Gillson Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taichung city, 
  • Booth: D838

Its our great honor to participate SEMICON show in Korea.

Gillson  is a professional supplier who provides stainless steel vacuum valves certified by ISO 9001 in Taiwan since 2002.

For better service, except offering valves, we also provide components in semiconductor & vacuum applications.

In order to satisfy our customers“one-stop shopping” requirements, our firm has also established a sales company with complete services in Taichung city the central part of Taiwan.

We aim to develop a win-win business by offering the best service, high qualities and competitive prices.

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  • 3PC High Purity Ball Valve tube & pipe end
    3PC High Purity Ball Valve tube & pipe end...

    • Max working pressure 1000 PSI (68 bar).
    • Working temperature range -20℃~ 160℃.
    • Material : ASTM A351-CF8M with BA grade
    • Oil free
    • Packing individually.
    • Tube end - Full bore from 1/2"~4"
    • Pipe end - Full bore from 15A ~100A (5S & 10S available)
    • Surface Roughness : Ra ≤ 0.25μm
  • 3PC Clamp End Ball Valve ( Bar made)
    3PC Clamp End Ball Valve ( Bar made)...

    • Max working pressure 1000 PSI (68 bar).
    • Working temperature range -20℃~160℃.
    • Material : 316 grade.
    • Oil Free
    • Packing individually.
    • Size : NW16 , NW25 , NW40 , NW50 / (1/2" ~ 2")
  • Stainless Steel Ultra high purity bellows
    Stainless Steel Ultra high purity bellows sealed globe valve...

    • For high purity gas distribution system control valve, we can offer their size from 1/4” ~ 1” with different grade of inner surface likewise AP, BA, EP.
    • Material: 316L grade
    • Also other option for pipe end or compression end.
    • Helium leaking test is available.
    • All of materials are from Taiwan or Japan.
    • All packed individually with quick delivery.
  • KF Center & Outer Ring with O-Ring (Viton)
    KF Center & Outer Ring with O-Ring (Viton)...

    • Size : KF10, 16, 25, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100
    • Material : 304, 304L, 316L grade
    • Packing : As per demand
    • The O-Ring can be Viton or NBR material are available.
  • 3PC Clamp End Ball Valve + Actuator
    3PC Clamp End Ball Valve ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad + Actuator...

    • Size: NW16, NW25, NW40, NW50 / (1/2"~ 2") in SS316 Grade
    • Max working pressure 1000 PSI (68 bar).
    • Working temperature range: -20℃~160℃.
    • Material: ASTM A351-CF8M.
    • Oil Free.
    • Packing individually.
    • Single or double acting actuator are available upon your request.
  • KF Hinged Clamp (Double)
    KF Hinged Clamp (Double)...

    • Size : KF16, 25 , 40 , 50
    • Material : Aluminum or 304 grade
    • Packing : As per demand

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