Marco Korea System Analysis and Development Co., Ltd.

Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 
Korea (South)
  • Booth: B221

Innovative German Jetting Technology

marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH is a provider of high performance dispensing systems based on piezo technology. The product range comprises fast valve modules with electronic controllers for solving challenging micro-dispensing tasks. With the founding of marco Korea in 2014, marco set up a Centre of Excellence in the field of dispensing technology enabling complete dispensing systems to be marketed. The piezoceramic drive developed by marco provides high switching speeds for dispensing tasks requiring utmost precision and covering very varied industrial manufacturing applications.

In addition to this market segment, marco is a manufacturer of electrohydraulic control equipment for underground mining. The key to optimising productivity and safety in the mine is the ability to see and control what is happening in the complete installation:   the coal face to the surface. marco’s digital mining concept offers colliery operators exactly this man to machine interface to analyse and control processes and increase productivity in the mine.


  • Stepdot High Speed Valve System
    - Combines advantages of needle dispensing and jetting - Dispenses approx. 50 % smaller dot sizes than jet printing - 15x faster than needle dispensing - Eliminates satellites - User can select optimum dot size on the fly...

  • The mtv/sdp/* StepDot valve enables high speed dispensing of solder paste and other high or low viscosity materials, such as silver-filled epoxies and non-conductive bonding adhesives. The combination of the “macro” movement of the machine head with the “micro” movement of the StepDot valve creates an innovative hybrid drive. The z axis movement of the nozzle over the dispensing point is executed by the valve allowing continuous movement of the robot head during the dispensing process. This ”on the fly” capability is 15 times faster than traditional needle dispensing and achieves speeds of 100 dots per second at a dot pitch of 0.2 to 0.4 mm.

    The small shifts in the x, y and z axes allow the valve to “step” in multiple directions (sideways, forwards, backwards) and to perform the critical dispensing movement at high frequencies. Both symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns can be achieved as well as discrete dot patterns for passive devices. ”Dot on demand” parameters allow for dynamic adjustment of dot size for different sized targets and optimisation of dispensing patterns where warping and planarity are an issue.

  • sJet Valve System
    - Dispensing of a diversity of material - Detection of sealing position - Auto calibration - Constant & stable stroke during dispensing ...

  • Sealing position detecting

    - Sealing positioning control - Non stamping dispensing

    Drift free of torque block

    - Constant stroke - Automatic calibration

    Real time feedback cycles

    - No adjust cycles - Automatic calibration

    High frequency dispensing

    - up to 3khz

  • Vistec HMI 10’’ Touch Terminal
    Together with VisTwo software, the Vistec HMI 10’’ Touch Ter minal is used to visualise, monitor and control systems and processes such as the marco mts dispensing, ps/ulm sensor systems and automated production processes....

  • 10 inch (1024 x 768) Display

    10 finger touch screen

    Intel Atom D2550, 1.86 GHz

    4 GB RAM

    120 GB SSD

    2x 10/100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet


    Optional ehm valve driver

    Dust and water proof front


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