Woowon Technology Co., Ltd.

Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: A410

Woowon Technology Co., Ltd

Woowon Technology Co., Ltd is a Representative and Distributor for major foreign equipment suppliers. Our highly experienced sales and support teams of over forty people provide world-class support that is focused on delighting both our Principals and Customers. The Headquarters is located in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si and we have the second office in Hwasung-si and the third office in Icheon-si ensuring fast and effective operations. 

Woowon imports and supplies equipment to about thirty manufacturers based all over the world. We understand the unique company culture and local language to enable us to provide effective Equipment Sales, Logistics, Tool Installation, and Start-up, Process Support, and Warranty Service. Our strong established network and highly capable team enable the early market introduction of cutting-edge technologies for our principals. Every day we leverage our thirty years of high technology experience to satisfy the needs of our customers.


  • Oxford Instruments Pte. Ltd. (UK)
    Etch, Deposition and Growth Systems · Etch Process : ICP, RIE, RIE/PE · Deposition Process : ALD, ICPCVD, PECVD Growth Processes : CVD & PECVD...

    · Optoelectronic device
    · Discrete device
    · Semiconductor device manufacture
    · Plasma process solution for MEMS & sensor

    · Compact process module
    · Standalone load lock system/ clustered together handling unit
    · Auto matching unit & logging
    · Wide process range
    · Active uniformity control
    · Bosch/Cryo ICP process

  • sentronics metrology GmbH (Germany)
    Wafer inspection system with optical interferometry sensors...

    · Measurement of layer thickness, total thickness, warp, micro bumps, TSVs, RST, RDL, UBM,
    roughness and flatness
    · For a wide range of applications   advanced packaging, FOWLP and 3D IC to MEMS,
    sensors and power ICs

    · Tools available   2“ to 12“, all the way to panel size packaging, as well as bridge tools
    · Qualified at leading-edge IDMs, foundries, OSATs and research institutions, worldwide
    · In order to cover a wide range of applications, an integration of up to 8 different sensors is possible
    · All sensor configurations are also available with a high resolution HD-CMOS camera (Die-Recognition)
    · SECS/GEM link-up possible
    · Easy on-site upgrade of sensors possible -for future proof of systems to meet the demands of today and tomorrow

  • ERS Electronic GmbH (Germany)
    Products for Thermal Chucks : AirCool® , AirCool® PRIME, AC3...

  • Application
    All major production/analytical probers
    Customer-specific equipment solutions
    Full hardware and software integrations available
    Space-saving chiller dimensions
    No separate purge air source required
    Features for AirCool®
    No liquids or Peltier elements
    MTBF>50,000 hours
    -10°C (200mm), 0°C (300mm) to 300°C
    Features for AirCool®  PRIME 
    Industry’s lowest soaking time
    Ultra low noise
    Fast transition times
    PRIME Thermo Shield
    Highest flexibility with modular surface design
    -65°C to 300°C

    Features for AC3 
    No liquid or Peltier elements
    MTBH >50,000hours
    -55 to +400℃
    Modular system, adaptable to individual testing requiremens
    High energy dissipation option with patented PowerSense® upgrade

  • RENA Technologies GmbH (Germany)
    Wet-Chemical Surface Treatment Solution RENA Technologies is a global market leader in wet chemical surface treatment, RENA offers you flexible platforms for your development department and high-end production. ...

  • §Semiconductor, MEMS, Display and Optoelectrics

     : Manual and automatic wet Benches

    : Electro-plating systems .

    : Batch Spray & Spin Rinse Dryer

    : Single Wafer Processing

    : Chemical Delivery Systems

    : FOUP & Cassette cleaning Systems

    §Advanced Glass Surface Treatment

    : Glass Wafer Processing

    : Glass treatment in combination with laser processing.

    : Sapphire Cracking Cleaning

    §Wet Chemical Surface Processing of Medical Substrates.

    : Dental Implants & Medical Devices

    : Optical substrates,ophthalmic optics,safety optics

    : Innovative surface treatment for orthopedic implants

  • Europlasma NV. (Belgium)
    Nano-coating solutions Europlasma is a global technology leader in innovative nano-coating solutions based on low pressure plasma technology ...

  • Application

    §Wearables and electronics
    §Non-wovens and filtration
    §Medical products


    §Wearables and electronics: PlasmaGuard, the first PECVD 100% halogen-free conformal coating.
    §Filtration and Nonwones: nonwovens and meltblown, nanofiber membranes, ePTFE membranes, technical mesh and fabrics.
    §Medical: Solutions for the fine cleaning and activation of surfaces and both hydrophobic and hydrophilic nano-coating.
  • Infinitesima Limited (United Kingdom)
    Rapid Probe Microscope (RPM) ...

  • Application

    §Lithography : measure lateral and height of EUV resist
    §CMP : measure intra-die polishing uniformity and flatness metrology
    §Etch : accurately measure depth of etch
    §Deposition : detect defects, measure the grain size of deposited metals
    §Process and Device Integration : perform 3D tomography in-situ on the wafer

    Infinitesima has developed a fundamentally different atomic force 3D surface measurement technique, the Rapid Probe Microscope.  In the RPM a revolutionary thermal-optical actuation is combined with an interferometric measurement system to deliver picometer precision and speeds up to 100x faster than those achieved by conventional Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM).

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