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Korea (South)
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Metrology & Ultra Precision Analysis for Hi-tech & Mechanics

AMETEK is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices at more than 150 operating locations, and a global network of sales, service and support locations in 30 countries around the world. AMETEK Korea will participate in SEMICON Korea 2022 with 9 Business Units and adjacent solutions.

1) In-line & Near FAB Analysis for Dose and Distribution of Trace Elements in Thin Film (CAMECA)
2) Active & Passive Floor Vibration Control for Fab & Lab (TMC) 
3) Material Analysis using X-ray  (SEMINET)
4) The most powerful microscopy on earth (GATAN)
5) Surface Analysis of Material (EDAX)
6) Permeation Test for Material and Film (MOCON)
7) Defect Detection on Film and Glass (Surface Vision)
8) AC and DC Power (Programmable Power)
9) Trace Element and Isotope Analysis (NU Instruments)


  • LEAP 6000 XR (CAMECA)
    The LEAP 6000 XR provides deep UV laser pulsing to the proven local electrode design to deliver higher yield and data quality, enhanced ease of use and the potential for fully automated operation....

  • Microtip compatible and capable of utilizing advanced automation features, CAMECA’s LEAP 6000 XR offers improved yield and higher sensitivity for your research applications.

    It introduces a new operational mode that applies both a laser pulse and a voltage pulse to the specimen at the same time. Since the majority of the spectral background is caused by out of time evaporation due to the standing voltage, this results in a significantly lower background throughout the experiment.

    • Deep UV laser wavelength providing Improved yield and a more accurate reconstruction
    • Synchronous voltage plus laser pulsing (VLP) operation which results in higher sensitivity and easier peak identification
    • LEAP Automation which enables off-hours and unattended operation for a faster return on investment
    STACIS III systems cancel vibrations in real time by continuously measuring floor activity, then expanding and contracting sophisticated piezoelectric actuators to filter out floor motion....

  • Stacis III Active Floor Vibration Cancellation Systems (TMC)

    STACIS® III is a flexible advanced active vibration isolation system. Employing advanced inertial vibration sensors, sophisticated control algorithms, and state-of-the-art piezoelectric actuators, STACIS cancels vibration in real time by continuously measuring floor activity, then expanding and contracting piezoelectric actuators to filter out floor motion.

    Initially designed to isolate precision microlithography, metrology, and inspection equipment in advanced semiconductor factories, STACIS is now the industry standard solution for the most sensitive instruments in noisy environments, including but not limited to semiconductor fabs, failure analysis labs, nanotechnology research, nanofabrication facilities, and materials research.

    STACIS suffers   none of the limitations of air vibration isolation systems. There is no "soft" suspension and, unlike active air systems, STACIS can be placed beneath a tool with an internal active air isolation system with both systems fully optimized.

    The unique serial design and proprietary high-force piezoelectric technology results in a wide active bandwidth   0.6 Hz to 150 Hz and unmatched, truly active vibration isolation with 90% vibration reduction starting at 2 Hz.

    Visit https://www.techmfg.com/products/stacis/stacisiii to learn more.

  • Continuum K3 (GATAN)
    Next-generation Gatan imaging filter with direct detection that enables electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) applications...

  • By focusing on simplifying the operation of energy-loss systems without sacrificing any of the power or flexibility, the Continuum series enables new levels of productivity and data throughput. Built around new and exclusive detector systems, the Continuum delivers outstanding detector speed and quality for both EELS and EFTEM applications.

    <Continuum K3 Features>

     1) 100 ns electrostatic shutter : Available

     2) 2 kV DualEELS™ : Available

     3) Live STEM EELS mapping : Available

     4) Real-time ZLP stabilization : Available

     5) Integrated BF/DF detector : Available

     6) Centered beam stop : Available

     7) Continuous EFTEM : Available

  • Apex XRM (SEMINET Sigray)
    Sigray launches Apex XRM, the next generation of high-resolution, high-throughput 3D x-ray imaging instruments for large samples in semiconductor FA & advanced packaging with the highest special resolution (0.5 µm) and increased throughput(>10X)....

  • 0.5 Micron with Unlimited Sample Size:

    Image with 0.5 micron spatial resolution anywhere on samples up to 300 mm in diameter. With Apex XCT, you can streamline your FA workflows by imaging whole intact packages, wafers, and PCBs, mitigating time-consuming and destructive sample preparation protocols.

    Isochronous Data Acquisition:

    Data acquisition time is independent of sample size when using Apex XCT. Unlike legacy CT systems where bigger samples equate to longer measurement times, the unique geometry of Apex XCT preserves high throughput operation even as sample sizes grow very large, such as printed circuit boards, motherboards, and wafers.

    Unbiased Contrast:

    Apex XCT eliminates many of the imaging artifacts that affect operation of conventional 3D X-ray systems, such as beam hardening, streaking/curtaining, photon starvation, and metal artifacts. In comparison with a leading Conventional XRM/microCT, the Apex XCT result demonstrates a dramatic increase in image quality while also offering a significantly reduced scan time.


    1. High throughput (>10X) for advanced packages, pcbs and wafers. Can acquire high quality tomographies within 15 minutes.
    2. Patent-pending geometry preserves high throughput for large specimens
    3. Rapid True 3D volumetric imaging at 0.5 µm resolution
    In-line, fully-automated SIMS tool providing on-the-fly composition measurements directly in the semiconductor fab lines....

  • The new in-line, fully-automated SIMS tool from CAMECA: high quality SIMS data without need of SIMS experts.

    The new AKONIS platform fills a critical gap in the semiconductor fabrication process by providing a fast tracking of compositional changes and conformity directly in the fab line.

    Complementing the IMS Wf / SC Ultra as well as the SIMS 4550 (quadrupole SIMS) currently used to support the semiconductor industry via off-line characterization labs, AKONIS is the only in-line, fully automated Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS) that enables high precision SiGe and SiP process monitoring with no compromise on analytical sensitivity.

    AKONIS benefits from the most recent development in EXtremely Low Impact Energy (EXLIE) ionic column technology, coupled with a full wafer handling system including a high-resolution stage which permits to address process nodes down to 5nm. Compliant with all automation requests of modern 300mm fabs, the tool provides almost instantaneous composition and doping information in the most complex stacks. Other capabilities include: blanket and patterned wafer measurements in pad down to 35µm. Intuitive recipe creation making SIMS data accessible to non-experts.

    Bringing the new AKONIS SIMS tool to the line proves time saving and cost effective: production stands are made shorter as no time is spent waiting for data, and the number of misprocessed wafers is reduced by more frequent monitoring.

    For more information, contact cameca.info@ametek.com

  • Octane Elite EDS System (EDAX)
    The Octane Elite Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Series incorporates a new silicon nitride (Si3N4) window, which offers remarkable improvements in low energy sensitivity for light element detection and low kV microanalysis....

  • The design enhancements and analytical benefits of the Octane Elite Series advance SDD technology to the highest level of performance ever achieved in a commercially available EDS detector. They enable users to meet more of their materials characterization challenges with the best results.

    Low kV Performance

    The mechanical properties of Si3N4 allow the use of thinly fabricated windows, offering a great benefit in terms of sensitivity and optimal low voltage analysis.

    Optimized SDD Electronics

    • Fast pulse processing from mapping and quantification
    • Optimized data quality at all count rates
    • High resolution quantitative analysis at mapping speeds greater than 400,000 output cps


    EDAX EDS systems with advanced detection electronics offer the highest throughput count rates on the market for the best possible analysis and increased productivity.


    The material properties and durability of Si3N4 ensure the most robust and reliable detectors available for all EDS applications.

    Motorized Slid

    The motorized slide on the Octane Elite SDDs offers full control of the detector via the software and is optimal for analytical flexibility. It is idea for all Focused Ion Beam (FIB) system.

    EDS Analysis Software allows users to optimize their analysis time and get the best possible data from their sample

    • Smart Diagnostics and smart Acquisition facilitate optimized collection and analysis conditions
    • Smart Pulse Pile-Up Correction minimizes concerns typical of high count-rate collections and allows maximum use of SDD technology

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