YCCHEM Co., Ltd.

Korea (South)
  • Booth: C744

We will do our best to make the world where all of us can be happy

Young Chang Chemical is a business that specializes in the development and production of ultra-precision, cutting-edge chemical materials. The semiconductor process materials’ development is especially specialized.

As a result, PHOTORESIST, HT-SOC, SLURRY, RINSING SOLUTION, ETCHANT/STRIPPER, etc. as well as electronic materials for semiconductors, including the IC chip maker, are mainly supplied to clients.

In addition, we develop and produce state of the art chemical materials for various markets, such as DISPLAY, OLED, SOLAR CELL, etc.

In light of the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we will regard client satisfaction as top priority through innovation, and we will grow as a business that is a trustworthy partner contributing to the advanced industrial development.

Thank you.
Young Chang Chemical CEO Lee Sung Il


  • Photoresist, BARC, TARC, Developer, UV Imprint Res
    Photoresist, BARC, TARC, Developer, UV Imprint Resin, Rinsing solution. HT-SOC, Stripper, CMP The company is actively driving innovations that important value the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences...

  • The company is actively driving innovations that important value the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences to help building up advanced chemicals and materials to support various Semiconductor / LED / LCD / Solar Cell markets.

    Bump Photoresist 
          Positive type bump Photoresist : YPB-10K
          Negative type Bump Photoresist : YBNP-S500

     I-Line Photoresist
          Negative PR for 365nm process: YNP-100, YNP-650, YCIN-1113, YCIN-2616, TDNP-203B, AYCIN-5315, AYCIN-5230
          Positive PR for 365nm process: YCIP-1100, YCIP-1300, YCIP-1700, YCIP-4000E 

     KrF Photoresist
          Positive PR for 248nm process : AYCKP-9160, YCKP-3560
          Negative PR for 248nm process : YCKN-2954, YCKN-540S, YCKN-4530

     Transparent Photoresist 
          Transparent photoresist: YTNP-2005, YTNP-2015, YTNP-2030

     TSV i-line Thick Photoresist
          Positive PR TSV: YPP-T10K

          Bottom anti-reflective coating materials for the 193nm process: YCB-240, YA-400, YA-600A, YA-800  

          Top Anti Reflective Coating Materials for 248nm process : YCTA-9047

          Developer for Semiconductor : DV-7000D, DE-Y2200, DV-400, DV-400S
          Developer for C/F Resist(TMAH Type) : DE-Y250L

     UV Imprint Resin
          UV imprint resin: YNIL-R1, YNIL-R2, YNIL-R3
          Resin for polymer mold (stamp): YNIL-M1, YNIL-M2, YNIL-M3
          Hybrid resin: YNIL-HR 

      Rinsing Solution
          Rinsing Solution for KrF Photoresist : ATL-1008
          Rinsing Solution for ArF Photoresist : PLECT-100, PLECT-200
          Rinsing Solution for EUV Photoresist : YEPR series
          Cap anti-leaning Material : ALS ? Y957

      Spin On Carbon Hardmask 
          Hot-Temperature Spin On Carbon Hardmask : YHS-140, YCHS-3814, YCHE-3731, YCHS-4359, AYCHS-2819
          Normal Spin On Carbon Hardmask : YS-210
          Stripper for removal of Al post etch residue : YMR-1600, YMR-1700
          Metal stripper for Semiconductor (Batch Type) : YGR-4100AL-R
          Metal stripper for Semiconductor (Single Type) : YGR-8100AL, YGR-8200AL

          CMP slurry for 3D Nand Flash Memory : NTS-300
          CMP slurry for Copper Barrier Metal : SD-100
          Copper Post CMP Cleaner : YPCC-200

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