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LEONI Elocab Ltd. is the leading custom cable manufacture in North America, specializing in composite round and hybrid cable, High Performance Flex (HPF) and cable assembly systems., 
We work directly with Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and the management of original equipment manufacturers focusing in the following industries:
- Semiconductor
- Robotics
- Medical
- Industrial Automation
We offer competitive solutions starting at an industry-leading 300ft (100m) minimum order, small to medium size assembly projects and high volume production runs due to global manufacturing facilities!
With more than 100 year of experience behind us, we can design cable systems for any industry! We prevent extreme application cable and assembly failures such as: 
- Ultra High Flex life exceeding 100 million flex cycles
- ISO Class 1 cleanroom ready
- Torsional twisting of ± 540° over 1m
- Extended product life through advanced mechanical or chemical resistance

 Press Releases

  • Extreme flexibility thanks to innovative cable design and application-specific material selection

    Many industries and applications require increasingly complex and largely particle-free components and systems. LEONI Tailor-Made Products supplies clean room cables for production areas and meets all requirements up to air purity class 1.

    Various cable solutions not only meet cleanliness requirements, but also all the conditions required in ultra-high vacuum environments. Every application is analyzed by our engineers to better understand the specific requirements. A high degree of product purity, high speeds and precise movements are just some of the fundamental features in process equipment. 

    By using special cladding materials, we achieve a high reduction in particulate emissions. Fluoropolymer based plastics have very high abrasion resistance. For vacuum applications, emission free materials are used and low-particle production in the clean room is a prerequisite. 

    Manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, the products are used in the semiconductor industry, display industry, optics industry, metrology, aerospace technology, microstructure and nanostructure technology as well as packaging technology. To serve these high-tech niches, LEONI Tailor-Made Products has installed a cleanroom area of over 2,000 square metres with different degrees of purity.

    LEONI Tailor-Made Products offers both cables for fixed installation and cables for mobile use for cleanroom technology. The outstanding emission behaviour is certified by independent test and customer certificates.


  • High Performance Flat (HPF)
    LEONI's High Performance Flex (HPF) are designed for maximum flex life up to 150 million flex cycles and can be used in trackless applications for automation, material handling, industrial robots, healthcare and other applications....

  • LEONI developed the High Performance Flex (HPF) cable, as a PTFE flat cable with low-friction motion for use in applications requiring millions of flex cycles at tight bend radii. Using special fluoropolymer materials,  HPF cables can be designed for specific applications to exceed 150 million cycles at tight radii and be used in application with tight space requirements such as automation, material handling, or industrial robots.

    Custom flat cables provide a wide variety of useful options. A broad range of individual components can be mixed and matched, allowing you to customize your design to fit your application needs. Hybrid designs can include a variety of coaxial cables and componets for flexing, twisted copper pairs, drive control, fiber optics components, data cables such as Ethernet, Cat5e, Cat6A and Cat7, optical fibers, and even tubes for air, water, ink, etc.  We can also design any custom component you may require!

    Maximum flexibility, optimized low-friction motion, and ultra-low particulate wear make these cables well suited for use in any environment where absolute sterility and high mobility are required.  This trackless self supporting cable solution are UL approved and ISO Class 1 cleanroom rated.

  • Flexible Sleeve Technology (FST)
    LEONI's Flexible Sleeve Technology (FST) provides you all of the features and benefits as our High Performance Flat (HPF) cables but with the added benefit of standard components to allow for rapid prototyping....

  • LEONI has successfully engineered and produced many customized composite flat cable solutions that have accomplished more than 150 million flex cycles at tight bend radii.

    Utilizing the experience of our HPF cables, LEONI now also offers a new line of customizable flat cables called flexible sleeve technology (FST). LEONI’s FST cables allow for rapid prototyping, on-demand designs with over 20 standardized components and flex-life exceeding 10 million cycles.

    Attributes of flexible sleeve technology:

    • Flexibility: quick design tool for rapid prototyping, cores can be changed quickly and on demand
    • Reliability: proven design and performance of all components allow for easy termination and clamping
    • Availability: standard set of components allow for fast response times and availability – sometimes within days
    • Functionality: complete assemblies with sleeves up to 10 feet (depending on components and layout longer lengths possible)
  • LEONI intONE
    LEONI Elocab Ltd. has launched intONE™ to optimize your cable requirements, providing the first ever custom engineered Full Service Solution available in the global market...

  • LEONI Elocab Ltd. has launched intONE™ to optimize your cable requirements, providing the first ever custom engineered Full Service Solution available in the global market.  When you work with our highly skilled engineering team on an intONE™ project you will receive:

    • 3D CAD models ready to be integrated into your equipment design
    • 3D mapping of the cable assembly routing within your product
    • Component identification, selection and qualification
    • Full project management services
    • Rapid prototyping with <4-6 weeks turnaround times
    • Increased speed to market
    • Unique logistical service to assist in production volume sourcing
    • Capabilities in manufacturing both industrial and medical cable assemblies

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