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Korea (South)
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Welcome to New Power Plasma Co., Ltd.

Since establishment in 1999, New Power Plasma Co., Ltd. has been doing its best for R&D in order to satisfy the rapidly changing market environment and customers needs.

Based on our unique technology, we are focusing on technology development with the strong will to dominate the world market. It has been  ed as one of Koreas top 10 new technology and world-class products through localization of RF Generator (Plasma Power Supply), Matching Network (Impedance Matching), and Remote Plasma Cleaning Generator (RPG). In particular, we developed and localized RPG products as the second pioneer in the world. We are raising the dignity of Korean companies in the competition with global companies and developing unique technical skills every year.

In addition, we will continue to R&D technology-intensive and eco-friendly products to become the worlds best company, and all our employees will give continuous efforts to be as a company that does its best for the satisfaction of customers.


  • Remote Plasma Generator (RPG)
    RPG is a product that quickly and reliably removes by-products remaining in the chamber after deposition process such as CVD process using high density plasma...

  • 1. Process GAS : NF3, C2F2, C3F8, SF6, CHF, O2, N2, ...
    2. Cleaning Process : PECVD, HDPCVD, PEALD/ALD, ACL, ...
    3. Power Capacity : 6kW ~ 30kW
    4. Max Flow Rate (NF3 Base) : 4 ~ 100slm
  • RF Generator
    The RF Generator provides high frequency power where RF Plasma generation is required....

  • 1. Frequency : 370~450kHz, 2MHz, 3.2MHz, 4MHz, 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 60MHz, 100MHz
    2. Power Capacity : 100W ~ 90kW
    3. Function : Dynamic Response, Ramping, Pulsing, Arc Detecting, HALO, Pulse sync, Clock sync, PTC, AFT
    4. Protection : Reflect, Voltage, Current, Temperature, Case open, RF Cable, etc.
  • Matching Network
    Products that match impedance at RF Load...

  • 1. Frequency : 370~450kHz, 2MHz, 3.2MHz, 4MHz, 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 60MHz, 100MHz
    2. Power Capacity : 100W ~ 90kW
    3. Function : Model Base Predict, Step Motor Non-linear, FFT, Pusle Mode
    4. Communication : RS232, D-NET, EtherCAT
  • Plasma Pre-treatment System(PPS)
    Helps convert harmful and glutinous by-products into eco-friendly and easy-to-filter form in the process Available to apply in various process...

  • Contents

    Remote PPS

    Direct PPS


    •Chemical reaction by generating Radical with Remote Plasma
    •Application of conductive thin film process
    •Reduction of sticky by-products by chemical reaction with reactive radicals such as F and O, precursor and NH3 in the reaction chamber
    •Direct Plasma Chemical Reaction with Exhaust Line
    •Suitable for non conductive thin film processes
    •Functional Group Separation of Precursor by Electron Collision

    Application Process

    TiN, WN, SiO2, ZrO2

       (Metal & Oxide Thin Film Process)

    SiO2, ZrO2

       (Oxide Thin Film Process)

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