Speed and Functionality...

  • 1. High Throughput

    The FC-3100 is capable of achieving a high throughput of 650 wafers per hour, which has been realized by incorporating a high throughput buffer module and a high-speed transfer module.

    2. Stable and Highly Reliable

    Seven independent modules can be easily configured to best suit your production needs. Each module is of standardized construction. Dual cleaning baths are built into a single compact module for smoother assembly, adjustment, testing and installation.

    3. Low Pressure Drying System (HiLPD)

    Provided with the HiLPD, a low pressure drying system, the FC-3100 is able to provide high concentration IPA vapor without using carrier N2 gas to greatly suppress watermark generation. In addition, the high concentration IPA vapor rapidly reduces surface tension preventing pattern collapse.

  • SP-2100 Spin Processor
    Outstanding functionality and scalability easily handle emerging needs...

  • 1. Reliable wafer transfer using a mechanical method

    The SP-2100 employs an I-LINE single path transfer system. Stable wafer transfer is achieved by a pick-and-place method of mechanical transfer with a well-established track record.

    2. Suitable for a wide range of compound wafers

    The SP-2100 is suitable for SiC, GaN, LiTaO3, and many other types of compound wafers, as well as silicon wafers. It can process a wide range of wafer sizes from 76 to 200 mm.

    3. Processing chamber (MTC/DTC)

    Multitask chamber
    The SP-2100 can also perform cleaning and etching using high-temperature strong acids.

    Dry-task chamber
    Wafers are rinsed using DIW, followed by high-speed spin drying.

    4. Suitable for metal etching processes

    The SP-2100 can perform etching with high reproducibility when equipped with the optional SCREEN proprietary endpoint sensor.

    5. A new GUI enhances usability

    The SP-2100 features a new GUI and an updated control system for simple, intuitive operation.

    6. Optional cleaning tools further expand device compatibility

    Either Nanospray or Softspray is available as an optional cleaning tool, and a surface brush can also be installed for post-CMP cleaning and other processes. The SP-2100 can thus perform a wide range of cleaning processes to suit the purpose and application.

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