Seron Technologies Inc.

Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: B607

Seron Technologies Inc. is specialized in electron beam and optic designed technology and developed various E-beam equipment.

We, Seron Technologies Inc. are a pioneer of electron beam technology in Korea, since we successfully developed and commercialized the very first SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) ever in Korea in 2000.
Seron Technologies Inc. is specialized in electron beam and optic designed technology and developed various E-beam equipment. 
We have expanded our market   domestic to overseas with our upgraded SEM series and innovative E-beam equipment,
and achieved reliable reputations   our respectable worldwide customers   universities, laboratories, and industries.
Based on our accumulated technologies over last 20 years, we are willing to support system customization for advanced R&D, and it is our great pleasure that we can contribute to all our customers achievement.
We, Seron Technologies Inc. always do our best for customers satisfaction with our continuous hard work.

 Press Releases

  •  We are proud that since we developed the very first Korean SEM in the early of 2000, as a pioneer of E-Beam technology
    in Korea, Seron Technologies Inc. has successfully built our SEMs to the one of reliable top brands in the world.
     With our accumulated knowledge of electron optics, Seron has provided our valuable customers not only with the best
    commercial SEMs but also with specially customized equipment.
     We are glad to increase customer's choices with our wide ranges of products from desktop mini SEM at moderate price
    upto high-end FE SEM with advanced technology.

     Recently, Seron added desktop Mini SEM series to our SEM product line, and they were built based on Seron's
    optic design technology targeting for world class performance.
     We are also very pleased to announce that Seron Technologies Inc. has finally succeeded in the development of FE-SEM
    (Filed Emission Scanning Electron Microscope) first ever in Korea and just started for preparation for production.

     In addition, we are also planning to introduce another brand-new high-end normal SEM model which equipped with 60°
    conical column in the early of 2014.
     This year, Seron Technology Inc. was awarded for technical innovation with Hybrid X-ray SEM during Nano Korea 2013
    conference by Nano Technology Research Association.
     It was the world first case ever, when Seron Technologies Inc. developed hybrid E-Beam micro joining system in 2006,
    and Seron never stopped our challenge for the state of art technology, and has achieved significant progress in
    e-beam control technology both in Nano welding and in x-ray imaging system.

     Since our very first step to e-beam technology, Seron has accelerated to our study to obtain both core technology and
    product compatibility over the past decade or so and has gained attention as a hidden company from world.
    Eying for our original goal from the foundation of our organization, we have kept our noticeable steps to reach there.
     Now, with our market-proved SEM series, and all other advanced equipment such as hybrid complex XEM and
    E-Beam joining systems, we believe that Seron will be there in short time.


  • AIS1800C (Scanning Electron Microscope)
    ACADEMIC VERSION(Compct Mini SEM) ; The Worlds Best Compact SEM of compact type "Compact SEM Designed for Office Environment"...

  • 1) Digital Zoom(2X, 4X, 8X) & High Pixel Resolution
    2) Compact Design with a wheeled chassis for transport
    3) Minimized Installation space ;540(W)X570(D)X1300(H)mm³
    4) Equipped with ET-BSE Detector(SE & BSE Image Acquisition)
    5) Extreme Low KV Image(  1kV) for non-conductive smaple
    6) Equipped with powerful analysis S/W with versatile function
    7) EDS Take-Off Angle 25° (For Normal EDS)
  • AIS2300C (Scanning Electron Microscope)
    Seron Technologys high competitive normal SEM which be equipped with optics designed for LOW KV performance....

  • - High Competitive Normal SEM of Seron Technology designed for Low KV Application
    - 2013, Nano Korea Innovation Awards Product !
    1) Equipped with powerful "Analysis S/W" & "Measurement tool"
    2) User-friendly automation operating System
    3) Equipped with ET-BSE detector for SE & BSE Image acquisition 
    4) Allows Low KV image(  0.6KV) for non-conductive sample
    5) Upgraded scan speed & Pixel resolution
    6) Equipped precision 3-Axis motorized stage (Micro Coordnation)
    7) Compact and Slim Design
    AIS2500C provides with the latest technology, such as high-performance control driver for faster image scan and ultra pixel resolution. It is high-end SEM based on LaB6 cathode. Multi-tasking window will be also very helpful for a various analysis work....

  • Koreas representative Premium Normal SEM which be equipped with LaB6 Cathode and 60˚Conical Lens.
    1) Surface image performance with high resolving power  for surface detail @ high magnification based on LaB6 Cathode.
    2) High speed scan driver & Combined Linux environment PCI  
    3) Be equipped with CCD camera for sample review
    4) Intuitive automation function system for customer
    5) Versatile customizing capability
    6) User friendly software & measurement Tool
  • FE-SEM (Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscop
    FE-SEM was also developed for the first time in Korea by name of Seron Technology....

    FE-SEM was also developed in Korea by name of Seron Technologies Inc.
      - Be equipped with Conical Obj. Lens
      - Be equipped with Auto-stepping & Tiling Function (for Super
         Pixel resolution with wide FOV)
      - High Scan Speed and High Pixel resolution of Linux Environment
      - Newly Designed UX/UI  based on Multi-tasking Window
      - Equipped with CCD (For Sample Positionning)
  • AURA100 (탁상형 전자현미경)
    Desk-Top Mini SEM(AURA100) is the User-friendly operating system for macro field application and beginer....

  • Desk-Top Mini SEM for Macro fields application and Beginer
    "2016 KES(Korea Electronics Show), Innovation Awards Product"
    1) Economic Price & High Performance Desktop Mini SEM
    2) 2-Stage Lens Optics of Free Beam Alignment
    3) Digital Zoom (2X, 4X, 8X) & High Pixel Resolution
    4) Low kV Mode지원(SEM Image Obtain without Coating)
    5) Beam Alignment Free (Simple Operation)
    6) Be Equipped with Powerful Measuring tool & Analysis Software
    7) Slim Sized-Housing  [388(W) X 600(D) X 565(H)]
    8) User Friendly & Easy Operation Tablet Mini SEM
  • AURA 200 (Scanning Electron Microscope)
    Desk-top Mini SEM which be designed by Serons Top-Down Technology...

  • Desk-top Mini SEM which be designed by Serons Top-Down Technology

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