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Welcome to Namotec !

Namotec which is specialized in electron microscope field has contributed to national/public institutes, educational institution and private companies for their R&D and manufacturing. Through the trust with customers and the accumulation of technology, we are supplying everything for electron microscope such as nano-probe for in-situ SEM or FIB, vacuum chamber cleaner, in-situ TEM holders, analysis tools and etc.


  • DENSsolutions: In Situ TEM holders
    DENSsolutions In Situ TEM holders allow to control heating, biasing, gas and liquid stimuli inside the TEM during real-time observation. ...

  • Wildfire: The Wildfire In Situ Heating Solution enables direct in situ TEM studies of the behavior of materials at elevated temperatures. Using Wildfire, these experiments can be conducted in a controlled and stable environment while maintaining the best performance of the TEM.

    Lightning: The Lightning In Situ TEM Heating and Biasing Solution allows to observe real-time dynamics of your specimen under a controllable electrical and thermal environment while maintaining optimal TEM performance.

    Climate: The Climate In Situ TEM Gas & Heating Solution enables the atomic resolution imaging of gas-solid interactions and sample dynamics in research areas such as catalysis, nanomaterials growth and corrosion studies.

    Stream: The Stream In Situ TEM Liquid & Heating or Liquid & Biasing Solution allow to combine a liquid environment with heating or biasing stimuli opens up many new and exciting research fields.

    TKD: The DENSsolutions TKD stage enables In Situ heating and/or biasing experiments inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or Focused Ion Beam (FIB) instrument. The stage allows SEM and FIB users to conduct In Situ micro-structural characterization using TKD (on-axis/off-axis) or conventional EBSD techniques. 

    NanoMEGAS ASTAR & TOPSPIN enable the combination with beam precession for ultra-precise orientation/phase and Strain maps. ...

  • ASTAR: 

    ASTAR is an automatic crystallographic indexing and orientation/phase mapping tool, developed for any TEM. ASTAR can turn any TEM into a very powerful analytical tool enabling orientation/phase imaging at 1 nm resolution in combination with other analytical techniques.

    Mapping the relative orientation of crystalline grains and/or phases helps understand material texture at the micro and nano scales. In a transmission electron microscope, this is accomplished by recording a diffraction pattern at a large number of points (over a region of the crystalline specimen. ED/PED spot patterns are collected sequentially with a dedicated external (CCD) camera while the sample area (that is typically tens of square micrometers) is scanned by the primary electron beam and simultaneously precessed around the optical axis of the microscope. The tool named “ASTAR“(automatic TEM phase-orientation mapping) includes precession device “DigiSTAR“. The external dedicated “fast” CCD camera (8 bit, > 150 frames/s, 250 x 250 pixels image size) is mounted in front of the TEM screen.

    By comparing the recorded patterns to a database of known patterns (simulated patterns of existing known phases), the relative orientation of grains in the field of view can be determined.


    TOPSPIN Strain combines Precession Electron Diffraction (PED) with automated strain mapping and analysis of diffraction patterns by comparing unstrained and strained areas in the same crystalline sample (Patent Pending). This technique gas the unique advantage of achieving high precision (0.02%) and a spatial resolution down to 3 nm (specimen dependent).

     TOPSPIN strain analysis is a novel approach to strain measurement that combines NBD with precession electron diffraction to overcome the limitations. Further, Topspin strain analysis uses a robust analysis algorithm for high accuracy and precision with the ability to handle overlapping patterns.

  • Kleindiek: Micromanipulator, Prober Shuttle
    The micromanipulator allows to do physical manipulation and characterization at the micro- and nanoscale. It can be integrated into most of microscopes. ...

    • Giving you the flexibility to perform numerous different specialized applications by simply changing the tool attached to the front of the manipulator, whether it is moving, assembling, preparing, rotating, pushing, probing, feeling, listening, gripping or any other task you can imagine.
    • The Prober Shuttle entire height of the system is 10 mm, making it compatible with a wide range of SEM load-locks and thus helping you to achieve a higher sample throughput.
    • The Prober Shuttle also offers low-current, low-capacity measurement capability and is fully compatible to the Advanced Probing Tools hardware and software suite including the Live Contact Tester and Electron Beam Induced Current Imaging modules, among others.
    • The ability to automatically pre-align the probes is especially important for probing on the most recent technology nodes where beam sensitivity is an issue and thus, very low acceleration voltages are required.
  • XEI: Evactron Plasma De-contaminator
    Removing carbon, hydrocarbon, organic contamination in the vacuum systems. ...

    • A small device which is attached to any vacuum chamber allowing for direct in situ cleaning of the vacuum chamber.
    • A valve manifold which introduces a small stream of gas such as room air, oxygen or hydrogen into the vacuum chamber.
    • The Evactron RF plasma decontaminator creates radicals that chemically etch and remove hydrocarbons, organics, and surface carbon from the vacuum systems, such as SEM, FIB, TEM, XPS etc. The contaminants are ashed into volatile products which are removed through the roughing pump.

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