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Korea (South)
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We are waiting for you at 2022 SEMICON KOREA!

Since our foundation in 2010, we have been striving to become a company that grows with our customers. We have always attempted to achieve customer satisfaction through IT innovation and
semiconductor technology based on creative research and continuous product quality improvement.
We will continue to do our best to provide excellent quality and service by proactively
responding to new product development.

Based on our expertise in IT innovation and semiconductor technology,
along with our transparent management values, we will establish a strategic partnership with our customers,
and improve our technological competitiveness and social values to become a company with soul.

We will do our best to serve you and we ask for your continued interest and encouragement.
Thank you.


  • LOAD PORT for 300mm Wafer / Tape Frame Load Port
    300mm FOUP Load Port (Smart SELOP-8 Series)...

  • Extreamly Smooth, FOUP door Open/Close Motion.

    Great improvement of particle performance. 
    Reduction of vibration during door open/close by hybrid of pneumatic and electric driven mechanism.
    Compliance of high sealed FOUP.

    1) N2 purging on Carrier Base : Adapted FOUP Type; ENTEGRIS A-300, Spectra (4 Purge Port Type)  
    2) Purge Clean N2 Gas
    ① Filters, installed just in front of the nozzle, can block particle   entering to FOUP
    ② Adhesion to Grommet of FOUP
    3) Monitor N2 Gas flow rate by flow meter
    4) Control N2 Gas flow rate by MFC
    5) Feild Upgrade   Standard SELOP8 to N2 Purge Load Port is possible

  • PLAZMARK Waper Type
    Plasma Indicator for Semiconductor Manufacturing Process...

  • Because it takes a shape similar to that of the substrate in use, this indicator can be set in the equipment and in-plate distribution evaluation can be carried out easily, with no special handling necessary.
    A heightened level of cleanliness is achieved due to the product’s minimization of outgassing rates.

    Targeted Processes;
    Plasma Ashing
    Plasma Etching
    Plasma CVD (carrier gases only)
    Sputtering (reverse sputtering only)

  • Eaglei 200mm & 300mm
    Eaglei 200mm & 300mm - Automated Wafer Carrier Inspection Systems...

  • The NEW EAGLEi Series was designed to automatically verify critical wafer carrier dimensions. Fabs use the EAGLEi series to quickly identify out-of-tolerance carriers through in-coming and in-process inspection.  Removing carriers that do not meet specification will improve wafer transfers, maximize equipment availability, and enhance overall yield through a reduction in wafer breakage and particle contamination.
    Automatically verifies critical wafer carrier and FOUP dimensions.
    Provides incoming and in-process inspection
    Compares measurements to carrier manufacturer specifications or your own                 
    Identifies out-of-tolerance wafer carriers                  
    Reduces wafer carrier and FOUP interoperability issues
    Windows® 10 operating system
    Hi Resolution, flat panel screen
    All new components

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