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Korea (South)
  • Booth: B425

Sungji Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and has been the exclusive distributor/agent of SIMCO Products for Korean market since we signed the contract with SIMCO Japan (Asia Operation) in 1989. Sungji Trading Co., Ltd. has also been the exclusive contractor for the distributor/agent of SIMCO-ION Japan (Asia Operation) after SIMCO's acquisition of Ion Systems in 2010. Sungji Trading Co., Ltd. acquired the certificate of ESD coordinator for the first time in Korea and has been providing various fields with ESD technical supports & services. ESD coordinator is qualified by Japan RCJ(Reliability Center for Electronic Components of Japan) and has a sufficient understanding and consulting ability to prevent products from being damaged by static electricity. Our qualified & specialized staffs will provide and support customers with much more concentrative and excellent ESD solution.


  • Model 5832 Benchtop
    * Applications: BACK-END, FRONT-END, 전자산업 ±3V or ±1V with the option 청정도 ISO 14644 Class 4 센서 연동, FMS 연결, 알람 및 관리 컨트롤(옵션) 오토 클린 시스템...

  • * 최고의 코로나 기반 ESD 보호기능 제공
    * 클린룸에서 사용 가능
    * 전원 또는 팬 속도 접근 제한(관리자기능)
    * 전극(emitters) 청소 자동화로 관리 비용 및 시간 절감

    ±1V 밸런스 성능
    Novx 옵션: 모델 5832의 외부 피드백 센서(옵션)는 Novx 3352 Passive 또는 Novx 3362 Active 제품과 연동(폐루프제어)하여 이오나이저 밸런스 성능을 ±1V로 항상 유지합니다.

    제품 사양
      Input Voltage: 24 VDC (470 mA max)
      Discharge1: Better than 2 sec @ 1 ft (typ), taken in-line from the center of the fan (±1000-100V);
      Balance: Better than ±1V (typ) with external sensor; ±3V (typ) without sensor
      Ion Emission: Steady-state DC (corona discharge)
      Emitter Points: ISO 14644 Class 4 (Fed. Std. 209e Class 10) titanium, 8 per fan
      Airflow: 129 cfm (typ)
      Cleanroom Class: Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 4 (Fed Std. 209E Class 10)
      Operating Env: Temperature 50-90°F (10-32°C); humidity 30-70% RH, non-condensing
      Ozone: 0.005 ppm (typ)
      LED Indicators: Green POWER on, red FAULT alarm with optional AUDIBLE ALARM
      Audible Noise: High fan speed 61 dB (typ); low fan speed 52 dB (typ); measurements taken 12” (30.5cm) from fan
      Mounting Tilt Lock Mounting Stand
      Controls Power/fan speed DIP switch with 4 speed/velocity settings, balance adjustment, sensor type selection and FMS connections
      Options External sensor inputs with FMS connection, audible alarm, 
      Enclosure Aluminum chassis with epoxy-polyester powder coat
      Dimensions 7.27H x 5.12W x 2.76D in. (18.5H x 13W x 7.0D cm)
      Weight 2.2 lb (1 kg)
      Warranty Two year limited warranty

  • The New AeroBar® MP 5645 –For Ultra-clean Manufact
    * Applications: BACK-END SEMICONDUCTOR, FRONT-END * 특 장점: 3가지 타입의 모델: ±20V or better- Standalone, ±5V with Novx System, ±5V with Novx Inside FMS alarm output tool control Ion delivery with or without CDA...

  • 제품 상세정보 기입(최대 5000자)
    * 특허 받은 변조 펄스로 낮은 스윙 전압
    * 방전 시간 감소
    * CDA 없이 제전 가능(이온전달)
    * 긴 클리닝 주기

      Input Voltage: 24 VDC ±10%, 0.7A (max)
      Balance: <±20V over time and across the bar length; <±5V for Novx Inside and Novx System versions
      Ion Emission: Modulated Pulse (MP) technology
      EmitterPoint: Titanium
      Pitch: 50 mm spacing (350/450/600 mm lengths only); 75 mm spacing between nozzles on all other lengths
      Voltage: 13.5kV (peak-to-peak) max
      Frequency: 1-60 Hz
      Air Connection: 8 mm tubing (OD) bulkhead, one-touch fitting; no daisy-chain capability
      Air Supply: Clean dry air (CDA) or nitrogen (N2)
      Airflow Open Jet: 45 psi max gas pressure; 1-3.5 lpm/nozzle thru 8 mm OD one-touch fitting (optional)
      Performance: 15 sec (typ) with no air-assist measured @ 24” below AeroBar center
      Cleanliness: Compatible with ISO 14644-1 Class 3 or better
      Ozone: <0.05 ppm
      EMI: Below background level
      Operating Env: Temperature 15-35°C (59-95°F); humidity 30-60% RH, non-condensing
      Bar Settings: Adjustment made remotely via software controlled; no manual adjustment on the bar
      LED Indicators: Green steady NORMAL OPERATION, green flashing STANDBY; red ALARM
      Enclosure: ABS chassis, stainless steel rails on the outside of the bar
      Dimensions: 3.1”H x 1.3”W x 14/18/24/34/39/45/51/57/63/69/75/81/87/93”L 
      (78 x 34 x 350/450/600/850/ 1000/1150/1300/1450/1600/1750/1900/2050/2200/2350 mm)
      Certifications pending

  • Model 5842 Overhead Blower
    오버헤드 타입의 제전 블로워...

  • 3가지 버전의 제품 

    Standalone(±V), Novx inside(±1V) 또는 external Novx connections(±1V)

    ISO 14644-1 Class4 환경에서 사용 가능

    2팬, 3팬, 4팬 구성 지원

    오토클린 시스템 내장형 모델로 설비 다운타임 감소

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