ERS electronic GmbH

Germering, Munich, 
  • Booth: A410

Industry-leading supplier of thermal management technology

ERS has been supplying innovative thermal test solutions to the semiconductor industry since 1970 and is famous for fast-ramping and precise low-noise thermal systems (-65°C to +400°C) for analytical, parametric and wafer sort probing up to 300mm. The patented ERS flagship product for hot/cold wafer test, AC3(R), is available for package-level tri-temp applications for MEMS test. Today, our thermal chuck systems such as AC3, AirCool® PRIME, AirCool® and PowerSense® are integral components in all larger-sized wafer probers across the semiconductor industry. We design and build stand-alone thermal-forcing systems and custom production tools for difficult thermal applications – we welcome new challenges from customers and strive to meet their demands through rigorous research and innovation. 

We also supply the advanced wafer level packaging market with its fully automatic, as well as manual, debonders and warpage adjust tools used in the production of both 200mm and 300mm eWLB device packages. On a broader scale, ERS supports not only eWLB but many other Fan-Out Wafer-Level-Packaging (FOWLP) and Panel-Level-Packaging (FOPLP) technologies.

 Press Releases

  • MUNICH, JULY 11th, 2018 – ERS electronic, the industry leader in the market of thermal management solutions for semiconductor manufacturing, is adding the Korean company Woowon Technology Co., Ltd. to their list of distributors in Asia. Woowon will, as of July, be in charge of sales and distribution of ERS’ products in Korea. Woowon has, since its establishment in 1990, facilitated the growth of more than 30 major foreign manufacturers from its headquarters in Kyeonggi-do, Korea.

    “We believe it’s the perfect time to add a channel partner in the region and expand our footprint in Asia” says Laurent Giai-Miniet, CSMO and CEO. “Korea is one of the largest semiconductor equipment markets at the moment, and we expect it to grow even more. We are already seeing an increase in demand of tri-temperature wafer testing for Memory production, as well as for eWLB and FOWLP manufacturing equipment for advanced packaging. Expanding our business in Korea after having started our Chinese operation is critical for ERS growth.”

    “Woowon Technology is proud to be associated with ERS, and to add Thermal Wafer Test and Wafer Debonding Technology to the portfolio of industry leading companies we represent. We are delighted to be offering ERS’ thermal chucks and automatic debonding solutions in Korea”, commented Dr. Hwan Oh, Founder and President of Woowon Technology.
  • MUNICH, NOVEMBER 13th, 2019 - ERS electronic GmbH, the innovation leader in thermal management solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce a new engagement with the Korean semiconductor equipment supplier, SEMICS Inc. As of today, ERS’ cutting-edge thermal chucks will be available as an option in SEMICS’ OPUS3 probers. The OPUS3 line of probers is known for its top-tier technology that offers, among other things, optimal Electronic Die Sort (EDS) solutions to its customers.

    “Finally we have found a right partner whom we share the core value of our business with. We expect to have an exciting new chapter in front of both of us.” says SEMICS CEO Jason Kim. With the likes of ERS’ AC3 chuck system, which brings phenomenal low leakage current, high thermal accuracy and stability, we can continue to offer to our clients, with utmost confidence, OPUS3 Probers a-cut-above the competition. As shown with their multitude of inventions over the years, ERS demonstrates a fearlessness to challenges which pushes them above their rivals; an ideology we share deeply, that has allowed us to cement our status as a leader in the Probing industry.

     “We at ERS are extremely grateful to have been selected by SEMICS as their chuck system supplier. There is no doubt that it will help us gain traction and develop our business in Asia; which is a critical market for us. Being endorsed by such a strong player in the industry means a great deal to ERS, and we expect that this cooperation will help the growth of both companies” says Laurent Giai-Miniet, CEO of ERS electronic.

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